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CategoryOptoelectronics => Display
DescriptionMaterial: Gap , Wavelength: 568nm
CompanyKingbright USA Corporation
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The Green source color devices are made with Gallium Phosphide Green Light Emitting Diode. APPEARANCE.


Notes: 1. All dimensions are in millimeters (inches), Tolerance is 0.25(0.01")unless otherwise noted. 2. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

N o. Dic 0m A Min. SC10-21GWA GREEN(GaP) WHITE DIFFUSED p. 24000 Common Cathode, Rt. Hand Decimal D es

Sy peak VF IR Par et er Peak Wavelength Dominate Wavelength Green Ty p. Max. V uA Tes = 5V
Spectral Line Half-width Green Capacitance Forward Voltage Reverse Current Green

Par et er Power dissipation DC Forward Current Peak Forward Current [1] Reverse Voltage Operating/Storage Temperature Lead Solder Temperature [2]

Notes: 1. 1/10 Duty Cycle, 0.1ms Pulse Width. 2. 2mm below package base.


Some Part number from the same manufacture Kingbright USA Corporation
SC10-21SRWA Material: Gaaias , Wavelength: 640nm
SC10-21YWA Material: GAASp/gap , Wavelength: 588nm
SC15-11EWA Material: GAASp/gap , Wavelength: 625nm
SC15-11GWA Material: Gap , Wavelength: 568nm
SC15-11SRWA Material: Gaaias , Wavelength: 640nm
SC15-11YWA Material: GAASp/gap , Wavelength: 588nm
SC23-11EWA Material: GAASp/gap , Wavelength: 625nm
SC23-11GWA Material: Gap , Wavelength: 568nm
SC23-11SRWA Material: Gaaias , Wavelength: 640nm
SC23-11YWA Material: GAASp/gap , Wavelength: 588nm
SC23-12EWA Material: GAASp/gap , Wavelength: 625nm
SC23-12GWA Material: Gap , Wavelength: 568nm
SC23-12SRWA Material: Gaaias , Wavelength: 640nm
SC23-12YWA Material: GAASp/gap , Wavelength: 588nm
SC36-11EWA Material: GAASp/gap , Wavelength: 625nm
SC36-11GWA Material: Gap , Wavelength: 568nm
SC36-11SRWA Material: Gaaias , Wavelength: 640nm
SC36-11YWA Material: GAASp/gap , Wavelength: 588nm
SC39-11EWA Material: GAASp/gap , Wavelength: 625nm
SC39-11GWA Material: Gap , Wavelength: 568nm
SC39-11SRWA Material: Gaaias , Wavelength: 640nm
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AA4040MGC : Material: Ingaalp , Wavelength: 568nm. The Mega Green source color devices are made with DH InGaAlP on GaAs substrate Light Emitting Notes: 1. All dimensions are in millimeters (inches). 2. Tolerance is 0.25(0.01") unless otherwise noted. 3. s are subject to change without notice. Note: 1/2 is the angle from optical centerline where the luminous intensity is 1/2 the optical centerline value.

B86000-S00G : Led Indicator Green.

LM2711 : Display Driver Supplies. LM2715 - TFT Panel Module, Package: Tssop, Pin Nb=16.

LPA-C031301D-35 : 3 Unit, 3mm Round, Led Light Pipe Array.

MR30509.MP5 : PCB Mount Led Indicators. For right-angle and vertical viewing, the QT Optoelectronics LED circuit board indicators come T-3/4, T-1 and T-1 3/4 lamp sizes, and in single, dual and multiple packages. The indicators are available in AIGaAs red, high-efficiency red, bright red, green, yellow, and bi-color at standard drive currents, as well 2 mA drive current. To reduce component.

MU336A : 0.36 Single Digit Numberic Displays.

SM8140 : LED Drivers. el Driver ic. The SM8140A is designed for using as EL (Electronic Luminescence) sheet driver require very low external parts counts, this result that very compact and thin EL driver units can be made. Also this device has the to use in wider range of applications demanding low quiescent current, low supply voltages, low operating supply currents, simple brightness.

TBA30-12EGWA : Material: GAASp/gap , Gap , Wavelength: 625nm/568nm. The High Efficiency Red source color devices are made with Gallium Arsenide Phosphide on Gallium Phosphide Orange Light Emitting Diode. The Green source color devices are made with Gallium Phosphide Green Light Emitting Diode. INCH MATRIX HEIGHT. SIZE 7.62mm. CURRENT OPERATION. CONTRAST AND LIGHT OUTPUT. WITH ASCII AND EBCDIC CODES. HORIZONTALLY. CATHODE.

OPB695AZ : Photointerruptors Photologic Opt Flag Switch. s: Manufacturer: Optek ; Product Category: Photointerruptors ; RoHS:  Details ; Sensing Method: Transmissive ; Output Device: Photologic, Pull Up, Buffer ; Power Dissipation: 240 mW ; Maximum Fall Time: 30 ns ; Maximum Operating Temperature: + 100 C ; Maximum Rise Time: 30 ns ; Minimum Operating Temperature:.

OVQ12S30R7 : Flexible Lighting Strips Red, 625nm Flexible Strip. Optek LED module strips are a flexible and scalable lighting solution that provides fast response times and low power consumption that results in low power requirements from circuit power supplies. These Optek LED light strips are available in red, amber, green, and white and are available in three.

LNA4501FV : Fiber Optics - Transmitters - Discrete 2.6V; IR LED 680NM 30 DEG FLAT TOP. s: Connector Type: - ; Current - DC Forward (If): 40mA ; Voltage - Forward (Vf) Typ: 2.6V ; Voltage - DC Reverse (Vr) (Max): 3V ; Wavelength: 680nm ; Spectral Bandwidth: 20nm ; Capacitance: - ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant.

507-3918-0932-600F : LED , Panel Indicators, Pilot Lights; LED PANEL INCAND DATALITE GREEN. s: Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant.

LTL-2R3VAKNT : LEDs -; LED SUPR ORANG 5MM ALINGAP 621NM. s: Color: Red ; Lens Style/Size: Round with Domed Top, 5mm, T-1 3/4 ; Millicandela Rating: 1300mcd ; Voltage - Forward (Vf) Typ: 2V ; Wavelength - Dominant: 615nm ; Wavelength - Peak: 621nm ; Current - Test: 20mA ; Viewing Angle: 30 ; Lens Type: Clear ; Luminous Flux @ Current - Test: - ; Package / Case: Radial.

OP233 : Infrared Emitters 2V; DIODE IR HERMTC GAAIAS DOME TO46. s: Voltage - Forward (Vf) Typ: 2V ; Current - DC Forward (If): 100mA ; Wavelength: 890nm ; Viewing Angle: 36 ; Radiant Intensity (Ie) Min @ If: - ; Mounting Type: Through Hole ; Package / Case: TO-46-2 Lens Top Metal Can ; Orientation: Top View ; Packaging: Bulk ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS.

TLP185(GB,E) : Transistor Output Optocouplers DC Input 80V Trans 3750Vrms Optocoupler. Toshiba TLP18x Photocoupler GaAs Ired & Photo-Transistors are small outline couplers, suitable for surface mount assembly. They each consist of a photo transistor, optically coupled to a gallium arsenide infrared emitting diode. The TLP184 is also connected inverse parallel.

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