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CategorySemiconductors => Discrete Semiconductors => Rectifiers
TitleRectifiers 100V 15A Std. Recovery
CompanyGeneSiC Semiconductor
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ManufacturerGeneSiC Semiconductor
RoHS Details
ProductStandard Recovery Rectifier
Reverse Voltage100 V
Forward Voltage Drop1.1 V
Forward Continuous Current15 A
Max Surge Current297 A
Reverse Current IR10 uA
Mounting StyleStud
Package / CaseDO-5
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Features, Applications
High Surge Capability Types 600 V VRRM DO-5 Package

Parameter Repetitive p peak reverse voltage g RMS reverse voltage DC blocking voltage Continuous forward current Surge non-repetitive forward current, Half Sine Wave Operating temperature Storage temperature Symbol VRRM VRMS VDC IF IF,SM Tj Tstg = 25 °C, 8.3 ms Conditions 1N3208 (R) 1N3209 (R) 1N3210 (R) 1N3211 (R) to 175 Unit °C

Parameter Diode forward voltage Reverse current Symbol VF IR Conditions °C 1N3208 (R) 1N3209 (R) 1N3210 (R) 1N3211 (R) Unit A mA °C/W


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1N3210R Specifications: Manufacturer: GeneSiC Semiconductor ; RoHS:  Details ; Product: Standard Recovery Rectifier ; Reverse Voltage: 200 V ; Forward Voltage Drop: 1.1 V ; Forward Continuous Current: 15 A ; Max Surge
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