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DescriptionLaser Transmitters For Fiber Optic Applications (1300 And 1550 Nm)
CompanyInfineon Technologies Corporation
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Features, Applications

Features Designed for applications in fiber optic networks Laser Diode with Multi-Quantum Well structure Suitable for bit rates to 1 Gbit/s Ternary Photodiode at rear mirror for monitoring and control of radiant power Hermetically sealed subcomponents, similar 46 SM receptacle with 2-hole flange and optional connector

Available Pinnings with Flange Type STL81007x Transmitter 1

Description Differences between a Fabry-Perot and a DFB Laserdiode A conventional laser consists of an amplifying medium and two end mirrors. The cavity is longer than one wavelength, and a standing wave is created. The number n of half If L then we speak of a Fabry-Perot Laser because the wavelengths is n laserdiode emits multi-longitudinal modes. Typically the laserdiode 250 µm long. For n is about 350. Therefore for many neighboring wavelengths the "standing wavelength" condition specified above is fulfilled. For a DFB-Laser a special grating acts as a distributed filter allowing only one of the cavity's longitudinal modes to ~ which is in the range propagate. This can be described with a reduced oscillator length L of. For such a reduced oscillator length the standing wavelength condition will be fulfilled for n 2 what means for only one wavelength.


Some Part number from the same manufacture Infineon Technologies Corporation
STM51004A 1300 NM Laser in Receptacle Package, Medium Power
STM51004AE9291 1300 NM Laser, Medium Power
STM51004G 1300 NM Laser in Receptacle Package, Medium Power
STM51004GE9291 1300 NM Laser, Medium Power
STM51004X 1300nm Laser in Receptacle Package, Medium Power
STM51004x/STM51005x Laser Transmitters For Fiber Optic Applications (1300 And 1550 Nm)
STM51005A 1300 NM Laser, Medium Power
STM51005G 1300 NM Laser in Receptacle Package, Medium Power
STM51005GE9233 1300 NM Laser, Medium Power
STM51005X 1300nm Laser in Receptacle Package, Medium Power
STM51005ZE9233 1300 NM Laser, Medium Power
STM51007x Laser Transmitters For Fiber Optic Applications (1300 And 1550 Nm)
STM81004A 1550 NM Laser in Coaxial Package With SM-pigtail, Medium Power
STM81004x/STM81005x Laser Transmitters For Fiber Optic Applications (1300 And 1550 Nm)
STM81005A 1550 NM Laser in Coaxial Package With SM-pigtail, Medium Power
STM81007x Laser Transmitters For Fiber Optic Applications (1300 And 1550 Nm)
STM91005FE9342 1500 NM Laser, Medium Power
STS3265 Duslicos Software
SXT2222A NPN Silicon Switching Transistor
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193SEA : Single Channel Modules. 10G Eml With Driver Module 800ps/nm, Receptacle, Wavelength=1550nm, Output Power=0dBm.

G1-200P-85-1.6 : Processor Series Low Power Integrated X86 Solution. GeodeTM GX1 Processor Series Low Power Integrated x86 Solution The National Semiconductor® GeodeTM GX1 processor series is a line of integrated processors specifically designed to power information appliances for entertainment, education, and business. Serving the needs of consumers and business professionals alike, it's the perfect solution for IA (information.

KSM-901TM1Y : Optic Receiver Module. The KSM-90”ąTM1Y consist of a PIN Photodiode of high speed and a preamplifier IC in the package as an receiver for Infrared remote control systems DIMENSIONS ¤żWide angle design ¤żWide supply-voltage range to 5.5V ¤żShielded against electrical field disturbance ¤żHigh immunity against ambient light disturbances ¤żAvailable for carrier frequencies between.

LTC1347CN : 5v Low Power Rs232 3-driver/5-receiver Transceiver With 5 Receivers Active in Shutdown.

MAX3657EVKIT : MAX3657EVKIT Evaluation Kit For The MAX3657. The MAX3657 evaluation kit is a fully assembled chip-onboard electrical demonstration kit that provides easy evaluation of the 155Mbps +3.3V transimpedance amplifier. Note that the MAX3657 Evaluation Kit provides an electrical interface to the IC that is similar, but not exactly the same as a photodiode. Easy +3.3V Electrical Evaluation of the MAX3657.

MAX369C/D : Fault-protected Analog Multiplexer With Latch.

MC12052ASD : Mecl PLL Components 64/65, 128/129 Low Power Dual Modulus Prescaler. The is a super low power dual modulus prescaler used in phase­locked loop applications. Motorola's advanced Bipolar MOSAICTM V technology is utilized to achieve low power dissipation at a minimum supply voltage 2.7 V. The MC12052A can be used with CMOS synthesizers requiring positive edges to trigger internal counters such as Motorola's MC145XXX series.

ML6672 : Atm Utp Transceiver. The is a complete monolithic transceiver for 155Mbps NRZ encoded data transmission over Category 5 Unshielded Twisted Pair and Shielded Twisted Pair cables. The ML6672 is compliant with the ATM Forum 155Mbps Twisted Pair . The adaptive equalizer in the ML6672 will accurately compensate for line losses 100m of UTP. The part requires only external 1% resistors.

MSM7570-01 : ADPCM Codecs. Multi-function Adpcm Codec. This version: Aug. 1998 MSM7570-01 Previous version: Nov. 1996 The MSM7570-01, developed for advanced digital cordless telephone systems, is a single channel ADPCM CODEC IC which performs mutual transcoding between the analog voice band signal and 32 kbps ADPCM serial data. This device includes DTMF Tone and several types of tone generation, transmit/receive.

NHI-1567 : = Transceiver,dual,monolithic ;; Power = +5V ;; Stub Coupled XFMR Ratio = 1.00:1.79 ;; Package Styles = 20DIP,20FP ;; Receiver Idle State = 0 ;; Desc SMD P/n = 5962-9206103HMX.

OL6201N-5-A10 : Service Channel FP Laser Module ( 1625 Nm, 5 MW ). Oki Semiconductor's OL6201N-5-A10 dual in-line package laser diode module a cooled 1625nm laser diode coupled to a single-mode fiber. The OL6201N-5-A10 has built-in thermoelectric cooler and is equipped with a monitor photodiode. 1625-nm MQW FP Laser Single-mode fiber Built-in thermoelectric cooler 5-mW fiber output power Includes a photodiode for power.

PBL38614-1 : Subscriber Line Interface Circuit. The PBL 386 14/1 Subscriber Line Interface Circuit (SLIC) 90 V bipolar integrated circuit for use in ISDN Network Terminal Adapters and other short loop telecommunication equipment which often are remote powered, and by that, the available power is limited. The PBL 386 14/1 has been optimized for low total line interface cost, low power and requires.

PC87414 : . The National Semiconductor PC8741x family of LPC ServerI/O devices ("PC8741x") comprises highly integrated Advanced I/O products. The PC8741x is targeted for a wide range of servers and workstations that use the Low Pin Count (LPC) bus for the host interface and the serial ACCESS.bus or SMBus® for the embedded controller interface. The PC8741x an X-Bus.

S3045 : S3045 Sonet/sdh Oc-48 to Oc-12 Mux/demux Evaluation Board. SONET/SDH TO OC-12 MUX/DEMUX EVALUATION BOARD SONET/SDH TO OC-12 MUX/DEMUX EVALUATION BOARD The S3045 Evaluation Board provides a flexible platform for verifying the operation of the S3045 with a SONET tester. This user's manual provides information on the board contents. Figure 1 shows the outline of the S3045 Evaluation Board. In Figure 2, the block.

SP8916KGMP1S : 5ghz 16 Fixed Modulus Divider. The SP8916 is one of a range of very high speed low power prescalers for professional applications. The dividing elements are static D type flip flops and therefore allow operation down DC if the drive signal is a pulse waveform with fast risetime. The output stage has internal100 ohm pull up resistors, giving a 05V p-p output. If required, an external.

T5552 : RF Identification. Transponder Module With 1-Kbit Memory, Includes The IDIC(TM) E5552 Plus 425-pF Capacitor.

TMPN3150B1AFG : Local Operating Network (LON) Neuron. Max. Input Clock = 10 MHZ ;; EePROM = 0.5 KB ;; RAM = 2 KB ;; ROM = N/a ;; Package = 64 Pin QFP Pb-free ;; External Memory I/f = Yes ;; Sample Availability = Now ;; Product Availability = Now ;; Additional Information = More Info.

UPI-42AH : Universal Peripheral Interface 8-bit Slave Microcontroller. UPI-41 6 MHz 12 5 MHz Pin Software and Architecturally Compatible with all UPI-41 and UPI-42 Products 8-Bit CPU plus ROM OTP EPROM RAM I O Timer Counter and Clock in a Single Package x 8 ROM OTP x 8 RAM x 8 ROM OTP x 8 RAM UPI-41 8-Bit Timer Counter 18 Programmable I O Pins One 8-Bit Status and Two Data Registers for Asynchronous Slave-toMaster Interface.

MAX2058 : Provides 62dB of Gain Control while Maintaining Full Compliance with GSM/EDGE Spectral Mask Requirements! The MAX2058 high-linearity digital-variable-gain amplifier (DVGA) is designed to provide 62dB of total gain range and typical output IP3 and output P1dB levels of +32.3dBm and +19dBm, respectively. The device is ideal for a variety of applications,.

MS2176 : UHF: 400-450 MHz, Class C, Common Emitter-Pulsed UHF: 400-450 MHz, Class C, Common Emitter-Pulsed.

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