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CategoryTiming Circuits => SAW Filters
DescriptionFrequency: 248.45 MHZ
CompanyKinseki, Limited
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Features, Applications

Item Nominal Frequency Operating Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range Insertion Loss Unit MHz : dB Conditions -10~+60 -35~+85 Minimum Loss Fo±0.6MHz Guaranteed Attenuation Fo±1.2MHz Fo-21.6MHz Group Delay Deviation Typ. LSFB19-243-220K0 Specifications 243.95 5.0 MAX. 25 MIN. 40 MIN. 60 MIN. 1.2 MAX. Typ. LSFB19-248-220K0 Specifications 248.45 5.0 MAX. 25 MIN. 35 MIN. 60 MIN. 1.2 MAX.


Some Part number from the same manufacture Kinseki, Limited
LSFB20-469-001M0 469.1875 Mhz, Babd Saw Filter of Low Power Consumption
LSFB25-243-220K0 200mhz Band Saw Filter of PHS
LSFB44-426-400K0 426.54 Mhz, Babd Saw Filter of Low Power Consumption
LSFB44-429-800K0 429.5500 Mhz, Babd Saw Filter of Low Power Consumption
LSFB44-440-400K0 440.2000 Mhz, Babd Saw Filter of Low Power Consumption
LSFB54-190-004M0 W-cdma-if
LSFB54-190-004M2 Frequency: 190 MHZ
LSFB54-380-004M0 380.0 Mhz, Wide-band if Filter For W-cdma
LSFC21-380-004M0 W-cdma-if
MFO-208F Frequency: 2<->55 MHZ
MSF30-183-001M0 Frequency: 183.6 MHZ
MSFB12-85-02640 85.38 Mhz, if Filter For Amps
MSFB12-85-026K0 Amps-if
MSFB22-155-155K0 155.52 Mhz, Fiber Optic Communication
MSFB22-622-622K0 622.08 Mhz, Fiber Optic Communication
MSFB27-183-022K8 Amps-if
MSFB39-210-001M0 Pcs-cdmaone-if
MSFB43-85-001M0 85.380 Mhz, Wide-band if Filter For Cdmaone
MSFC12-83-026K0 83.16 Mhz, if Filter For Amps
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ABMC2 : Crystal Oscillators. 11.0 X 5.0 X 2.0 MM Ceramic Resistance Welded 3.57MHz to 70MHz.

CGS3311 : Clock Circuits. CMOS Crystal Clock Generators. The CGS3317, CGS3318 and CGS3319 devices are designed for Clock Generation and Support (CGS) applications to 110 MHz. The CGS331x series of devices are crystal controlled CMOS oscillators requiring a minimum of external components. The 331x devices provide selectable output divide ratio (and selectable crystal drive level). The circuit is designed to operate.

F2139BA : Package = 9 X 14 MM FR-4 ;; Frequency = 70.000 to 200.000 MHZ ;; Output Logic = Pecl ;; Supply Voltage = 3.3 Volt.

F5L-4G : 5.0V  14-Pin Dip Pecl Thru-hole. 5.0V Operation PECL Output 10 KH Logic Output Complementary Output OPTIONS Single-Ended Output Pullup/Down Internal Resistors Various Pin Connections -5.2V ECL Output Frequency Range (FO ) Temperature Range Operating (TOPR ) Storage (TSTG) Supply Voltage (VEE) Input Current (I DD MHz ~ 200.000 MHz Output Symmetry (50% Vp-p Level) Rise Time ~ 80%Vp-p).

HS-2800 : XO XO ECL Oscillators. Thru-hole Leaded 4 Pin (14 PIN) Frequency Range (Mhz) : 10.0 - 250.0 Output/input : Differential, -5.2V.

ICS9147-14 : Clock Circuits. Frequency Generator & Integrated Buffers For Pentium/pro(tm).

LTC1799 : Precision Oscillators. LTC1799, 1kHz to 30MHz Resistor Set SOT-23 Oscillator.

MK3732-09 : Vcxoand PLL. The MK3732-09 series of devices includes the original MK3732-09S and the new MK3732-09D. The is a drop-in replacement for the MK3732-09S device. Compared to the earlier device, the MK3732-09D offers improved power supply noise rejection, expanded pull range, and lower gain. The is a low cost, low jitter, high performance VCXO and PLL clock synthesizer.

OP4012B : Frequency = 644.53125 ;; = Optical Timing Clock. Quartz SAW Stabilized Differential Output Technology Very Low Jitter Fundamental-Mode Operation at 644.53125 MHz Voltage Tunable for Phase Locked Loop Applications Timing Reference for 10G Optical Ethernet Communications Systems The is a voltage-controlled SAW clock (VCSC) designed for phase-locked loop (PLL) applications in optical data communications.

PLL502-11 : , 12-25MHz In, 96-200MHz Out, Pecl. Low phase noise output for the to 200MHz range (-125 dBc at 10kHz offset). PECL output. to 25MHz crystal input. Integrated crystal load capacitor: no external load capacitor required. Output Enable selector. Wide pull range (min. +/-190 ppm) 3.3V operation. Available in 16 Pin TSSOP or SOIC. The is a monolithic low jitter and low phase noise @ 10kHz.

SJ-370 : XO CMOS Oscillators. Surface Mount 4 J Lead Frequency Range (Mhz) : 2.25 - 80.0 Output/input : Compatible, 5V.

SY87702L : Clock And Data Recovery (CDRs). 3.3V 28Mbps-2.7Gbps Anyrate. s 3.3V power supply s Complies with Bellcore, ITU/CCITT and ANSI s for applications such OC-12, OC-48*, and ATM s Compatible with FDDI, Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, 2X Fibre Channel, SMPTE 259 and 292, and proprietary applications s Low power s Clock and data recovery from to 2.5Gbps NRZ data stream s Selectable reference frequencies via programmable.

TFS140A : SAW Devices (Surface Acoustic Wave). Application = Digital Radio, Repeater, LMDS ;; Center Frequency = 140.0 MHZ ;; 3 DB = 3.00 MHZ ;; Pass Band Ripple = 0,7dB ;; Insertion Loss = 25.0dB ;; Group Delay Ripple = 150ns ;; Package = 22 MM X 13 MM Dip.

TFS210E : SAW Devices (Surface Acoustic Wave). Application = Pcs-cdma ;; Center Frequency = 210.38 MHZ ;; 3 DB = 1260 KHZ ;; Pass Band Ripple = 1.2dB ;; Insertion Loss = 10.0dB ;; Group Delay Ripple =   ;; Package = 7 MM X 5 MM LCC.

W530-02H : EMI Reduction. Emi Suppression. Cypress PREMISTM SMARTSPREADTM family offering Generates an electromagnetic-interference (EMI)-optimized clocking signal at the output Selectable frequency range and multiplication factor Single or 10%, down or center spread output Integrated loop filter components Operates with or 5V supply Low-power CMOS design Higher drive strength, higher frequency.

ICS843001I-23 : FEMTOCLOCKS™ CRYSTAL-TO-3.3V LVPECL/LVCMOS FREQUENCY SYNTHESIZER The ICS843001I-23 is a highly versatile, low phase noise LVPECL/LVCMOS Synthesizer which can generate low jitter reference clocks for a variety of communication applications and is a member of the HiPerClocksTM family of high performance clock solutions from ICS. The dual crystal interface.

C4500 : OCXO RoHS and Lead Free Assembly Compliant Small size OCXO Excellent stability SMD optional.

MAS9180 : Stand-alone AM Receiver IC with Differential Input for WWVB, JJY, MSF and DCF Time Code Formats.

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