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Details, datasheet, quote on part number: ST083S04PFK0
Part numberST083S04PFK0
DescriptionInverter Grade Thyristors
CompanyInternational Rectifier Corp.
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Specifications, Features, Applications


All diffused design Center amplifying gate Guaranteed high dv/dt Guaranteed high di/dt High surge current capability Low thermal impedance High speed performance

Typical Applications
Inverters Choppers Induction heating All types of force-commutated converters

1000Hz 2500Hz Recovery voltage Vr Voltage before turn-on Vd Rise of on-state current di/dt Case temperature Equivalent values for RC circuit V DRM 50 60

I T(AV) Max. average on-state current @ Case temperature I T(RMS) Max. RMS on-state current I TSM Max. peak, one half cycle, non-repetitive surge current

No voltage reapplied 100% VRRM reapplied No voltage reapplied 100% VRRM reapplied Sinusoidal half wave, Initial = TJ max

V T(TO)1 Max. peak on-state voltage Low level value of threshold voltage

(16.7% x IT(AV) T(AV)), = TJ max. > x IT(AV) = TJ max. (16.7% x IT(AV) T(AV)), = TJ max. > x IT(AV)), = TJ max.

V T(TO)2 High level value of threshold voltage IH IL Low level value of forward slope resistance High level value of forward slope resistance Maximum holding current Typical latching current

di/dt Max. non-repetitive rate of rise of turned-on current td tq Typical delay time

= TJ max, VDRM = rated VDRM ITM 2 x di/dt TJ= 25C, VDM = rated VDRM, ITM = 50A DC, tp= 1s Resistive load, Gate pulse: 10V, 5 source = TJ max, ITM = 100A, commutating di/dt = 200s, dv/dt: see table in device code

dv/dt IRRM IDRM Maximum critical rate of rise of off-state voltage Max. peak reverse and off-state leakage current

= TJ max., linear to 80% VDRM, higher value available on request = TJ max, rated V DRM /V RRM applied

PG(AV) Maximum average gate power IGM +VGM -VGM IGT VGT IGD VGD Max. peak positive gate current Maximum peak positive gate voltage Maximum peak negative gate voltage Max. DC gate current required to trigger Max. DC gate voltage required to trigger Max. DC gate current not to trigger Max. DC gate voltage not to trigger

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