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CategoryPower Management => DC-DC Converters => Hybrid DC-DC Converters
TitleHybrid DC-DC Converters
DescriptionHi-rel DC-DC Standard Dual Converter in a Ahf Package
CompanyInternational Rectifier Corp.
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The AHF Series of DC/DC converters feature single or dual outputs over the full military temperature range. No derating in output power is required, making them suitable for use in rugged military applications. The low profile, small outline package is ideally suited to the tight board space requirements of many industrial and aerospace applications. Designed for nominal 28Vdc inputs, this family of converters will meet the requirements of MIL-STD-704D. The basic circuit utilizes a pulse width modulated, feed-forward topology at a nominal switching frequency of 550KHz. Input to output isolation is achieved through the use of transformers in the forward and feedback circuits. The proprietary magnetic feedback circuit provides for an extremely wide bandwidth control loop with a high phase margin. The closed loop frequency response of this converter family extends to approximately 50KHz, resulting in superior line and load transient characteristics. This feedback method is also inherently temperature and radiation insensitive. This gives the AHF Series an important advantage over converters that incorporate opto-couplers in their design. These converters are manufactured in a facility certified to MIL-PRF-38534. All processes used to manufacture these converters have been qualified to enable Advanced Analog to deliver compliant devices. Four screening grades are available to satisfy a wide range of requirements. The CH grade converters are fully compliant to MIL-PRF-38534 class H. The HB grade converters are processed to full MIL-PRF-38534 screening but do not have class H element evaluation as required by MIL-PRF-38534. Two grades are fully tested and operate the full military temperature range without derating of output power. Industrial and commercial grades are also available. Variations are electrical, mechanical and screening can be accommodated.

to 40 VDC Input Range (28 VDC Nominal) n Single and Dual Outputs n 12 Watts Output Power 22.8 W/in3 Power Density n Low Input / Output Noise (50mA/60mVp-p max. respectively) n Indefinite Short Circuit and Overload Protection n Wideband Control Loop for Superior Transient Characterstics n No Derating for to +125C Opertation n Constant Switching Frequency (550KHz Nominal)

Extensive computer simulation using complex modeling enables rapid design modification to be provided. Contact Advanced Analog with specific requirements.


n ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Input Voltage Soldering Temperature Case Temperature 50V 300C for 10 seconds Operating to +125C Storage to +135C

Conditions Tc +125C Vin = 28 Vdc = 0 Unless otherwise specified IOUT = 0 VIN 16, 28, and V dc VIN 16, 28, and 40 V dc, B.W. to 2MHz VIN 16, 28, and 40 V dc, Iout 0, 500, and 1000 mA VIN 16, 28, and 40 V dc, IOUT 0, 500, and 1000 mA IOUT = 0, inhibit (pin 1) tied to input return (pin 7) IOUT = 0, inhibit (pin 1) = open IOUT = 1000mA B.W. to 2MHz IOUT = 1000mA Input to output or any pin To case (except pin +25C No effect on dc performance, = +25C Limits Group A Subgroups Device Types Unit Min Max

Power dissipation load fault Switching frequency

Test Symbol Conditions Tc +125C Vin = 28 Vdc = 0 unless otherwise specified 1200 mA to/from 2400mA Limits Group A Subgroups Device Types

1200 mA to/from 0 mA Input step 16 V to/from 40 V dc, IOUT 4, 8 Input step 16 V to/from 40Vdc IOUT 7, 8 IOUT = 0 and 2400mA IOUT = 0 and 2400mA

Output response to transient step line changes Recovery time transient step line changes Turn on overshoot Turn on delay

1. Parameter guaranteed by line and load regulation tests. 2. Bandwidth guaranteed by design. Tested for 20 kHz to 2 MHz. 3. Capacitive load may be any value from 0 to the maximum limit without compromising dc performance. A capacitive in excess of the maximum limit will not disturb loop stability but may interfere with the operation of the load fault detection circuitry, appearing as a short circuit during turn-on. 4. Parameter shall be tested as part of design characterization and after design or process changes. Thereafter, parameters shall be guaranteed to the limits specified in Table 5. An overload is that condition with a load in excess of the rated load but less than that necessary to trigger the short circuit protection and is the condition of maximum power dissipation. 6. Load step transition time between 2 and 10 microseconds. 7. Recovery time is measured from the initiation of the transient to where VOUT has returned to within 1 percent of VOUT at 50 percent load. 8. Input step transition time between 2 and 10 microseconds. 9. Turn-on delay time measurement is for either a step application of power at the input or the removal of ground signal from the inhibit pin (pin 1) while power is applied to the input is unlimited.


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