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CategoryPower Management => Battery Management => Battery Chargers
DescriptionOne Cell Li-ion Charge Board With Integrated SaFETy Circuiting.
CompanyInternational Components Corp.
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Features, Applications

The STL1033-001 provides both safety and battery management functions for 1-cell Lithium Ion battery packs. In addition to preventing overvoltage during charge mode, undervoltage during discharge mode, and overcurrent during discharge mode, the STL1033-001 actively regulates charge current and voltage to ensure optimal battery charging. Board Specifications Board Dimensions: Composition: Connector: Assembly: Testing: Temperature Operating Temperature: Storage Temperature: 125 C See Drawing# 03-42584-01 FR-4, double-sided, 1 oz copper Hirose A4B-3S-2C connector, A3B-2630SCC terminal PCBA solder operation utilizes no-clean flux. No secondary cleaning operation performed. Testing performed per IPS-02584-001

Supply voltage Overdischarge detection voltage Sleep-mode recovery voltage * Overcharge detection voltage Regulated charge voltage Regulated charge current Maximum discharge current Maximum discharge current Quiescent Current Quiescent Current

Continuous (4V cell voltage) 10 ms pulse, 1% Duty Cycle Vcell < 2.3Vdc Vcell > 2.3Vdc
* STL1033-001 will still attempt recovery below this voltage.

Disclaimer: ICC will not be held responsible when used outside of the recommended parameters / applications. Avoid excessive heat when soldering to the PCB.

Product is tested 100% at the factory. As with all good manufacturing practices, we also recommend 100% testing in the end product.

Cell Charger (red wire) Charger/Load (black wire) Load (blue wire or alt per drawing 03-42584-01)
Charge voltage and current regulation-allows use of unregulated power supplies to
Built-in Safety Circuit functions to protect battery:

- Overvoltage during Charge Mode Undervoltage during Discharge Mode Overcurrent during Discharge Mode and powering of load.

Independent charge and discharge terminals allow for simultaneous battery charging Small circuit footprint can be used with majority of prismatic and cylindrical Li-Ion

Typical Applications
1-cell Lithium Ion battery packs Video cameras Misc. portable products


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