Details, datasheet, quote on part number: HYM72V1605GU-50
Description16M X 64bit DRAM Module
CompanyInfineon Technologies Corporation
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Features, Applications

64-Bit EDO-DRAM Module x 72-Bit EDO-DRAM Module 168pin unbuffered DIMM Module with serial presence detect

168 Pin JEDEC Standard, Unbuffered 8 Byte Dual In-Line Memory Module for PC main memory applications 1 bank in 4k and 8k refresh organisations Optimized for byte-write non-parity or ECC applications Extended Data Out (EDO) Performance:

-50 tRAC tCAC tAA tRC tHPC RAS Access Time CAS Access Time Access Time from Address Cycle Time EDO Mode Cycle Time 25 ns

Single 0.3 V Power Supply CAS-before-RAS refresh, RAS-only-refresh Decoupling capacitors mounted on substrate All inputs, outputs and clocks are fully LV-TTL compatible Serial presence detects (optional) Utilizes x 4 -DRAMs in TSOPII packages 4096 refresh cycles 64 ms with / 12 addressing ( Row / Column) for HYM64/72V1605GU 8192 refresh cycles 128 ms with / 11 addressing ( Row / Column) for HYM64/72V1645GU Gold contact pads Card Size: 4,00 mm This DRAM product module family is intended to be fully pin and architecture compatible with the 168pin unbuffered SDRAM DIMM module family

The HYM64(72)V1605/45GU-50/-60 are industry standard 168-pin 8-byte Dual In-Line Memory Modules (DIMMs) which are organized x 64 and x 72 high speed memory arrays designed with EDO DRAMs for non-parity and ECC applications. 4k refresh with / 12 addressing and 8k refresh modules with / 11 addressing are available. The DIMMs use sixteen x 4 EDO DRAMs for the x 64 organisation and eighteen x 4 DRAMs for the x 72 organisation, both in TSOPII packages. Decoupling capacitors are mounted on the PC board. The DIMMs use optional serial presence detects implemented via a serial E 2PROM using the two pin I2C protocol. The first 128 bytes are utilized by the DIMM manufacturer and the second 128 bytes of serial PD data are available to the customer. All 168-pin DIMMs provide a high performance, flexible 8-byte interface 133,35 mm long spacesaving footprint.

4k-Refresh: HYM 64V1605GU-50 HYM 64V1605GU-60 HYM 72V1605GU-50 HYM 72V1605GU-60 8k-Refresh: HYM 64V1645GU-50 HYM 64V1645GU-60 HYM 72V1645GU-50 HYM x 64 DRAM module (access time 50 ns) x 64 DRAM module (access time 60 ns) x 72 DRAM module (access time 50 ns) x 72 DRAM module (access time 60 ns) x 64 DRAM module (access time 50 ns) x 64 DRAM module (access time 60 ns) x 72 DRAM module (access time 50 ns) x 72 DRAM module (access time 60 ns)

Pin Names OE0, OE2 Vcc Vss SCL SDA SA0-SA2 N.C. DU Row Address Input for HYB64/72V1605 Column Address Input for HYB64/72V1605 Row Address Input for HYB64/72V1645 Column Address Input for HYB64/72V1645 Data Input/Output Check Bit Data Input/Output ( x72 only) Row Address Strobe Column Address Strobe Read / Write Input Output Enable Power (+3.3 Volt) Ground Clock for Presence Detect Serial Data Out for Presence Detect Serial Presence Detect Addresses No Connection Don' t use


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