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TitleSCSI Controller
DescriptionPci to Ultrascsi Single Chip Master Controller
CompanyInitio Corp.
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Features, Applications

The Initio INIC-940, a single-chip PCI to UltraSCSI host adapter, provides a complete SCSI solution for PCI motherboard applications. The Initio INIC-940 supports the latest UltraSCSI standards, transferring data to 20 MBytes/sec and takes advantage of the 133 MBytes/second burst rate of the PCI bus to provide superb I/O performance. INIC-940 supports a wide range of popular operating systems and has been extensively tested over a large matrix of peripherals and systems. In addition to the 8-bit Ultra SCSI interface and 32-bit PCI 2.1 compliant interface, INIC-940 has a memory interface to access SEEPROM devices. INIC-940 has a SCSI protocol processor which handles all of the SCSI bus phases. The chip also provides support for external SCSI bus terminators and SCAM level 1. INIC-940 has an on chip advanced SCSI I/O cell which is capable of adjusting the slew rate on the SCSI signals to ensure signal integrity over different cabling environments. INIC-940 is available a 160-pin PQFP.

32 bit PCI Interface DATA FIFO Local DMA Local DMA Control and Intelligent Control and Intelligent Scatter/Gather Engine PCI Bus Master/ S/G Engine SCSI DMA Control SCSI Protocol Handler Offset FIFO UltraSCSI

SCSI Interface: Dedicated SCSI processor for handling SCSI SCSI transfer rates from 5 MB/s Asynchronous

SCSI to 20 MB/s Synchronous UltraSCSI Supports both auto and programmable SCSI termination Supports Command Tag Queuing and Disconnect/Reconnect Advanced SCSI I/O cell capable of adjusting the SCSI signal slew rate PCI 32-bit Interface: PCI 2.1 Compliant, burst transfer rates of 133 MB/s Built-in S/G execution engine

Additional Features: Support for SEEPROM and FLASH Plug & Play, allows user to change
On-chip power managment features to Full driver support for all of the major

Operating Systems Provides ASPI manager for DOS, Windows and Netware BIOS support for DOS and Windows application without driver involvement

Initio Corporation, 2188B Del Franco, San Jose, CA 95131 Tel: (408)577-1919 Fax: (408)577-0640 e-mail:


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