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CategoryCommunication => Fiber Optics => Transceivers
DescriptionLaser Transmitters For Fiber Optic Applications (1300 And 1550 Nm)
CompanyInfineon Technologies Corporation
DatasheetDownload STL81004x/STL81005x datasheet


Features, Applications

Features Designed for applications in fiber optic networks Laser Diode with Multi-Quantum Well structure Suitable for bit rates to 1 Gbit/s Ternary Photodiode at rear mirror for monitoring and control of radiant power Hermetically sealed subcomponents, similar 46 SM pigtail with optional connector

Available Pinnings with and without Flange Type STL81004x STL81005x Transmitter 1 Flange without with

Description Differences between a Fabry-Perot and a DFB Laserdiode A conventional laser consists of an amplifying medium and two end mirrors. The cavity is longer than one wavelength, and a standing wave is created. The number n of half If L then we speak of a Fabry-Perot Laser because the wavelengths is n laserdiode emits multi-longitudinal modes. Typically the laserdiode 250 µm long. For n is about 350. Therefore for many neighboring wavelengths the "standing wavelength" condition specified above is fulfilled. For a DFB-Laser a special grating acts as a distributed filter allowing only one of the cavity's longitudinal modes to ~ which is in the range propagate. This can be described with a reduced oscillator length L of. For such a reduced oscillator length the standing wavelength condition will be fulfilled for n 2 what means for only one wavelength.


Some Part number from the same manufacture Infineon Technologies Corporation
STL81005A 1550 NM Laser in Coaxial Package With SM-pigtail, Low Power
STL81007G 1550 NM Laser in Receptacle Package, Low Power
STL81007x Laser Transmitters For Fiber Optic Applications (1300 And 1550 Nm)
STM51004A 1300 NM Laser in Receptacle Package, Medium Power
STM51004AE9291 1300 NM Laser, Medium Power
STM51004G 1300 NM Laser in Receptacle Package, Medium Power
STM51004GE9291 1300 NM Laser, Medium Power
STM51004X 1300nm Laser in Receptacle Package, Medium Power
STM51004x/STM51005x Laser Transmitters For Fiber Optic Applications (1300 And 1550 Nm)
STM51005A 1300 NM Laser, Medium Power
STM51005G 1300 NM Laser in Receptacle Package, Medium Power
STM51005GE9233 1300 NM Laser, Medium Power
STM51005X 1300nm Laser in Receptacle Package, Medium Power
STM51005ZE9233 1300 NM Laser, Medium Power
STM51007x Laser Transmitters For Fiber Optic Applications (1300 And 1550 Nm)
STM81004A 1550 NM Laser in Coaxial Package With SM-pigtail, Medium Power
STM81004x/STM81005x Laser Transmitters For Fiber Optic Applications (1300 And 1550 Nm)
STM81005A 1550 NM Laser in Coaxial Package With SM-pigtail, Medium Power
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DS26522 : Complete T1, E1, or J1 Long-Haul/Short-Haul Transceiver (LIU plus Framer) # Internal Software-Selectable Transmit- and Receive-Side Termination for 100-ohm T1 Twisted Pair, 110-ohm J1 Twisted Pair, 120-ohm E1 Twisted Pair, and 75-ohm E1 Coaxial Applications # Crystal-Less Jitter Attenuator can be Selected for Transmit or Receive Path; Jitter Attenuator.

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