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CategoryAnalog & Mixed-Signal Processing => Analog Multipliers
DescriptionWideband Four Quadrant Analog Multiplier ( Voltage Output )
CompanyIntersil Corporation
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Features, Applications

Wideband Four Quadrant Analog Multiplier (Voltage Output)

The is a monolithic, high speed, four quadrant, analog multiplier constructed in Intersil' Dielectrically Isolated High Frequency Process. The voltage output simplifies many designs by eliminating the current-to-voltage conversion stage required for current output multipliers. The HA-2556/883 provides a 450V/µs output slew rate and maintains 52MHz and 57MHz bandwidths for the X and Y channels respectively, making it an ideal part for use in video systems. The suitability for precision video applications is demonstrated further by the Y Channel 0.1dB gain flatness 5.0MHz, 1.5% multiplication error, -50dB feedthrough and differential inputs with 8µA bias current. The HA-2556 also has low differential gain (0.1%) and phase (0.1o) errors. The HA-2556/883 is well suited for AGC circuits as well as mixer applications for sonar, radar, and medical imaging equipment. The HA-2556/883 is not limited to multiplication applications only; frequency doubling, power detection, as well as many other configurations are possible.


This Circuit is Processed in Accordance to MIL-STD883 and is Fully Conformant Under the Provisions of Paragraph 1.2.1. High Speed Voltage Output. 450V/µs (Typ) Low Multiplication error. 1.5% (Typ) Input Bias Currents. 8µA (Typ) Signal Input Feedthrough. -50dB (Typ) Wide Y Channel Bandwidth. 57MHz (Typ) Wide X Channel Bandwidth. 52MHz (Typ) 0.1dB Gain Flatness (VY). 5.0MHz (Typ)


Military Avionics Missile Guidance Systems Medical Imaging Displays Video Mixers Sonar AGC Processors Radar Signal Conditioning Voltage Controlled Amplifier Vector Generator


CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to electrostatic discharge; follow proper IC Handling Procedures. 407-727-9207 | Copyright © Intersil Corporation 1999

Voltage Between V+ and V-. 35V Differential Input Voltage. 6V Output Current.±40mA ESD Rating. < 2000V Lead Temperature (Soldering 10s). +300oC Storage Temperature Range. TA +150oC Max Junction Temperature. +175oC

Thermal Resistance JA JC CerDIP Package. 82oC/W 27oC/W Maximum Package Power Dissipation at +75oC CerDIP Package. 1.22W Package Power Dissipation Derating Factor above +75oC CerDIP Package. 12mW/oC

CAUTION: Stresses above those listed in "Absolute Maximum Ratings" may cause permanent damage to the device. This is a stress only rating and operation of the device at these or any other conditions above those indicated in the operational sections of this specification is not implied.

Operating Supply Voltage (±VS). ±15V Operating Temperature Range. TA +125oC

TABLE 1. DC ELECTRICAL PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS Device Tested at: VSUPPLY = 20pF, Unless Otherwise Specified. GROUP A SUBGROUPS 2, 3 Linearity Error LE4V LE5V Input Offset Voltage (VX) VXIO VY, = ±4V VY, = ±5V Input Bias Current (VX) IB (VX) 2, 3 Input Offset Current (VX) IIO (VX) 2, 3 Common Mode (VX) Rejection Ratio Power Supply (VX) Rejection Ratio CMRR (VX) = 5V VCC = 5V VEE = ±5V Input Bias Current (VY) IB (VY) 2, 3 Input Offset Current (VY) IIO (VY) 2, 3 Common Mode (VY) Rejection Ratio Power Supply (VY) Rejection Ratio CMRR (VY) VYCM = 5V VCC = 5V VEE = 5V LIMITS TEMPERATURE +125oC, -55oC MIN MAX UNITS %FS µA dB

TABLE 1. DC ELECTRICAL PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS (Continued) Device Tested at: VSUPPLY = 20pF, Unless Otherwise Specified. GROUP A SUBGROUPS 2, 3 Input Bias Current (VZ) IB (VZ) 2, 3 Input Offset Current (VZ) IIO (VZ) 2, 3 Common Mode (VZ) Rejection Ratio Power Supply (VZ) Rejection Ratio CMRR (VZ) = 0V VCC = 0V VEE = 0V VOUT 5V, RL -IOUT VOUT 5V, RL Output Voltage Swing +VOUT RL -VOUT RL Supply Current ±ICC VX, 2, 3 LIMITS TEMPERATURE +125oC, -55oC MIN MAX UNITS dB mA


VY, VZ CHARACTERISTICS (NOTE 2) Bandwidth Gain Flatness AC Feedthrough BW(VY) GF(VY) VISO VX = Nulled = 200mV Step, to 90% pts 4.0 -45 MHz dB


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