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CategoryOptoelectronics => Display
DescriptionMaterial: GAASp/gap , Wavelength: 588nm
CompanyKingbright USA Corporation
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The Yellow source color devices are made with Gallium Arsenide Phosphide on Gallium Phosphide Yellow Light Emitting Diode.


Notes: 1. All dimensions are in millimeters (inches), Tolerance is 0.25(0.01")unless otherwise noted. 2. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Par t No. Dic m A Min. SC23-12YWA YELLOW (GaAsP/GaP) WHITE DIFFUSED D es Common Cathode, Rt. Hand Decimal

Sy peak VF IR Par et er Peak Wavelength Dominate Wavelength Spectral Line Half-width Capacitance Forward Voltage Reverse Current Yellow Ty p. Max. V uA Tes = 5V

Par et er Power dissipation DC Forward Current Peak Forward Current [1] Reverse Voltage Operating/Storage Temperature Lead Solder Temperature [2]

Notes: 1. 1/10 Duty Cycle, 0.1ms Pulse Width. 2. 2mm below package base.


Some Part number from the same manufacture Kingbright USA Corporation
SC36-11EWA Material: GAASp/gap , Wavelength: 625nm
SC36-11GWA Material: Gap , Wavelength: 568nm
SC36-11SRWA Material: Gaaias , Wavelength: 640nm
SC36-11YWA Material: GAASp/gap , Wavelength: 588nm
SC39-11EWA Material: GAASp/gap , Wavelength: 625nm
SC39-11GWA Material: Gap , Wavelength: 568nm
SC39-11SRWA Material: Gaaias , Wavelength: 640nm
SC39-11YWA Material: GAASp/gap , Wavelength: 588nm
SC39-12EWA Material: GAASp/gap , Wavelength: 625nm
SC39-12GWA Material: Gap , Wavelength: 568nm
SC39-12SRWA Material: Gaaias , Wavelength: 640nm
SC39-12YWA Material: GAASp/gap , Wavelength: 588nm
SC40-18EWA Material: GAASp/gap , Wavelength: 625nm
SC40-18GWA Material: Gap , Wavelength: 568nm
SC40-18SRWA Material: Gaaias , Wavelength: 640nm
SC40-18YWA Material: GAASp/gap , Wavelength: 588nm
SC40-19EWA Material: GAASp/gap , Wavelength: 625nm
SC40-19GWA Material: Gap , Wavelength: 568nm
SC40-19SRWA Material: Gaaias , Wavelength: 640nm
SC40-19YWA Material: GAASp/gap , Wavelength: 588nm
SC43-11EWA Material: GAASp/gap , Wavelength: 625nm

APBA03-41PBWA : Material: Ingan , Wavelength: 470nm

APKA4110TGC : Material: Ingan , Wavelength: 505nm

L173ID : 2.5 X 5 MM Rectangular Solid Lamp. High Efficiency Red. Lens Type Red Diffused.

L474GC : T-1 (3 Mm) Cylindrical Led Lamp. Green. Lens Type Water Clear.

L796BGD : The High Efficiency Red Source Color Devices

KTIR0821DS : Photo-interrupter

APA3010YC-GX : LEDs -; LED RA SMD YELLOW 588NM Specifications: Color: Yellow ; Lens Style/Size: Round with Domed Top, 2mm ; Millicandela Rating: 8mcd ; Voltage - Forward (Vf) Typ: 2.1V ; Wavelength - Dominant: 588nm ; Wavelength - Peak: 590nm ; Current - Test: 20mA ; Viewing Angle: 120 ; Lens Type: Clear ; Luminous Flux @ Current - Test: - ; Pa

DC56-11EWA : 7 SEG NUMERIC DISPLAY, GREEN, 14.22 mm Specifications: Display Type: Segmented ; Character Type: Numeric ; Common: Common Cathode ; LED Color: Green ; Character Height: 14.22 mm (0.5598 inch) ; Operating Temperature: -40 to 185 F (233 to 358 K)

L-3DP3BT : PHOTO TRANSISTOR DETECTOR Specifications: Phototransistor Type: Phototransistor ; Mounting Option: ROHS COMPLIANT PACKAGE-2 ; Collector Dark Current: 100 nA ; Collector-Emitter Breakdown Voltage: 30 volts ; Operating Temperature: -40 to 85 C (-40 to 185 F)

SA-56-21HWA : 7 SEG NUMERIC DISPLAY, BRIGHT RED, 14.2 mm Specifications: Display Type: Segmented ; Character Type: Numeric ; LED Color: Red ; Character Height: 14.2 mm (0.5591 inch)

TBC20-22SURKCGKWA : 5X7 DOT MATRIX DISPLAY, HYPER RED/GREEN, 53 mm Specifications: Display Type: Dot Matrix ; Common: Common Anode ; Character Height: 53 mm (2.09 inch) ; Operating Temperature: -40 to 185 F (233 to 358 K)

Same catergory


MTN2125-24A : Segment Displays. 1.0 Inches Single Digit Display. Peak Wavelength 567 Nm. Emitted Color Green. Surface Color Grey. Epoxy Color White..

P687-02 : Photoconductive and Photovoltaic Cells.

PIC-1018SMB-Japanese : Infrared.

PIC-830TM : Infrared.

QRE00034 : Remote Control. Reflective Object Sensor. NOTES: 1. Dimensions for all drawings are in inches. 2. Tolerance .010 on all non-nominal dimensions unless otherwise specified. The QRE00034 reflective object sensor consists of an infrared emitting diode and an NPN phototransistor mounted side by side on a converging optical axis in a black housing. The phototransistor responds to radiation from.

S8046_L8045 : Si-based Photodiodes.

SEL1x22x : Uni-Color LED Lamp. Absolute maximum ratings (Ta=25C) Symbol IF IFP VR Top Tstg Unit mA mA/C V C Rating to +100 Condition Above tw100 s Diffused red Diffused orange Diffused orange Diffused yellow Transparent yellow Diffused green .

SID1K10CXM : Infrared LED Lamp. Absolute maximum ratings (Ta=25C) Symbol IF IFP VR Top Tstg Unit mA mA/ V C Rating to +100 Condition Above f=1kHz, tw10s Electrical Optical characteristics (Ta=25C) Part Number SID1010CXM SID1K10CXM Peak wavelength Spectrum half width Forward voltage Reverse current Optical Power VF Condition IR Condition Ie P Condition Chip Dimension A (V) A) VR (mW/sr).

SP8126 : Amplifiers->APC Amplifier. High Speed Differential Apc Amplifier. Dual Wavelength Slew Rate of 250V/s Fast Settling Time - 7ns Gain Control 2V Output Swing Low Offset Voltage: < 10mV Low Offset Drift: 20V/C 12dB External Gain Adjust Range The is a high-speed, differential output APC amplifier that integrates the photodiode and adjustable gain block on one chip. Independent gain control allows individual adjustment.

SSF-LXH100MID-5V : LED Circuit Board Indicators Single Right Angle Red Red Diffused. s: Manufacturer: Lumex ; Product Category: LED Circuit Board Indicators ; RoHS:  Details ; LED Size: 5 mm ; Illumination Color: Red ; Lens Color/Style: Tinted, Diffused ; Wavelength: 635 nm ; Luminous Intensity: 20 mcd ; Mounting Type: Through Hole ; Viewing Angle: 30 deg ; Packaging:.

TLP372(F) : Transistor Output Optocouplers 300Vceo 5000Vrms No base connection. s: Manufacturer: Toshiba ; Product Category: Transistor Output Optocouplers ; RoHS:  Details ; Configuration: 1 Channel ; Input Type: DC ; Maximum Collector Emitter Voltage: 300 V ; Maximum Collector Emitter Saturation Voltage: 1.2 V ; Isolation Voltage: 5000 Vrms ; Current Transfer.

597-7783-607F : LED , Round with Flat Top 3.3V Blue, 2.0V Red 20mA Blue, Red Surface Mount; LED 1206 REV MT R/B 7" REEL SMD. s: Color: Blue, Red ; Mounting Type: Surface Mount ; Configuration: Single ; Voltage Rating: 3.3V Blue, 2.0V Red ; Current: 20mA ; Lens Style/Size: Round with Flat Top ; Packaging: * ; Lens Type: Clear ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status:.

LY T77K-K2M1-26-Z : LEDs -; LED TOPLED YELLOW 587NM RG SMD. s: Color: Yellow ; Lens Style/Size: Round with Flat Top, 2.4mm ; Millicandela Rating: 15.7mcd ; Voltage - Forward (Vf) Typ: 1.8V ; Wavelength - Dominant: 587nm ; Wavelength - Peak: 591nm ; Current - Test: 2mA ; Viewing Angle: 120 ; Lens Type: Clear ; Luminous Flux @ Current - Test: 50 mlm ; Package / Case: 2-SMD,.

GL4100E0000F : Infrared Emitters 1.2V; EMITTER IR 950NM 2.0MW TH. s: Voltage - Forward (Vf) Typ: 1.2V ; Current - DC Forward (If): 100mA ; Wavelength: 950nm ; Viewing Angle: 180 ; Radiant Intensity (Ie) Min @ If: 1mW/sr @ 20mA ; Mounting Type: Through Hole ; Package / Case: Radial ; Orientation: Side View ; Packaging: Tube ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status:.

SFH 420-Z : Infrared Emitters 1.3V; EMITTER IR 950NM TOPLED SMD. s: Voltage - Forward (Vf) Typ: 1.3V ; Current - DC Forward (If): 100mA ; Wavelength: 950nm ; Viewing Angle: 120 ; Radiant Intensity (Ie) Min @ If: 5mW/sr @ 100mA ; Mounting Type: Surface Mount ; Package / Case: 2-LCC (J-Lead) ; Orientation: Top View ; Packaging: Tape & Reel (TR) ; Lead Free Status:.

TRX10GVP2010C1 : Fiber Optics - Transceivers 3.135 V ~ 3.465 V; TXRX OPT SFP+ SR 10GB/S 850NM. s: Applications: Ethernet ; Voltage - Supply: 3.135 V ~ 3.465 V ; Data Rate: 10.312Gbd ; Connector Type: LC Duplex ; Wavelength: 850nm ; Mounting Type: - ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant.

C-20-1301 : Display Modules - Vacuum Fluorescent (VFD) -; VFD CUSTOM DVD DISP 7MM. s: Character Size: 7.00mm H x 3.70mm W ; Format: - ; Display Format: 10 x 1 ; Operating Temperature: -20C ~ 70C ; Voltage - Supply: - ; Viewing Area: 92.20mm L x 9.00mm W ; Display Type: Character ; Number of Dots: - ; Outline L x W x H: 118.20mm x 20.50mm x 6.10mm ; Interface:.

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