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TitleDot Matrix
Description40 Dot Matrix LCD Segment Driver
CompanyHoltek Semiconductor Inc.
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Features, Applications
Operating voltage: 2.7V~5.2V LCD driving voltage: 3.0V~5.0V Applicable LCD duty from to 1/16
Suitable for various types of LCD panel Bias voltage adjustable from an external source
Interface with HT163A Electronic dictionaries Portable computers

The is a dot matrix LCD segment driver LSI implemented in CMOS technology. The chip contains 40-bit shift register (two 20-bit shift registers), 40-bit latch (two 20-bit latches), 40-bit level shifter, 40-bit 4-level driver and control circuits. The HT1602L can convert serial data received from an LCD controller parallel data and then send them out as LCD driving waveforms to the LCD panel. The chip is applicable to 1/16 duty. Furthermore, the bias voltage which determines the LCD driving voltage can be optionally supplied from an external source, thus the chip is suitable for driving various LCD panel. These special features increase the versatility of the chip.

Pad No. Pad Name Y15~Y19 VDD V3, V2 VSS VDD CLK DI0 LOAD ALT Y0~Y14 I/O Positive power supply LCD driver output for segment Shift register output pad for the 40th bit data Data input pad of shift register 2 Shift register output pad for the 20th bit data LCD bias supply voltage Negative power supply, ground Positive power supply Clock pulse input pad for the shift register Data input pad of shift register 1 Latching signal to latch shift register data Alternate signal input pad for LCD driving waveform LCD driver output for segment* Description LCD driver output for segment*

For Y0~Y39, one of VDD, V5 is selected as a display driving source according to the combination of latched data level and ALT signal. Refer to the following table: Latched Data H L ALT Display data output level V5 VDD V3 V2


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