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DescriptionStep-down Switching Regulator
CompanyLinear Technology Corporation
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5A Onboard Switch (LT1074) 100kHz Switching Frequency Greatly Improved Dynamic Behavior Available in Low Cost 5 and 7-Lead Packages Only 8.5mA Quiescent Current Programmable Current Limit Operates to 60V Input Micropower Shutdown Mode

positive "buck" configuration but several design innovations allow this device to be used as a positive-to-negative converter, a negative boost converter, and as a flyback converter. The switch output is specified to swing 40V below ground, allowing the LT1074 to drive a tappedinductor in the buck mode with output currents to 10A. The LT1074 uses a true analog multiplier in the feedback loop. This makes the device respond nearly instantaneously to input voltage fluctuations and makes loop gain independent of input voltage. As a result, dynamic behavior of the regulator is significantly improved over previous designs. On-chip pulse by pulse current limiting makes the LT1074 nearly bust-proof for output overloads or shorts. The input voltage range as a buck converter to 60V, but a selfboot feature allows input voltages as low 5V in the inverting and boost configurations. The LT1074 is available in low cost or TO-3 packages with frequency pre-set at 100kHz and current limit 7-pin TO-220 package is also available which allows current limit to be adjusted down to zero. In addition, full micropower shutdown can be programmed. See Application Note 44 for design details. A fixed 5V output, 2A version is also available. See LT1076-5.

Buck Converter with Output Voltage Range to 50V Tapped-Inductor Buck Converter with 10A Output at 5V Positive-to-Negative Converter Negative Boost Converter Multiple Output Buck Converter

The (LT1076 is rated at 2A) monolithic bipolar switching regulator which requires only a few external parts for normal operation. The power switch, all oscillator and control circuitry, and all current limit components, are included on the chip. The topology is a classic


Input Voltage LT1074HV/LT1076HV......................................... 64V Switch Voltage with Respect to Input Voltage LT1074HV/LT1076HV......................................... 75V Switch Voltage with Respect to Ground Pin (VSW Negative) LT1074/LT1076 (Note 35V LT1074HV/LT1076HV (Note 7)........................... 45V Feedback Pin Voltage..................................... 2V, +10V Shutdown Pin Voltage (Not to Exceed VIN).............. 40V

*Assumes package is soldered of 1 oz. copper over internal ground plane or over back side plane.

ILIM Pin Voltage (Forced)............................................ 5.5V Maximum Operating Ambient Temperature Range Commercial................................................. to 70C Industrial................................................ to 85C Military................................................. to 125C Maximum Operating Junction Temperature Range Commercial............................................... to 125C Industrial.............................................. to 125C Military................................................. to 150C Maximum Storage Temperature............... to 150C Lead Temperature (Soldering, 10 sec)...................... 300C


The q denotes the specifications which apply over the full operating temperature range, otherwise specifications are = 25C, VIN = 25V, unless otherwise noted.

PARAMETER Switch "On" Voltage (Note 2) CONDITIONS LT1074 ISW Tj 0C ISW < 0C ISW Tj 0C ISW < 0C ISW = 0.5A ISW = 2A VIN 25V, VSW = 0 VIN = VMAX, VSW = 0 (Note 8) VIN = 25V, VSW = 0 VIN = VMAX, VSW = 0 (Note 8)

LT1076 Switch "Off" Leakage LT1074 LT1076 Supply Current (Note 3)

VFB = 2.5V, VIN 40V < VIN < 60V VSHUT = 0.1V (Device Shutdown) (Note 9) Normal Mode Startup Mode (Note 4) LT1074 ILIM Open RLIM = 10k (Note 6) RLIM = 7k (Note 6) ILIM Open RLIM = 10k (Note 6) RLIM = 7k (Note 6)

Minimum Supply Voltage Switch Current Limit (Note 5)

Maximum Duty Cycle Switching Frequency > 125C VFB = 0V through 2k (Note 5) Switching Frequency Line Regulation Error Amplifier Voltage Gain (Note 7) Error Amplifier Transconductance Error Amplifier Source and Sink Current Feedback Pin Bias Current Reference Voltage Reference Voltage Tolerance Source (VFB = 2V) Sink (VFB = 2.5V) VFB = VREF = 2V VREF (Nominal) = 2.21V All Conditions of Input Voltage, Output Voltage, Temperature and Load Current 8V VIN VMAX (Note 8) Over Temperature Multiplier Reference Voltage Shutdown Pin Current Shutdown Thresholds Thermal Resistance Junction to Case VSH = 5V VSH VTHRESHOLD ( 2.5V) Switch Duty Cycle = 0 Fully Shut Down LT1076 8V VIN VMAX (Note VC 4V

Reference Voltage Line Regulation VC Voltage at 0% Duty Cycle


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PT7M7344LTA : P Supervisor Circuits The PT7M7xxx family microprocessor (P) supervisory circuits are targeted to improve reliability and accuracy of power-supply circuitry in P systems. These devices reduce the complexity and number of components required to monitor power-supply and battery functions..

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