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CategoryAnalog & Mixed-Signal Processing => Amplifiers => Operational Amplifiers => Precision => Single
DescriptionPrecision, High Speed Operational Amplifier
CompanyLinear Technology Corporation
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The is a precision, high speed operational amplifier which offers wide bandwidth and high slew rate. Unlike many wideband amplifiers, the RH118 is unity-gain stable and has a slew rate of 50V/s. The wafer lots are processed to Linear Technology's inhouse Class S flow to yield circuits usable in stringent military applications.

Supply Voltage...................................................... 20V Differential Input Current (Note 10mA Input Voltage (Note 20V Output Short-Circuit Duration......................... Indefinite Operating Temperature Range.............. to 125C Storage Temperature Range................. to 150C Lead Temperature (Soldering, 10 sec).................. 300C

SYMBOL PARAMETER VOS IOS IB RIN AV SR GBW Input Offset Voltage Input Offset Current Input Bias Current Input Resistance Large-Signal Voltage Gain 15V, VOUT RL 2k Slew Rate Gain Bandwidth Product Output Voltage Swing Input Voltage Range IS Supply Current = 125C CMRR PSRR Common Mode Rejection Ratio Power Supply Rejection Ratio 20V CONDITIONS NOTES

SYMBOL PARAMETER VOS IOS IB RIN AV SR GBW Input Offset Voltage Input Offset Current Input Bias Current Input Resistance Large-Signal Voltage Gain 15V, VOUT RL 2k Slew Rate Gain Bandwidth Product Output Voltage Swing Input Voltage Range IS CMRR PSRR Supply Current Common Mode Rejection Ratio Power Supply Rejection Ratio = 2k CONDITIONS

Note 4: Guaranteed by design, characterization or correlation to other tested parameters. Note 5: Slew rate is 100% tested at wafer probe testing. is QA sample tested in finished package form. Note 20V, VCM = 0V, unless otherwise specified. Supply bypassed per Note 3.

Note 1: The inputs are shunted with back-to-back Zeners for overvoltage protection. Excessive current will flow if a differential voltage greater than 5V is applied to the inputs. Note 2: For supply voltages less than 15V, the maximum input voltage is equal to the supply voltage. Note 3: These specifications apply for 20V. The power supplies must be bypassed with 0.1F or greater disc capacitor within four inches of the device.

MIL-STD-883 TEST REQUIREMENTS Final Electrical Test Requirements (Method 5004) Group A Test Requirements (Method 5005) Group C and D End Point Electrical Parameters (Method 5005) * PDA Applies to subgroup 1. See PDA Test Notes. SUBGROUP 1,2,3,4,5,6 1 PDA Test Notes The PDA is specified as 5% based on failures from group A, subgroup 1, tests after cooldown as the final electrical test in accordance with method of MIL-STD-883 Class B. The verified failures (including Delta parameters) of group A, subgroup 1, after burn-in divided by the total number of devices submitted for burn-in in that lot shall be used to determine the percent for the lot. Linear Technology Corporation reserves the right to test to tighter limits than those given.

Information furnished by Linear Technology Corporation is believed to be accurate and reliable. However, no responsibility is assumed for its use. Linear Technology Corporation makes no representation that the interconnection of its circuits as described herein will not infringe on existing patent rights.


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CLC5506 : Variable Gain. Gain Trim Amplifier (gta). The is a low noise amplifier with programmable gain for use in cellular base stations, WLL, radar and RF/IF subsystems where gain control is required to increase the dynamic range. The CLC5506 allows designers to compensate for manufacturing component tolerances and temperature variations in receiver front ends. Maximum amplifier gain is set 26dB. A three-line.

INA148 : . For most current data sheet and other product information, visit q HIGH COMMON-MODE VOLTAGE: 15V q FIXED DIFFERENTIAL GAIN 1V/V q LOW QUIESCENT CURRENT: 260A q WIDE SUPPLY RANGE: Single Supply: to 36V Dual Supplies: 18V q LOW GAIN ERROR: 0.075% max q LOW NONLINEARITY: 0.002% max q HIGH CMR: q SO-8 PACKAGE The is a precision, low-power,.

ISL84514 : Low-Voltage, Single Supply, Spst, Analog Switches. Low-Voltage, Single Supply, SPST, Analog Switches The Intersil ISL84514 and ISL84515 devices are precision, analog switches designed to operate from a single to +12V supply. Targeted applications include battery powered equipment that benefit from the devices' low power consumption (5W), and low leakage currents (1nA). Low RON and fast switching speeds.

LA4558 : 2-channel af Power Amp. Low quiescent current. On-chip 2 channels permitting use in stereo and bridge amplifier applications. High output. Minimum number of external parts required. (9 pcs. munimum) Good ripple rejection (60dB). Soft tone at the output saturation mode. Good channel separation. Easy thermal design. Small pop noise at the time of power supply ON/OFF. s Parameter.

LA70001 : Record/playback Amplifier For VHS Format VCR. The LA70001 and LA70001M ICs provide record and playback amplifiers for VHS format VCRs. A system with an adjustment-free Y/C record current can be achieved by combining the LA70001/M with or LA71500M video signal processing IC. Direct connection of the head to the playback amplifier input allows the number of external devices to be reduced. A fixed-current.

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OPA547 : . q WIDE SUPPLY RANGE Single Supply: to +60V Dual Supply: 30V q HIGH OUTPUT CURRENT: 500mA Continuous q WIDE OUTPUT VOLTAGE SWING q FULLY PROTECTED: Thermal Shutdown Adjustable Current Limit q OUTPUT DISABLE CONTROL q THERMAL SHUTDOWN INDICATOR q HIGH SLEW RATE: 6V/s q LOW QUIESCENT CURRENT q PACKAGES: 7-Lead TO-220, Zip and Straight Leads 7-Lead DDPAK.


PAC390QT : P/active Emi/rfi T Filter.

SSM2018 : Trimless Voltage Controlled Amplifier. 117 dB Dynamic Range 0.006% Typical THD+N 1 kHz, Unity Gain) 140 dB Gain Range No External Trimming Required Differential Inputs Complementary Gain Outputs Buffered Control Port IV Converter On-Chip (SSM2018T) Differential Current Outputs (SSM2118T) Low External Parts Count Low Cost GENERAL The SSM2018T and SSM2118T represent continuing evolution of the Frey.

SY100EL16VCKCTR : Enhanced Differential Receiver. 3.3V and 5V power supply options 250ps propagation delay Very high voltage gain vs. standard or EL16V Ideal for Pulse Amplifier and Limiting Amplifier applications Data synchronous Enable/Disable (/EN) on QHG and /QHG provides for complete glitchless gating of the outputs Ideal for gating timing signals Complete solution for high quality, high frequency.

TK15121 : Grand Earthing System Audio Signal Mute ic. Grand Earthing System Audio Signal Mute IC Wide Voltage Range 5.5 V) Very Low Signal Distortion (typ. 0.005%) High Maximum Input Voltage (max. 4.2 VP-P) Very Low Standby Current (typ. 0.1 mA) Minimal External Component Circuitry APPLICATIONS The is a "MUTE IC" of the Grand Earthing System that was developed as a low frequency signal attenuation for audio.

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TLV2463 : Family of Low-power Rail-to-rail Input/output op Amps With Shutdown. TLV2465, TLV246xA FAMILY OF LOW-POWER RAIL-TO-RAIL INPUT/OUTPUT OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIERS WITH SHUTDOWN Rail-to-Rail Output Swing Gain Bandwidth Product. 6.4 MHz 80 mA Output Drive Capability Supply Current. 500 A/channel Input Offset Voltage. 100 V Input Noise Voltage. 11 nV/Hz Slew Rate. 1.6 V/s Micropower Shutdown Mode (TLV2460/3/5). 0.3 A/Channel.

TS514 : Operational Amplifiers Precision quad operational amplifier. Low input offset voltage: 500 V max. Low power consumption. Short circuit protection. Low distortion, low noise. High gain-bandwidth product. High channel separation. ESD protection 2 kV. Macromodel included in this . D SO-14 (Plastic micropackage) N DIP14 (Plastic package) The is a high-performance quad operational amplifier with frequency and phase.

ISL28133 : Single, Dual, And Quad Micropower, Zero-Drift, RRIO Operational Amplifiers The ISL28133, ISL28233 are single and dual micropower, zero-drift operational amplifiers that are optimized for single supply operation from 1.65V to 5.5V. Their low supply current of 18?A and wide input range enable the ISL28133 to be an excellent general purpose op amp for a range.

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