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TitleBus Oriented Circuits
DescriptionFast CMOS 16-bit Buffer/line Driver
CompanyIntegrated Device Technology, Inc.
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Features, Applications

0.5 MICRON CMOS Technology High-speed, low-power CMOS replacement for ABT functions Typical tSK(o) (Output Skew) < 250ps Low input and output leakage 1A (max.) VCC 5V 10% High drive outputs (32mA IOH, 64mA IOL) Power off disable outputs permit "live insertion" Typical VOLP (Output Ground Bounce) 1.0V at VCC = 25C Available in SSOP and TSSOP packages

The FCT16240T 16-bit buffer/line driver is built using advanced dual metal CMOS technology. These high-speed, low-power devices offer bus/backplane interface capability with improved packing density. The flow-through organization of signal pins simplifies layout. The three-state controls are designed to operate these devices in a Quad-Nibble, Dual-Byte or single 16-bit word mode. All inputs are designed with hysteresis for improved noise margin. The FCT16240T is ideally suited for driving high capacitance loads and lowimpedance backplanes. The output buffers are designed with power off disable capability to allow "live insertion" of boards when used as backplane drivers.

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Symbol Description Terminal Voltage with Respect to GND Storage Temperature DC Output Current Max to +120 Unit C mA

NOTES: 1. Stresses greater than those listed under ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS may cause permanent damage to the device. This is a stress rating only and functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions above those indicated in the operational sections of this specification is not implied. Exposure to absolute maximum rating conditions for extended periods may affect reliability. 2. All device terminals except FCT162XXX Output and I/O terminals 3. Output and I/O terminals for FCT162XXX.

Symbol CIN COUT Parameter(1) Input Capacitance Output Capacitance Conditions VIN = 0V VOUT = 0V Typ. 3.5 Max. 6 8 Unit pF

NOTE: 1. This parameter is measured at characterization but not tested.

Pin Names x OE xAx xYx Data Inputs 3-State Outputs Description 3-State Output Enable Inputs (Active LOW)

NOTE: H = HIGH Voltage Level L = LOW Voltage Level X = Don't Care Z = High-Impedance
Following Conditions Apply Unless Otherwise Specified: Industrial: to +85C, VCC 5.0V 10%

Symbol VIH VIL IIH Parameter Input HIGH Level Input LOW Level Input HIGH Current (Input pins)(5) Input HIGH Current (I/O pins)(5) IIL Input LOW Current (Input pins)(5) Input LOW Current (I/O pins)(5) IOZH IOZL VIK IOS VH ICCL ICCH ICCZ High Impedance Output Current (3-State Output pins)(5) Clamp Diode Voltage Short Circuit Current Input Hysteresis Quiescent Power Supply Current VCC = Max. VIN = GND or VCC = Min., IIN = 18mA VCC = Max., = GND(3) VCC = Max. VI = GND Test Conditions(1) Guaranteed Logic HIGH Level Guaranteed Logic LOW Level VCC = Max. VI = VCC Typ.(2)

Symbol IO VOH Parameter Output DriveCurrent Output HIGH Voltage Test Conditions(1) VCC = Max., = 2.5V(3) VCC = Min. VIN = VIH or VIL IOH = 3mA IOH = 15mA IOH = 32mA(4) VOL IOFF Output LOW Voltage Input/Output Power Off Leakage(5) VCC = Min. VIN = VIH or VIL VCC = 0V, VIN 1 A

NOTES: 1. For conditions shown as Min. or Max., use appropriate value specified under Electrical Characteristics for the applicable device type. 2. Typical values are at VCC 5.0V, +25C ambient. 3. Not more than one output should be shorted at one time. Duration of the test should not exceed one second. 4. Duration of the condition can not exceed one second 5. The test limit for this parameter = 55C.


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