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CategoryOptoelectronics => Display
DescriptionMaterial: GAASp/gap , Wavelength: 625nm
CompanyKingbright USA Corporation
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Cross ref.Similar parts: MAN4940A
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The High Efficiency Red source color devices are made with Gallium Arsenide Phosphide on Gallium Phosphide Orange Light Emitting Diode.

Notes: 1. All dimensions are in millimeters (inches), Tolerance is ±0.25(0.01")unless otherwise noted. 2. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

N o. Dic D es Min. SC04-11EWA HIGH EFFICIENCY RED (GaAsP/GaP) WHITE DIFFUSED p. 8000 Common Cathode, Rt. Hand Decimal

Sy peak et er Peak Wavelength Dominate Wavelength c e High Efficiency Red High Efficiency Red Ty p. Max. Un its V uA Tes = 5V

Spectral Line Half-width High Efficiency Red Capacitance Forward Voltage Reverse Current High Efficiency Red High Efficiency Red High Efficiency Red

et er Power dissipation DC Forward Current Peak Forward Current [1] Reverse Voltage Operating/Storage Temperature Lead Solder Temperature [2]

Notes: 1. 1/10 Duty Cycle, 0.1ms Pulse Width. 2. 2mm below package base.


Some Part number from the same manufacture Kingbright USA Corporation
SC04-11GWA Material: Gap , Wavelength: 568nm
SC04-11SRWA Material: Gaaias , Wavelength: 640nm
SC04-11YWA Material: GAASp/gap , Wavelength: 588nm
SC04-12EWA Material: GAASp/gap , Wavelength: 625nm
SC04-12GWA Material: Gap , Wavelength: 568nm
SC04-12SRWA Material: Gaaias , Wavelength: 640nm
SC04-12YWA Material: GAASp/gap , Wavelength: 588nm
SC05-11EWA Material: GAASp/gap , Wavelength: 625nm
SC05-11GWA Material: Gap , Wavelength: 568nm
SC05-11SRWA Material: Gaaias , Wavelength: 640nm
SC05-11YWA Material: GAASp/gap , Wavelength: 588nm
SC08-11EWA Material: GAASp/gap , Wavelength: 625nm
SC08-11GWA Material: Gap , Wavelength: 568nm
SC08-11SRWA Material: Gaaias , Wavelength: 640nm
SC08-11YWA Material: GAASp/gap , Wavelength: 588nm
SC08-12EWA Material: GAASp/gap , Wavelength: 625nm
SC08-12GWA Material: Gap , Wavelength: 568nm
SC08-12SRWA Material: Gaaias , Wavelength: 640nm
SC08-12YWA Material: GAASp/gap , Wavelength: 588nm
SC08-13EWA Material: GAASp/gap , Wavelength: 625nm
SC08-13GWA Material: Gap , Wavelength: 568nm

L513GDT : 2.5 X 5 MM Rectangular Solid Lamp. Green. Lens Type Green Diffused.

W934SGD14V : Material: Gap , Wavelength: 568nm


WP1503YC : T-1 3/4 (5mm) Solid State LAMP Yellow

WP799SRSGW/CC : 8mm Bi-color Indicator LAMP

APBVDA3020SURKCGKC : Standard LED - SMD Red/Grn 630/570nm Water Clr 900/300mcd Specifications: Manufacturer: Kingbright ; Product Category: Standard LED - SMD ; RoHS:  Details ; LED Size: 3 mm x 2 mm ; Illumination Color: Red, Green ; Wavelength: 630 nm, 570 nm ; Luminous Intensity: 900 mcd, 320 mcd ; Viewing Angle: 15 deg ; Packaging: Reel ; Lens Dimensions: 1.9 mm ; Len

APG1608PBC/A : LEDs -; LED 1.6X0.8MM 470NM BLUE CLR SMD Specifications: Color: Blue ; Lens Style/Size: Rectangle with Flat Top, 1.2mm x 0.8mm ; Millicandela Rating: 35mcd ; Voltage - Forward (Vf) Typ: 3.2V ; Wavelength - Dominant: 470nm ; Wavelength - Peak: 468nm ; Current - Test: 20mA ; Viewing Angle: 120° ; Lens Type: Clear ; Luminous Flux @ Current -

APHHS1005QWF/D : SINGLE COLOR LED, WHITE, 0.8 mm Specifications: LED Type: White ; Viewing Angle: 120 degrees ; Luminous Intensity: 0.2000 milliCandela ; Forward Current: 30 milliamps ; LED Package : 1 X 0.50 MM, 0.50 MM HEIGHT, ROHS COMPLIANT, SMD, 2 PIN

DA04-11SEKWA : 7 SEG NUMERIC DISPLAY, GREEN, 10 mm Specifications: Display Type: Segmented ; Character Type: Numeric ; Common: Common Anode ; LED Color: Green ; Character Height: 10 mm (0.3937 inch) ; Operating Temperature: -40 to 185 F (233 to 358 K)


KCSC56-123 : 7 SEG NUMERIC DISPLAY, HIGH EFFICIENCY RED, 14.22 mm Specifications: Display Type: Segmented ; Character Type: Numeric ; Common: Common Cathode ; LED Color: High Efficiency Red ; Character Height: 14.22 mm (0.5598 inch) ; Operating Temperature: -40 to 185 F (233 to 358 K)

L132XHD : T-1 SINGLE COLOR LED, BRIGHT RED, 3 mm Specifications: LED Type: Red ; Peak Wavelength: 700 nm (7000 Ã…) ; Viewing Angle: 60 degrees ; Luminous Intensity: 0.0030 milliCandela ; Forward Current: 25 milliamps ; LED Package : T-1

Same catergory

C-51505NFQJ-LR-AG : Monochrome-Character. Size:3.0 Display Format:20*2 Contrast Ratio:80:1 Luminance:24 at Backlight Surface Backlight:red Led Product Category:monochrome-character Type:transmissive LCD Mode:black/white Viewing Direction: 6:00 Interface: N/a View Angle (h V):-40/40 -30/45 Temperature: Normal.

DS8187 : Vacuum Fluorescent Display Driver (obsolete). The is a vacuum fluorescent display tube driver This device is implemented in CMOS technology to provide high voltage output drivers and low power Dimming may be accomplished by either analog or digital input Autoload capability is accomplished by connecting the DATA OUT pin to the LOAD ENABLE input pin with the addition of a start bit to the input.

MAX6956 : MAX6956 2-Wire-Interfaced, 2.5V to 5.5V, 20-Port or 28-Port Led Display Driver And I/o Expander.

PIC-0103 : Photo ic ( Photodiode With Signal Processing ). The is a digital output detector which incorporates a photodiode with signal processing circuit (amplifier, Schumitt Trigger, voltage regulator). ¶UBuilt-in Schumitt Trigger circuit ¶UWide Vcc range ¶UCompatible to TTL and LSTTL APPLICATIONS ¶UFloppy disc drives ¶U Copiers ¶UVCRs, Cassette decks Supply voltage VCC OL I Low level output current Output.

SSL-LX80113SYD : T-8mm Dome.

ST8600 : LCD Driver. PRELIMINARY Notice: This is not a final . Some parameters are subject to change 240 Channel Common Driver for STN LCD with High-Voltage Drive Duty cycle to 1/240 LCD drive voltage: 43V max Built-in switching circuit (generate ­21.5V) 240 LCD drive circuits Operating voltage: 5.5 V Intermediate voltage I/F Built-in alternating signal generating circuit.

DMC-16230NYU-LY-AZE-EA : Display Modules - LCD, OLED Character and Numeric 5.0V; LCD MODULE 16X2 CHARACTER. s: Display Type: STN - Super-Twisted Nematic ; Display Mode: Transmissive ; Display Format: 16 x 2 ; Character Format: 5 x 7 CURS ; Character Size: 9.66mm H x 4.84mm W ; Backlight: LED - Yellow ; Viewing Area: 99.00mm L x 24.00mm W ; Operating Temperature: 0°C ~ 50°C.

561-6002-100 : LED , Round with Domed Top, 5mm 3.5V 20mA White Through Hole; LED 5MM VERT WHITE W/STANDOFF. s: Color: White ; Mounting Type: Through Hole ; Configuration: Single ; Voltage Rating: 3.5V ; Current: 20mA ; Lens Style/Size: Round with Domed Top, 5mm ; Packaging: Bulk ; Lens Type: Clear ; Lead Free Status: Contains Lead.

BL-32B1-0143 : LEDs - >75mA, High Brightness, Power Blue; LED ARRAY BLUE 1.25 X 1.05 SMD. s: Color: Blue ; Package / Case: 1.25" L x 1.05" W x 0.09" H (31.75mm x 26.67mm x 2.29mm) ; Packaging: Tray ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant.

515-1064-801F : Optics - LEDs - Light Pipes Clear; LIGHT PIPE 2.5 MM TRI LEVEL. s: Color: Clear ; Mounting Type: Board Mount, Press Fit, Right Angle ; Lens Style/Size: Round with Flat Top, 2.5mm ; Configuration: 3 High ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant.

TSKS5400S : Infrared Emitters 1.3V; EMITTER IR FLAT SIDEVIEW 950NM. s: Voltage - Forward (Vf) Typ: 1.3V ; Current - DC Forward (If): 100mA ; Wavelength: 950nm ; Viewing Angle: 60° ; Radiant Intensity (Ie) Min @ If: 2.2mW/sr @ 50mA ; Mounting Type: Through Hole ; Package / Case: Radial, Side View ; Orientation: Side View ; Packaging: Bulk ; Lead Free Status: Lead.

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