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Description1300 NM Laser in Coaxial Package With SM-pigtail, Low Power
CompanyInfineon Technologies Corporation
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Features, Applications
1300 nm Laser in Coaxial Package with SM-Pigtail, Low Power

Designed for application in fiber-optic networks Laser diode with Multi-Quantum Well structure Suitable for bit rates to 1 Gbit/s Ternary photodiode at rear mirror for monitoring and control of radiant power Hermetically sealed subcomponent, similar 18 SM Pigtail with optional flange

Connector/Flange FC / without flange DIN / without flange FC / with flange DIN / with flange
Component with other connector types on request.

Maximum Ratings Output power ratings refer to the SM fiber output. The operating temperature of the submount is identical to the case temperature. Parameter Module Operating temperature range at case Storage temperature range Soldering temperature tmax 2 mm distance from bottom edge of case Symbol Values Unit

Maximum Ratings (cont'd) Parameter Laser Diode Direct forward current Radiant power CW Reverse Voltage Monitor Diode Reverse Voltage Symbol Values Unit

Characteristics All optical data refer to an optimally coupled m SM fiber. Parameter Laser Diode Optical output power Emission wavelength center of range 0.2 mW Spectral bandwidth 0.2 mW (RMS) Threshold current Forward voltage 0.2 mW Radiant power at threshold Slope efficiency Differential series resistance Rise time/fall time Monitor Diode Dark current, = 0 Photocurrent, V W mW/A ns Symbol Values Unit

Laser Diode Radiant Power in Singlemode Fiber
Monitor Diode Dark Current IR = f(TA) port 5 V


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