Details, datasheet, quote on part number: GM72V66441ET-75
CategoryMemory => DRAM => SDR SDRAM => 64 Mb
Description4 ,194 ,304 Word X 4BIT X 4BANK Synchronous Dynamicram
CompanyHynix Semiconductor
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The is a synchronous dynamic random access memory comprised of 67,108,864 memory cells and logic including input and output circuits operating synchronously by referring to the positive edge of the externally provided Clock. The GM72V66441ET/ELT provides four banks of 4,194,304 word by 4 bit to realize high bandwidth with the Clock frequency to 143 Mhz.


* PC133/PC100/PC66 Compatible * 3.3V single Power supply * LVTTL interface * Max Clock frequency * 4,096 refresh cycle per ms * Two kinds of refresh operation Auto refresh / Self refresh * Programmable burst access capability ; - Sequence:Sequential / Interleave - Length :1/2/4/8/FP

CLK CKE CS RAS CAS ~BA1/A12 DQ0~DQ7 DQM VCCQ VSSQ VCC VSS NC Data input / Data output Data input / output Mask CC SS Power for internal circuit Ground for internal circuit No Connection Clock Enable Chip Select Row Address Strobe Column Address Strobe Write Enable Address input Address input or Auto Precharge Bank select

* Programmable CAS latency Banks can operate independently or simultaneously * Burst read/burst write or burst read/single write operation capability * Input and output masking by DQM input * One Clock of back to back read or write command interval * Synchronous Power down and Clock suspend capability with one Clock latency for both entry and exit * JEDEC Standard 54Pin 400mil TSOP II Package

This document is a general product description and is subject to change without notice. Hynix semiconductor does not assume any

responsibility for use of circuits described. No patent licenses are implied. Rev. 1.1/Apr.01

Voltage on any pin relative to VSS Supply voltage relative V SS Short circuit output current Power dissipation Operating temperature Storage temperature

Parameter Supply voltage V SS, VSSQ Input high voltage Input low voltage Notes : 1. All voltage referred to V SS. V IH (max) = 5.6V for pulse width V IL (min) = -2.0V for pulse width 2 1,3 Symbol V CC, VCCQ Min 3.0 Max 3.6 Unit V Note 1


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