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DescriptionPositive Adjustable Regulator
CompanyLinear Technology Corporation
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Features, Applications

The a 3-terminal positive adjustable regulator capable of supplying 0.5A (H package) 1.5A (K package). The output is adjusted using two external resistors for a range to 37V. The devices have full current limit thermal overload safe area protection, all of which remain functional even if the adjustment terminal is disconnected. The wafer lots are processed to LTC's in-house Class S flow to yield circuits usable in stringent military applications. In addition to 883 processing, the RH117 is subjected to 100% burn-in in thermal limit.

Power Dissipation............................... Internally Limited Input-to-Output Voltage Differential......................... 40V Operating Junction Temperature Range......................... to 150C Storage Temperature Range................. to 150C Lead Temperature (Soldering, 10 sec).................. 300C


SYMBOL PARAMETER VREF DVOUT DVIN DVOUT DIOUT Reference Voltage Line Regulation Load Regulation Thermal Regulation Ripple Rejection CONDITIONS 3V £ (VIN ­ VOUT) 10mA £ IOUT £ IMAX, P £ PMAX 3V £ (VIN ­ VOUT) £ 40V, IOUT 10mA £ IOUT £ IMAX, VOUT 10mA £ IOUT £ IMAX, VOUT 5V 20ms Pulse VOUT = 120Hz, CADJ = 0 VOUT = 120Hz, CADJ = 10mF IADJ DIADJ Adjust Pin Current Adjust Pin Current Change Minimum Load Current Limit 10mA £ IOUT £ IMAX 2.5V £ (VIN ­ VOUT) £ 40V, IOUT = 10mA (VIN ­ VOUT) = 40V (VIN ­ VOUT) 15V H Package K Package (VIN ­ VOUT) 40V H Package K Package DVOUT DTemp DVOUT DTime en qJC Temperature Stability £ 150C Long Term Stability RMS Output Noise Thermal Resistance (Junction to Case) 10kHz H Package K Package NOTES MIN 1.20

Reference Voltage Line Regulation Load Regulation

3V £ (VIN ­ VOUT) 10mA £ IOUT £ IMAX, P £ PMAX 3V £ (VIN ­ VOUT) £ 40V, IOUT 10mA £ IOUT £ IMAX, VOUT 10mA £ IOUT £ IMAX, VOUT 5V 2

Adjust Pin Current Adjust Pin Current Change Minimum Load Current Limit 10mA £ IOUT £ IMAX 3V £ (VIN ­ VOUT £ 40V, IOUT = 10mA (VIN ­ VOUT = 40V (VIN ­ VOUT £ 15V (VIN ­ VOUT 40V H Package K Package H Package K Package

Note 1: Unless otherwise specified, these specifications apply for VIN ­ VOUT = 5V; and IOUT = 0.1A for the H package (TO-39) and IOUT = 0.5A for the K package (TO-3) package. Although power dissipation is internally limited, these specifications are applicable for power dissipations of 2W for the TO-39 and 20W for the TO-3. IMAX is 0.5A for the TO-39 and 1.5A for the TO-3.

Note 2: Regulation is measured at a constant junction temperature using pulse testing with a low duty cycle. Changes in output voltage due to heating effects are covered under the specification for thermal regulation. Note 3: Guaranteed by design, characterization or correlation to other tested parameters. Note = 25C unless otherwise noted.

MIL-STD-883 TEST REQUIREMENTS Final Electrical Test Requirements (Method 5004) Group A Test Requirements (Method 5005) Group C and D End Point Electrical Parameters (Method 5005) * PDA Applies to subgroup 1. See PDA Test Notes. SUBGROUP 1,2,3 1 PDA Test Notes The PDA is specified as 5% based on failures from group A, subgroup 1, tests after cooldown as the final electrical test in accordance with method of MIL-STD-883 Class B. The verified failures of group A, subgroup 1, after burn-in divided by the total number of devices submitted for burnin in that lot shall be used to determine the percent for the lot. Linear Technology Corporation reserves the right to test to tighter limits than those given.

Information furnished by Linear Technology Corporation is believed to be accurate and reliable. However, no responsibility is assumed for its use. Linear Technology Corporation makes no representation that the interconnection of its circuits as described herein will not infringe on existing patent rights.


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