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DescriptionDual Power Mosfet Driver
CompanyIntersil Corporation
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Features, Applications

The is a dual monolithic high-speed driver designed to convert TTL level signals into high current outputs at voltages to 15V. Its high speed and current output enable it to drive large capacitive loads with high slew rates and low propagation delays. With an output voltage swing only millivolts less than the supply voltage and a maximum supply voltage of 15V, the ICL7667 is well suited for driving power MOSFETs in high frequency switched-mode power converters. The ICL7667's high current outputs minimize power losses in the power MOSFETs by rapidly charging and discharging the gate capacitance. The ICL7667's inputs are TTL compatible and can be directly driven by common pulse-width modulation control ICs.


Fast Rise and Fall Times - 30ns with 1000pF Load Wide Supply Voltage Range - VCC to 15V Low Power Consumption - 4mW with Inputs Low - 20mW with Inputs High TTL/CMOS Input Compatible Power Driver - ROUT = 7 Typ Direct Interface with Common PWM Control ICs Pin Equivalent DS0026/DS0056; TSC426 Pb-Free Plus Anneal Available (RoHS Compliant)


Switching Power Supplies DC/DC Converters Motor Controllers

8 Ld SOIC (N) 8 Ld SOIC (N) M8.15 Tape and Reel 8 Ld SOIC (N) M8.15 (Pb-free) 8 Ld SOIC (N) M8.15 Tape and Reel (Pb-free) 8 Ld PDIP 8 Ld PDIP* (Pb-free) E8.3

*Pb-free PDIPs can be used for through hole wave solder processing only. They are not intended for use in Reflow solder processing applications. NOTE: Intersil Pb-free plus anneal products employ special Pb-free material sets; molding compounds/die attach materials and 100% matte tin plate termination finish, which are RoHS compliant and compatible with both SnPb and Pb-free soldering operations. Intersil Pb-free products are MSL classified at Pb-free peak reflow temperatures that meet or exceed the Pb-free requirements of IPC/JEDEC J STD-020.

CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to electrostatic discharge; follow proper IC Handling Procedures. 1-888-468-3774 | Intersil (and design) is a registered trademark of Intersil Americas Inc. Copyright Intersil Americas Inc. 1999, 2006. All Rights Reserved All other trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners.

Supply Voltage to V-.18V Input Voltage. V+ +0.3V Package Dissipation, TA 25oC.500mW

Thermal Resistance (Typical, Note 2) JA (oC/W) JC(oC/W) PDIP Package*. 150 N/A SOIC Package. 170 N/A Maximum Storage Temperature Range. to 150oC Maximum Lead Temperature (Soldering 10s). 300oC (SOIC - Lead Tips Only) *Pb-free PDIPs can be used for through hole wave solder processing only. They are not intended for use in Reflow solder processing applications.

CAUTION: Stresses above those listed in "Absolute Maximum Ratings" may cause permanent damage to the device. This is a stress only rating and operation of the device at these or any other conditions above those indicated in the operational sections of this specification is not implied.

NOTE: JA is measured with the component mounted on an evaluation PC board in free air.

= 25oC PARAMETER DC SPECIFICATIONS Logic 1 Input Voltage Logic 1 Input Voltage Logic 0 Input Voltage Logic 0 Input Voltage Input Current Output Voltage High Output Voltage Low Output Resistance Output Resistance Power Supply Current Power Supply Current VIH VIL IIL VOH VOL ROUT ICC VCC = 4.5V VCC = 15V VCC = 4.5V VCC = 15V VCC = 15V, VIN = 0V and 15V VCC = 4.5V and 15V VCC = 4.5V and 15V VIN = VIL, IOUT = -10mA, VCC = 15V VIN = VIH, IOUT = 10mA, VCC = 15V VCC = 15V, VIN = 3V both inputs VCC = 15V, VIN = 0V both inputs 2.0 -0.1 VCC -0.05 VCC -0.1 VCC mA A SYMBOL TEST CONDITIONS MIN TYP MAX TA 125oC MIN TYP MAX UNITS

SWITCHING SPECIFICATIONS Delay Time Rise Time Fall Time Delay Time TF TD1 Figure 3 Figure 3 Figure 3 Figure ns

NOTE: All typical values have been characterized but are not tested.


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