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DescriptionRadiation Hardened, High Speed, Low Power Output Limiting, Closed-loop-buffer Amplifier
CompanyIntersil Corporation
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Radiation Hardened, High Speed, Low Power Output Limiting, Closed-Loop-Buffer Amplifier

The is a radiation hardened, high speed closed loop buffer featuring both user programmable gain and output limiting. They are QML approved and processed in full compliance with MIL-PRF-38535. Manufactured in proprietary, complementary bipolar UHF-1 (DI bonded wafer) process, the HS-1115RH also offers a wide -3dB bandwidth of 225MHz, very fast slew rate, excellent gain flatness and high output current. This buffer is the ideal choice for high frequency applications requiring output limiting, especially those needing ultra fast overload recovery times. The limiting function allows the designer to set the maximum positive and negative output levels, thereby protecting later stages from damage or input saturation. The HS-1115RH also allows for voltage gains +2, +1, and -1, without the use of external resistors. Gain selection is accomplished via connections to the inputs, as described in the "Application Information" text. The result is a more flexible product, fewer part types in inventory, and more efficient use of board space. Compatibility with existing op amp pinouts provides flexibility to upgrade low gain amplifiers, while decreasing component count. Unlike most buffers, the standard pinout provides an upgrade path should a higher closed loop gain be needed at a future date. Detailed electrical specifications are contained in SMD 5962F9678501VPA, available on the Intersil Website or AnswerFAX systems (document #967850) A Cross Reference Table is available on the Intersil Website for conversion of Intersil Part Numbers to SMDs. The address is ( SMD numbers must be used to order Radiation Hardened Products.


Electrically Screened to SMD 5962F9678501VPA MIL-PRF-38535 Class V Compliant User Programmable Output Voltage Limiting User Programmable For Closed-Loop Gains or +2 Without Use of External Resistors Standard Operational Amplifier Pinout Fast Overdrive Recovery. <1ns (Typ) Low Supply Current. 6.9mA (Typ) Excellent Gain Accuracy. 0.99V/V (Typ) Wide -3dB Bandwidth. 225MHz (Typ) Fast Slew Rate. 1135V/µs (Typ) High Input Impedance. 1M (Typ) Excellent Gain Flatness (to 50MHz). ±0.1dB (Typ) Total Gamma Dose. 300K RAD (Si) Neutron Damage. TBD (When Tests Complete) Latch Up. None (DI Technology)


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CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to electrostatic discharge; follow proper IC Handling Procedures. 321-724-7143 | Copyright © Intersil Corporation 1999

Closed Loop Gain Selection The HS-1115RH features a novel design which allows the user to select from three closed loop gains, without any external components. The result is a more flexible product, fewer part types in inventory, and more efficient use of board space. This "buffer" operates in closed loop gains or +2, and gain selection is accomplished via connections to the ±inputs. Applying the input signal to +IN and floating -IN selects a gain of +1 (see next section for layout caveats), while grounding -IN selects a gain +2. A gain -1 is obtained by applying the input signal to -IN with +IN grounded. The table below summarizes these connections:

GAIN (ACL) +1 +2 CONNECTIONS +INPUT (PIN 3) GND Input -INPUT (PIN 2) Input NC (Floating) GND

Another straightforward approach is to add a 620 resistor in series with the positive input. This resistor and the HS-1115RH input capacitance form a low pass filter which rolls off the signal bandwidth before gain peaking occurs. This configuration was employed to obtain the datasheet AC and transient parameters for a gain of +1.

The frequency response of this amplifier depends greatly on the amount of care taken in designing the PC board. The use of low inductance components such as chip resistors and chip capacitors is strongly recommended, while a solid ground plane is a must! Attention should be given to decoupling the power supplies. A large value (10µF) tantalum in parallel with a small value (0.1µF) chip capacitor works well in most cases. Terminated microstrip signal lines are recommended at the input and output of the device. Capacitance directly on the output must be minimized, or isolated as discussed in the next section. For unity gain applications, care must also be taken to minimize the capacitance to ground seen by the amplifier's inverting input. At higher frequencies this capacitance will tend to short the -INPUT to GND, resulting in a closed loop gain which increases with frequency. This will cause excessive high frequency peaking and potentially other problems as well. An example of a good high frequency layout is the Evaluation Board shown in Figure 1.

Unity Gain Considerations Unity gain selection is accomplished by floating the -Input of the HS-1115RH. Anything that tends to short the -Input to GND, such as stray capacitance at high frequencies, will cause the amplifier gain to increase toward a gain of +2. The result is excessive high frequency peaking, and possible instability. Even the minimal amount of capacitance associated with attaching the -Input lead to the PCB results in approximately 3dB of gain peaking. At a minimum this requires due care to ensure the minimum capacitance at the -Input connection. Table 1 lists five alternate methods for configuring the as a unity gain buffer, and the corresponding performance. The implementations vary in complexity and involve performance trade-offs. The easiest approach to implement is simply shorting the two input pins together, and applying the input signal to this common node. The amplifier bandwidth drops from to 200MHz, but excellent gain flatness is the benefit. Another drawback to this approach is that the amplifier input noise voltage and input offset voltage terms see a gain of +2, resulting in higher noise and output offset voltages. Alternately, a 100pF capacitor between the inputs shorts them only at high frequencies, which prevents the increased output offset voltage but delivers less gain flatness.

Capacitive loads, such as an A/D input, or an improperly terminated transmission line will degrade the amplifier's phase margin resulting in frequency response peaking and possible oscillations. In most cases, the oscillation can be avoided by placing a resistor (RS) in series with the output prior to the capacitance. RS and CL form a low pass network at the output, thus limiting system bandwidth well below the amplifier bandwidth 225MHz. By decreasing RS as CLincreases the maximum bandwidth is obtained without sacrificing stability.

TABLE 1. UNITY GAIN PERFORMANCE FOR VARIOUS IMPLEMENTATIONS APPROACH Remove Pin 2 +RS = 620 +RS = 620 and Remove Pin 2 Short Pins 3 100pF cap. between pins 2, 3 PEAKING (dB) BW (MHz) +SR/-SR (V/µs) ±0.1dB GAIN FLATNESS (MHz)

The performance of the HS-1115RH may be evaluated using the HFA11XX Evaluation Board, slightly modified as follows: 1. Remove the 500 feedback resistor (R2), and leave the connection open. 2. a. For = +1 evaluation, remove the 500 gain setting resistor (R1), and leave pin 2 floating. b. For = +2, replace the 500 gain setting resistor with a 0 resistor to GND. The layout and modified schematic of the board are shown in Figure 1. To order evaluation boards, please contact your local sales office.

NOTES: 100, ±5% (Per Socket) = 0.01µF (Per Socket) or 0.1µF (Per Row) Minimum 1N4002 or Equivalent (Per Board) 1N4002 or Equivalent (Per Socket) -5.5V ±0.5V


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