Details, datasheet, quote on part number: HYM368035GS-60
Description8M X 36bit Edo-dram Module
CompanyInfineon Technologies Corporation
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388 608 words by 36-Bit organization in 2 banks Fast access and cycle time 60 ns RAS access time 15 ns CAS access time 104 ns cycle time Hyper page mode (EDO) capability 25 ns cycle time Single V 10 supply Low power dissipation max. 7260 mW active CMOS 132 mW standby TTL 264 mW standby CAS-before-RAS refresh RAS-only-refresh Hidden-refresh 24 decoupling capacitors mounted on substrate All inputs, outputs and clocks fully TTL compatible 72 pin Single in-Line Memory Module (L-SIM-72-17) with mm (1250 mil) height Utilizes x 3 DRAM's in 300 mil SOJ packages 2048 refresh cycles 32 ms Optimized for use in byte-write parity applications Tin-Lead contact pads (HYM 368035S-60) Gold contact pads (HYM 368035GS-60)

The HYM a 32 MByte EDO-DRAM module organized 388 608 words 36Bit in two banks assembled a 72-pin single-in-line package comprising 24 HYB 3 DRAMs in 300 mil wide SOJ-packages mounted together with 0.2 F ceramic decoupling capacitors a PC board. The HYB 5117305BJ is described in the data sheet and is fully electrical tested and processed according to SIEMENS standard quality procedure prior to module assembly. After assembly onto the board, a further set of electrical tests is performed. The speed of the module can be detected by the use of four presence detect pins. The common I/O feature on the HYM 368035S-60 dictates the use of early write cycles. Ordering Information Type HYM 368035S-60 HYM 368035GS-60 Ordering Code Q67100-Q3018 Q67100-Q3019 Package L-SIM-72-17 Description EDO-DRAM Module (access time 60 ns) EDO-DRAM Module (access time 60 ns)

Pin Names RAS3 WE Address Inputs for HYM 368035S/GS Data Input/Output Column Address Strobe Row Address Strobe Read/Write Input Power 5 V) Ground Presence Detect Pin No Connection


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0915072 : Circuit Breaker Circuit Protection 12A 250VAC, 65VDC DIN Rail; THERMOMAGNETIC CIRCUIT BREAKER. s: Mounting Type: DIN Rail ; Actuator Type: Lever ; Voltage: 250VAC, 65VDC ; Current - Trip (It): 12A ; Number of Poles: 2 ; Breaker Type: Thermal-Magnetic ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant.

74456382 : 1 ELEMENT, 8200 uH, FERRITE-CORE, GENERAL PURPOSE INDUCTOR, SMD. s: Mounting Option: Surface Mount Technology ; Devices in Package: 1 ; Core Material: Ferrite ; Lead Style: ONE SURFACE ; Standards and Certifications: RoHS ; Application: General Purpose, Power Choke ; Inductance Range: 8200 microH ; Rated DC Current: 110 milliamps ; Operating.

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