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Title->SO DIMM
Description8Mx64 Bits PC100 Sdram so Dimm Based on 8Mx16 Sdram With Lvttl, 4 Banks & 4K Refresh
CompanyHynix Semiconductor
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based on 8Mx16 SDRAM with LVTTL, 4 banks & 4K Refresh

The Hynix HYM71V8M655ATU6 Series are 8Mx64bits Synchronous DRAM Modules. The modules are composed of four 8Mx16bits CMOS Synchronous DRAMs 400mil 54pin TSOP-II package, one 2Kbit EEPROM in 8pin TSSOP package a 144pin glass-epoxy printed circuit board. Two 0.33uF and one 0.1uF decoupling capacitors per each SDRAM are mounted on the PCB. The Hynix HYM71V8M655ATU6 Series are Dual In-line Memory Modules suitable for easy interchange and addition of 64Mbytes memory. The Hynix HYM71V8M655ATU6 Series are fully synchronous operation referenced to the positive edge of the clock. All inputs and outputs are synchronized with the rising edge of the clock input. The data paths are internally pipelined to achieve very high bandwidth.


PC100MHz support 144pin SDRAM Micro SO DIMM Serial Presence Detect with EEPROM 1.18" (30.00mm) Height PCB with double sided components Single 3.3±0.3V power supply All device pins are compatible with LVTTL interface or 8 for Interleave Burst Data mask function by DQM Programmable CAS Latency 2, 3 Clocks SDRAM internal banks : four banks Module bank : one physical bank Auto refresh and self refresh 4096 refresh cycles / 64ms Programmable Burst Length and Burst Type 8 or Full page for Sequential Burst

This document is a general product description and is subject to change without notice. Hynix Semiconductor Inc. does not assume any responsibility for use of circuits described. No patent licenses are implied. Rev. 01 2

PIN ~ A11 /RAS, /CAS, /WE ~ DQ63 VCC VSS SCL SDA NC PIN NAME Clock Inputs Clock Enable Chip Select SDRAM Bank Address Row Address Strobe, Column Address Strobe, Write Enable Data Input/Output Mask Data Input/Output Power Supply (3.3V) Ground SPD Clock Input SPD Data Input/Output No Connection DESCRIPTION The system clock input. All other inputs are registered to the SDRAM on the rising edge of CLK Controls internal clock signal and when deactivated, the SDRAM will be one of the states among power down, suspend or self refresh Enables or disables all inputs except CK, CKE and DQM Selects bank to be activated during /RAS activity Selects bank to be read/written during /CAS activity Row Address ~ RA11, Column Address ~ CA8 Auto-precharge flag : A10 /RAS, /CAS and /WE define the operation Refer function truth table for details Controls output buffers in read mode and masks input data in write mode Multiplexed data input / output pin Power supply for internal circuits and input buffers Ground Serial Presence Detect Clock input Serial Presence Detect Data input/output No connection

Note * CK1 are connected with termination R/C (Refer to the Block Diagram)


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HB54R1G9F2U-A75B : 1gb Registered DDR Sdram Dimm. The a 128M bank Double Data Rate (DDR) SDRAM Module, mounted 36 pieces of 256Mbits DDR SDRAM (HM5425401BTB) sealed in TCP package, 1 piece of PLL clock driver, 2 pieces of register driver and 1 piece of serial EEPROM (2k bits EEPROM) for Presence Detect (PD). Read and write operations are performed at the cross points of the CK and the /CK. This high-speed.

HYMD264G7264M : 512 MB. 64Mx72 Bits Low Profile Registered DDR Sdram Dimm. Hynix HYMD264G726(L)4M-K/H/L series is Low Profile registered 184-pin double data rate Synchronous DRAM Dual In-Line Memory Modules (DIMMs) which are organized as 64Mx72 high-speed memory arrays. Hynix HYMD264G726(L)4M-K/H/L series consists of eighteen 64Mx4 DDR SDRAM in 400mil TSOP II packages a 184pin glass-epoxy substrate. Hynix HYMD264G726(L)4M-K/H/L.

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K4G163222A : 16 Mb->Graphics Memory. = K4G163222A 256K X 32Bit X 2 Banks Synchronous Graphic RAM ;; Organization = 512Kx32 ;; Voltage(V) = 3.3 ;; Speed(ns) = 50,55,60,70,80 ;; Package = 100TQFP,100PQFP ;; Production Status = Eol ;; Comments = LVTTL.

M390S2858ET1 : Registered DIMM. = M390S2858ET1 168Pin Registered Dimm Based on 256Mb E-die (x4, X8) ;; Density(MB) = 1024 ;; Organization = 128Mx72 ;; Bank/ Interface = 4B/LVTTL ;; Refresh = 4K/64ms ;; Speed = 7A ;; #of Pin = 168 ;; Power = C ;; Component Composition = St.(128Mx4)x18+EEPROM ;; Production Status = Mass Production ;; Comments = -.

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PSD413A2V-A-20JI : Flash In-system Programmable Isp Peripherals For 8-bit MCUs. Flash In-System Programmable (ISP) Peripherals For 8-bit MCUs 1Mbit of Primary Flash Memory (8 uniform sectors) 256Kbit Secondary EEPROM (4 uniform sectors) to 16Kbit SRAM Over 3,000 Gates of PLD: DPLD and CPLD 27 Reconfigurable I/O ports Enhanced JTAG Serial Port Programmable power management High Endurance: ­ 100,000 Erase/Write Cycles of Flash Memory.

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HYB18T1G400AF-3S : 1-Gbit DDR2 SDRAM The 1-Gbit DDR2 DRAM is a high-speed Double-Data- Rate-Two CMOS Synchronous DRAM device containing 1,073,741,824 bits and internally configured as an octal-bank DRAM..

IS46DR16160A : DDR2 SDRAM Single supply voltage of 1.8V ± 0.1V SSTL_18 compatble inputs Bidirectonal diferental or single-ended data strobe opton Data masking per byte on Write commands Programmable burst length of 4 or 8 Programmable CAS Latency of 3, 4, 5 or 6 Auto-Refresh and Self-Refresh Modes OCD (Of-Chip Driver Impedance Adjustment) ODT (On Die Terminaton).

PC28F00AG18FE : FLASH 2.7V PROM. s: Memory Category: Flash, PROM. Power ­ Core voltage: V ­ I/O voltage: V ­ Standby current: 60 A (typ) for nm ­ Deep Power-Down mode: 2 A (typ) ­ Automatic Power Savings mode ­ 16-word synchronous-burst read current: 23 mA (typ) @ 108 MHz; 24 mA (typ) @ 133 MHz Software ­ Micron® Flash data integrator (FDI) optimized ­ Basic command set (BCS) and extended command set (ECS) compatible.

W9712G8JB-18 : DDR DRAM, PBGA60. s: Memory Category: DRAM Chip ; Package Type: 8 X 12.50 MM, ROHS COMPLIANT, WBGA-60 ; Pins: 60.

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