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DescriptionSerial Communications Controller Controller AREA Network Protocol
CompanyIntel Corporation
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Supports CAN Specification 2 0 Standard Data and Remote Frames Extended Data and Remote Frames Programmable Global Mask Standard Message ldentifier Extended Message ldentifier 15 Message Objects of 8-Byte Data Length Tx Rx Buffers 1 Rx Buffer with Programmable Mask Flexible CPU Interface 8-Bit Multiplexed 16-Bit Multiplexed 8-Bit Non-Multiplexed (Synchronous Asynchronous) Serial Interface

Programmable Bit Rate Programmable Clock Output Flexible Interrupt Structure Flexible Status Interface Configurable Output Driver Configurable Input Comparator Two 8-Bit Bidirectional I O Ports 44-Lead PLCC Package 44-Lead QFP Package Pinout Compatibility with the 82526

The 82527 serial communications controller is a highly integrated device that performs serial communication according to the CAN protocol It performs all serial communication functions such as transmission and reception of messages message filtering transmit search and interrupt search with minimal interaction from the host microcontroller or CPU The 82527 is Intel's first device to support the standard and extended message frames in CAN Specification 2 0 Part B It has the capability to transmit receive and perform message filtering on extended message frames Due to the backwardly compatible nature of CAN Specification 2 0 the 82527 also fully supports the standard message frames in CAN Specification 2 0 Part A The 82527 features a powerful CPU interface that offers flexibility to directly interface to many different CPUs It can be configured to interface with CPUs using an 8-bit multiplexed 16-bit multiplexed or 8-bit non-multiplexed address data bus for Intel and non-Intel architectures A flexible serial interface (SPI) is also available when a parallel CPU interface is not required The 82527 provides storage for 15 message objects of 8-byte data length Each message object can be configured as either transmit or receive except for the last message object The last message object is a receive-only buffer with a special mask design to allow select groups of different message identifiers to be received The 82527 also implements a global masking feature for message filtering This feature allows the user to globally mask any identifier bits of the incoming message The programmable global mask can be used for both standard and extended messages The 82527 PLCC offers hardware or pinout compatibility with the It is pin-to-pin compatible with the 82526 except for pins 9 30 and 44 These pins are used as chip selects on the 82526 and are used as CPU interface mode selection pins on the 82527 The 82527 is fabricated using Intel's reliable CHMOS III 5V technology and is available in either 44-lead PLCC or 44-lead QFP for the automotive temperature range 125 C)

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