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CategoryPower Management => DC-DC Converters => Hybrid DC-DC Converters
TitleHybrid DC-DC Converters
DescriptionHi-rel DC-DC Standard Triple Converter in a Ahf Package
CompanyInternational Rectifier Corp.
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The AHF2815T Series of DC/DC converters provide 8 watts of power and an extended temperature range for use in military and industrial applications. Designed to the nominal input requirements of MIL-STD-704, these devices have nominal 28VDC inputs with +5V and 15V triple outputs to satisfy a wide range of requirements. The basic circuit utilizes a pulse width modulated, feed forward topology at a nominal switching frequency of 550KHz. Input to output isolation is achieved through the use of transformers in the forward and feedback circuits. The proprietary magnetic feedback circuit provides for an extremely wide bandwidth control loop with a high phase margin. The closed loop frequency response of this converter family extends to approximately 50KHz, resulting in superior line and load transient characteristics. This feedback method is also inherently temperature and radiation insensitive. This gives the AHF Series an important advantage over converters that incorporate opto-couplers in their design. Manufactured in a facility qualified to MIL-PRF-38534, these converters are available in four screening grades to satisfy a wide range of requirements. The CH grade is fully compliant to the requirements of MIL-PRF-38534 for class H. The HB grade is processed and screened to the class H requirement, but may not necessarily meet all of the other MIL-PRF-38534 requirements, e.g., element evaluation and Periodic Inspection (P.I.) not required. Both grades are tested to meet the complete group "A" test specification over the full military temperature range without output power deration. Two grades with more limited screening are also available for use in less demanding applications. Variations in electrical, mechanical and screening can be accommodated. Contact Advanced Analog for special requirements.

to 40 VDC Input Range (28 VDC Nominal) 5V, 15 Volt Output n Infinite Short Circuit and Overload Protection n 8 Watts Output Power n Fast Loop Response for Superior Transient Characteristics n Operating Temperature Range from to +125C Available n Popular Industry Standard Pin-Out n Resistance Seam Welded Case for Superior Long Term Hermeticity n Efficiency 75% n Shutdown from External Signal n 400,000 Hour MTBF 85% n Constant Switching Frequency (550KHz Nominal)

n TYPICAL CHARACTERISTICS Temperature Range7 Isolation Weight Conversion frequency Test Symbol Operating to +125C case Storage +135C 100 megaohms at 500 volts DC 35 grams 550 kHz Conditions Tc +125C Vin = 28 Vdc = 0 unless otherwise specified7 Unit AHF2815T Limits Min STATIC CHARACTERISTICS Output = 25C Over Temp = 25C Over Temp Max

VIN 16, 28, and 40 Vdc (main) VIN 16, 28, and 40 Vdc (dual) VIN 16, 28, and 40 Vdc to 2 MHz (main) VIN 16, 28, and 40 VDC to 2 MHz (dual) VIN 16, 28, and 40 Vdc (main) (+dual) (-dual) (total) VIN 16, 28, and 40 VDC IOUT 600,1200 mA (main) IOUT mA (dual) VIN 16, 28, and 40 VDC IOUT 600, 1200mA (main) IOUT mA (dual) IOUT = 0, inhibit (pin 1) tied to input return (pin 7) IOUT = 0, inhibit (pin 1) = open IOUT = 1200mA (main) IOUT 66.7 mA (dual) to 2MHz POUT = Full load Input to output or any pin to case (except pin = +25C Overload, = 25C5 Short Circuit, = 25C

Load fault power dissipation3 Switching frequency Inhibit Open Circuit Voltage

Tested at each output. Parameter guaranteed by line and load regulation tests. At least 20 percent of the total output power should be taken from the (+5 volt) main output. Bandwidth guaranteed by design. Tested for 20 KHz to 2 MHz. An overload is that condition with a load in excess of the rated load but less than that necessary to trigger the short circuit protection and is the condition of maximum power dissipation. Above 125C case temperature, derate output power linearly 135 C case. TCASE to 85C for non screened grade.

+ V out EMI F ilter F ilter & R egulator 6 C ase P rim ary H ouse keep ing S upply -V out

Connecting the inhibit input (Pin 1) to input common (Pin 7) will cause the converter to shut down. It is recommended that the inhibit pin be driven by an open collector device capable of sinking at least A of current. The open circuit voltage of the inhibit input 11.5 1 VDC. The total surface area of the AHF package is 4.9 square inches. If a worse case full load efficiency 75% is assumed, then the case temperature rise can be calculated as follows:

Assuming that there is no forced air flow, the package temperature rise above ambient (T) may be calculated using the following expression:

where A = the effective surface area in square inhes(including heat sink if used), P = power dissipation in watts.

Hence, if TAMBIENT = +25C, the DC/DC converter case temperature will be approximately if no heat sink or air flow is provided.


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