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Description16Mx64 Bits PC133 Sdram so Dimm Based on 16Mx16 Sdram With Lvttl, 4 Banks & 8K Refresh
CompanyHynix Semiconductor
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based on 16Mx16 SDRAM with LVTTL, 4 banks & 8K Refresh

The HYM72V16M636B(L)T6 Series are 16Mx64bits Synchronous DRAM Modules. The modules are composed of four 16Mx16bits CMOS Synchronous DRAMs 400mil 54pin TSOP-II package, one 2Kbit EEPROM in 8pin TSSOP package a 144 pin glass-epoxy printed circuit board. Two 0.33uF and one 0.1uF decoupling capacitors per each SDRAM are mounted on the PCB. The HYM72V16M636B(L)T6 Series are Dual In-line Memory Modules suitable for easy interchange and addition of 128Mbytes memory. The HYM72V16M636B(L)T6 Series are fully synchronous operation referenced to the positive edge of the clock. All inputs and outputs are synchronized with the rising edge of the clock input. The data paths are internally pipelined to achieve very high bandwidth.


PC133/PC100MHz support 144pin SDRAM SODIMM Serial Presence Detect with EEPROM 1.00" (25.40mm) Height PCB with double sided components Single 3.30.3V power supply All device pins are compatible with LVTTL interface or 8 for Interleave Burst Data mask function by DQM Programmable CAS Latency 2, 3 Clocks SDRAM internal banks : four banks Module bank : one physical bank Auto refresh and self refresh 8192 refresh cycles / 64ms Programmable Burst Length and Burst Type 8 or Full page for Sequential Burst

This document is a general product description and is subject to change without notice. Hynix Semiconductor Inc. does not assume any responsibility for use of circuits described. No patent licenses are implied. Rev. 02 1

PIN ~ A12 /RAS, /CAS, /WE ~ DQ63 VCC VSS SCL SDA WP NC PIN NAME Clock Inputs Clock Enable Chip Select SDRAM Bank Address Row Address Strobe, Column Address Strobe, Write Enable Data Input/Output Mask Data Input/Output Power Supply (3.3V) Ground SPD Clock Input SPD Data Input/Output SPD Address Input Write Protect for SPD No Connection DESCRIPTION The system clock input. All other inputs are registered to the SDRAM on the rising edge of CLK Controls internal clock signal and when deactivated, the SDRAM will be one of the states among power down, suspend or self refresh Enables or disables all inputs except CK, CKE and DQM Selects bank to be activated during /RAS activity Selects bank to be read/written during /CAS activity Row Address ~ RA12, Column Address ~ CA8 Auto-precharge flag : A10 /RAS, /CAS and /WE define the operation Refer function truth table for details Controls output buffers in read mode and masks input data in write mode Multiplexed data input / output pin Power supply for internal circuits and input buffers Ground Serial Presence Detect Clock input Serial Presence Detect Data input/output Serial Presence Detect Address Input Write Protect for Serial Presence Detect on DIMM No connection

Note * CK1 are connected with termination R/C (Refer to the Block Diagram)


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HYM72V16M636HLT6 16Mx64 Bits PC133 Sdram so Dimm Based on 16Mx16 Sdram With Lvttl, 4 Banks & 8K Refresh
HYM72V16M636LT6 32Mx64bits PC133 Sdram Unbuffered Dimm Based on 32Mx8 Sdram With Lvttl, 4 Banks & 8K Refresh
HYM72V16M656BLT6 16Mx64 Bits PC100 Sdram so Dimm Based on 16Mx16 Sdram With Lvttl, 4 Banks & 8K Refresh
HYM72V16M656HLT6 16Mx64 Bits PC100 Sdram so Dimm Based on 16Mx16 Sdram With Lvttl, 4 Banks & 8K Refresh

GM71V64400C-7 :

GMS81516B : 800 Series->General Purpose 8-BIT Single-chip Microcontrollers

HY5DU121622T-H : 512M(32Mx16) DDR Sdram

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HYM72V64736BT8 : ->Unbuffered DIMM

HYM72V64C756BLT4 : ->Registered DIMM 64Mx72 Bits PC100 Sdram Registered Dimm With Pll, Based on 64Mx4 Sdram With Lvttl, 4 Banks & 8K Refresh

HYMD232M726AL8-M : 256 MB

HY29DS162BT-12 : 16 Megabit (2M x 8/1M x 16) Super-low Voltage, Dual Bank, Simultaneous Read/write, Flash Memory

HY5DU561622DTP-L : 256mb DDR Sdram

GL7915 : Negative Voltage Regulator

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840FH18A : Burst SRAM. Synchronous Burst SRAMs, 4Meg, 256K X 18,3.3 V. Preliminary GS840FH18/32/36AT-7.5/8/8.5/10/12 TQFP Commercial Temp Industrial Temp Flow Through mode operation V +10%/5% core power supply 3.3 V I/O supply LBO pin for Linear or Interleaved Burst mode Internal input resistors on mode pins allow floating mode pins Default to Interleaved Pipeline mode Byte Write (BW) and/or Global Write (GW) operation.

CAT25040 : Spi Serial CMOS EePROM (Motorola Compatible), 4K, 2-bit Block Protection.

HYB25D256400AT-7 : . Double data rate architecture: two data transfers per clock cycle Bidirectional data strobe (DQS) is transmitted and received with data, to be used in capturing data at the receiver DQS is edge-aligned with data for reads and is center-aligned with data for writes Differential clock inputs (CK and CK) Four internal banks for concurrent operation Data.

IDT7MP4045 : 256kx32 CMOS SRAM Module. High density 1 megabyte static RAM module (IDT7MP4145 upgradeable to 4 megabyte, IDT7MP4120) Low profile 64 pin ZIP (Zig-zag In-line vertical Package) or 64 pin SIMM (Single In-line Memory Module) for IDT7MP4045 and 72 pin SIMM (Single In-line Memory Module) for IDT7MP4145 Very fast access time: 15ns (max.) Surface mounted plastic components on an epoxy.

K4S64323LF : Mobile SDRAM. = K4S64323LF 512K X 32Bit X 4 Banks Mobile Sdram ;; Organization = 2Mx32 ;; Vdd/Vddq(V) = 2.5/2.5,2.5/1.8 ;; Temperature = N,u,p,g,s ;; Current(Icc1/Icc6) = 60mA/350uA ;; Speed = 75,1H,1L,15 ;; Mobile Function = no or Pasr,tcsr ;; Package = 90FBGA ;; Production Status = Mass Production ;; Comments = -.

KM48V8104C : Asynchronous->3.3V EDO. 8m X 8bit CMOS Dynamic RAM With Extended Data Out.

M364C0883BJ0 : Buffered DIMM. = M364C0883BJ0 Fast Page Mode:8Mx64 DRAM Dimm With Ecc Using 8Mx8,4K&8K Refresh,5V ;; Density(MB) = 64 ;; Organization = 8Mx64 ;; Mode = Fast Page ;; Refresh = 8K/64ms ;; Speed(ns) = 50,60 ;; #of Pin = 168 ;; Component Composition = (8Mx8)x8+Drive ICx2 ;; Production Status = Eol ;; Comments = Buffered.

M390S2858BTU : Registered DIMM. = M390S2858BTU 128Mx72 Sdram Dimm With PLL & Register Based on Stacked 128Mx4, 4Banks 8K Ref., 3.3V Sdrams With SPD ;; Density(MB) = 1024 ;; Organization = 128Mx72 ;; Bank/ Interface = 4B/LVTTL ;; Refresh = 8K/64ms ;; Speed = 75,1H,1L ;; #of Pin = 168 ;; Power = C ;; Component Composition = (128Mx4)x18+Drive ICx3+PLL+EEPROM ;; Production.

M69AW024B : PSRAM Asynchronous. 16 Mbit (1M X16) 3V Supply, Asynchronous Psram. ACCESS TIME: 60ns, 70ns LOW STANDBY CURRENT: 70A DEEP POWER DOWN CURRENT: 10A LOW VCC DATA RETENTION: 2.3V COMPATIBLE WITH STANDARD LPSRAM This is preliminary information on a new product now in development or undergoing evaluation. Details are subject to change without notice. TABLE OF CONTENTS SUMMARY . 4 Figure 2. Logic Diagram. 4 Figure 3. TFBGA.

MB81P643287-50 : 8 X 256k X 32 Bit, Fcramtm Core Based Double Data Rate Sdram. x 32 BIT, FCRAMTM CORE BASED DOUBLE DATA RATE SDRAM CMOS x 32 BIT, FCRAM Core Based Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory with Double Data Rate The Fujitsu is a CMOS Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (SDRAM) with Fujitsu advanced FCRAM (Fast Cycle Random Access Memory) Core Technology, containing 67,108,864 memory cells accessible an 32-bit.

MBM29DL162TE/BE : . 0.23 m Process Technology Simultaneous Read/Write operations (dual bank) Multiple devices available with different bank sizes (Refer to "MBM29DL16XTE/BE Device Bank Divisions Table" in sGENERAL ) Host system can program or erase in one bank, then immediately and simultaneously read from the other bank Zero latency between read and write operations.

TMPZ84C10AP-6 : CMOS-z80 Dma : Direct Memory Access Controller.

TMS29F010 : 1 Mb. 131 072 BY 8-bit Flash Memory. Single Power Supply 10% Organization. by 8 Bits Eight Equal Sectors of 16K Bytes Any Combination of Sectors Can Be Erased Any Combination of Sectors Can Be Marked as Read-Only Compatible With JEDEC EEPROM Command Set Fully Automated On-Chip Erase and Byte-Program Operations 100 000 Program / Erase Cycles Compatible With JEDEC Byte-Wide Pinouts.

V62C1162048 : SRAM. 1.8 Volt 128K X 16 Bit Static RAM. Low-power consumption - Active: 35mA ICC 70ns - Stand-by: 10 A (CMOS input/output) 2 A (CMOS input/output, L version) 70/85/100/120 ns access time Equal access and cycle time Single +1.8V to2.2V Power Supply Tri-state output Automatic power-down when deselected Multiple center power and ground pins for improved noise immunity Individual byte controls.


LHF00L09 : Flash Memory 32M (2MB 16) 32M (x16) Bottom Boot Block, 90ns. Handle this document carefully for it contains material protected by international copyright law. Any reproduction, full or in part, of this material is prohibited without the express written permission of the company. When using the products covered herein, please observe the conditions written herein and the precautions outlined in the following paragraphs.

HY5PS1G831F : * VDD=1.8V * VDDQ=1.8V +/- 0.1V * All inputs and outputs are compatible with SSTL_18 interface * Fully differential clock inputs (CK, /CK) operation * Double data rate interface * Source synchronous-data transaction aligned to bidirectional data strobe (DQS, /DQS) * Differential Data Strobe (DQS, /DQS) * Data outputs on DQS, /DQS edges when read (edged.

STK22C48 : AutoStore NvSRAM The Simtek STK22C48 is a 16Kb fast static RAM with a non-volatile Quantum Trap storage element included with each memory cell. The SRAM provides the fast access & cycle times, ease of use, and unlimited read & write endurance of a normal SRAM. Data transfers automatically to the non-volatile storage cells when power loss is detected.

M24C32-RMN3TG/B : 4K X 8 I2C/2-WIRE SERIAL EEPROM, PDSO8. s: Density: 33 kbits ; Number of Words: 4 k ; Bits per Word: 8 bits ; Bus Type: Serial ; Production Status: Full Production ; Data Rate: 0 MHz ; Supply Voltage: 2.5V ; Package Type: 0.150 INCH, ROHS COMPLIANT, PLASTIC, SOP-8, SOP ; Pins: 8 ; Operating Range: AUTOMOTIVE ; Operating Temperature: -40 to 125 C (-40.

S71XS256RD0ZHEC00 : SPECIALTY MEMORY CIRCUIT, PBGA56. s: Density: 0 kbits ; Number of Words: 16 k ; Bits per Word: 16 bits ; Package Type: 9.20 X 8 MM, 0.50 MM PITCH, LEAD FREE, VFBGA-56 ; Pins: 56 ; Supply Voltage: 1.8V ; Operating Temperature: -25 to 85 C (-13 to 185 F).

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