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CategoryPower Management => Regulators => Linear Regulators => Positive => Adjustable
Description0.5A And 1.5A Low Dropout Positive Adjustable Regulators
CompanyLinear Technology Corporation
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Features, Applications

The RH1086M is pin compatible with older 3-terminal regulators. A 10F output capacitor is required on this new device. However, this is usually included in most regulator designs. The wafer lots are processed to Linear Technology Corporation's in-house Class S flow-to-yield circuits usable in stringent military applications.


The RH1086M positive adjustable regulator is designed to provide 0.5A for the H package and 1.5A for the K package with higher efficiency than currently available devices. All internal circuitry is designed to operate down to 1V inputto-output differential and the dropout voltage is fully specified as a function of load current. Dropout is guaranteed at a maximum 1.5V at maximum output current, decreasing at lower load currents. On-chip trimming adjusts the output voltage to 1%. Current limit is also trimmed, minimizing the stress on both the regulator and power source circuitry under overload conditions.

Power Dissipation.............................. Internally Limited Input-to-Output Voltage Differential......................... 25V Operating Junction Temperature Range Control Section.............................. to 150C Power Transistor............................ to 200C Storage Temperature Range.................. to 150C Lead Temperature (Soldering, 10 sec).................. 300C

PARAMETER Reference Voltage CONDITIONS IOUT = 10mA, (VIN VOUT) = 3V (K) 10mA IOUT IFULL LOAD, 1.5V (VIN VOUT) 15V Line Regulation Load Regulation Dropout Voltage Current Limit IOUT 10mA, 1.5V (VIN VOUT) 15V (VIN VOUT) 3V, 10mA IOUT IFULL LOAD VREF = 1%, IOUT = 1.5A (K) VREF = 1%, IOUT = 0.5A (H) (VIN VOUT) = 5V (K) (VIN VOUT) = 5V (H) (VIN VOUT) = 25V (K) (VIN VOUT) = 25V (H) (VIN VOUT) 25V 30ms Pulse = 120Hz, CADJ = 25F, COUT = 25F Tantalum, IOUT = IFULL LOAD (VIN VOUT) = 3V NOTES MIN 1.238 1.225

Minimum Load Current Thermal Regulation Ripple Rejection

Adjust Pin Current Adjust Pin Current Change 10mA IOUT IFULL LOAD, 1.5V (VIN VOUT) 15V Temperature Stability Long Term Stability RMS Output Noise of VOUT) Thermal Resistance Junction-to-Case 125C, 1000 Hours f 10kHz Control Circuitry (K) Control Circuitry (H) Power Transistor (K) Power Transistor (H)

PARAMETER Reference Voltage (Note 5) CONDITIONS 10mA IOUT IFULL LOAD 1.5V (VIN VOUT) 15V Line Regulation (Notes 1, 2) Load Regulation (Notes 2, 5) Dropout Voltage (Note 3) Current Limit IOUT 10mA 1.5V (VIN VOUT) 15V (VIN VOUT) 3V 10mA IOUT IFULL LOAD VREF = 1%, IOUT = 1.5A (K) VREF = 1%, IOUT = 0.5A (H) (VIN VOUT = 5V (K) (VIN VOUT = 25V (K) (VIN VOUT = 5V (H) (VIN VOUT = 25V (H) (VIN VOUT 25V 10mA IOUT IFULL LOAD 1.5V (VIN VOUT) 15V 10KRAD(Si) MIN MAX IOUT = 10mA (VIN VOUT) = 3V (K)

Minimum Load Current Adjust Pin Current Adjust Pin Current Change (Note 5)

Note 1: See thermal regulation specifications for changes in output voltage due to heating effects. Line and load regulation are measured at a constant junction temperature by low duty cycle pulse testing. Note 2: Line and load regulation are guaranteed up to the maximum power dissipation of 15W for RH1086MK and 3W for the RH1086MH. Power dissipation is determined by the input/output differential voltage and the output current. Guaranteed maximum power dissipation will not be available over the full input/output voltage range.

Note 3: Dropout voltage is specified over the full output current range of the device. Test points and limits are shown on the Dropout Voltage curve in the LT 1086 data sheet. Note 4: Guaranteed by design, characterization, or correlation to other tested parameters. Note 5: IFULL LOAD is defined in the Current Limit curves in the standard data sheet. For compliance with 883 revision C current density specifications, the RH1086MK is derated to 1A.

MIL-STD-883 TEST REQUIREMENTS Final Electrical Test Requirements (Method 5004) Group A Test Requirements (Method 5005) Group C and D End Point Electrical Parameters (Method 5005) * PDA Applies to subgroup 1. See PDA Test Notes. SUBGROUP 1,2,3,4,5,6 1 PDA Test Notes The PDA is specified as 5% based on failures from group A, subgroup 1, tests after cooldown as the final electrical test in accordance with method of MIL-STD-883 Class B. The verified failures of group A, subgroup 1, after burn-in divided by the total number of devices submitted for burnin in that lot shall be used to determine the percent for the lot. Linear Technology Corporation reserves the right to test to tighter limits than those given.

Information furnished by Linear Technology Corporation is believed to be accurate and reliable. However, no responsibility is assumed for its use. Linear Technology Corporation makes no representation that the interconnection of circuits as described herein will not infringe on existing patent rights.


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