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DescriptionFibre Channel I/o Processor Technical Manual V2.1 8/00
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Features, Applications

This document contains proprietary information of LSI Logic Corporation. The information contained herein is not to be used by or disclosed to third parties without the express written permission of an officer of LSI Logic Corporation. LSI Logic products are not intended for use in life-support appliances, devices, or systems. Use of any LSI Logic product in such applications without written consent of the appropriate LSI Logic officer is prohibited. Document number DB14-000150-01, Third Edition (August 2000). This document describes the LSI Logic Corporation LSIFC909 Fibre Channel I/O Processor and will remain the official reference source for all revisions/releases of this product until rescinded by an update. To receive product literature, visit us at LSI Logic Corporation reserves the right to make changes to any products herein at any time without notice. LSI Logic does not assume any responsibility or liability arising out of the application or use of any product described herein, except as expressly agreed to in writing by LSI Logic; nor does the purchase or use of a product from LSI Logic convey a license under any patent rights, copyrights, trademark rights, or any other of the intellectual property rights of LSI Logic or third parties. Copyright 19992000 by LSI Logic Corporation. All rights reserved. TRADEMARK ACKNOWLEDGMENT The LSI Logic logo design is a registered trademark of LSI Logic Corporation. ARM is a registered trademark of Advanced RISC Machines Limited, used under license. All other brand and product names may be trademarks of their respective companies. DB

This book is the primary reference and technical manual for the LSIFC909 Fibre Channel I/O Processor. It contains a complete functional description for the LSIFC909 and includes complete physical and electrical specifications for the LSIFC909.

Audience LSI Logic prepared this document for logic designers and applications engineers to provide an overview of the LSIFC909 and to explain how to use the LSIFC909 in the initial stages of system design. This document assumes that you have some familiarity with microprocessors and related support devices. The people who benefit from this book are:

Engineers and managers who are evaluating the processor for possible use in a system Engineers who are designing the processor into a system

Chapter 1, Introduction, provides a general description of the LSIFC909. Chapter 2, Fibre Channel Overview, briefly describes some key elements of Fibre Channel, including Layers, Topologies, and Classes of Service. Chapter 3, LSIFC909 Overview, provides an introduction to the basic features of the LSIFC909, including the host interface, protocol assist engines, and support components.


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8020 : Protocol Controllers MCC (tm) Manchester Code Converter

80C200 : Full Duplex CMOS Ethernet 10/100 Mega Bit/sec Data Link Controller

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84221 : Transceiver/Repeater Quad 100basetx/10baset Physical Layer Device

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LSISASX28 : 28-Port 3Gb/s SAS Expander The LSI Logic LSISASx28 is a 28-port 3 Gb/s Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) expander with an integrated ARM processor for Enclosure Management and extended SAS SMP functions, and provides large storage environments the ability to connect mutliple targets and initiators through

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AD9561 : Protocol Controllers. Pulse Width Modulator. 60 MHz Pulse Rate 8-Bit Resolution Center, Left or Right Justify Low Power: 700 mW typical Minimum Pulse Width: <5 ns Maximum PW: 100 % Full-scale APPLICATIONS Laser Printers Digital Copiers Color Copiers RAMP INTERNAL TIMING RAMP CAL OUT RSET CAL DAC REF PWM OUT OUTPUT LOGIC The is a second generation high speed, digitally programmable pulse width.

AM26LV32 : Low-voltage High-speed Quadruple Differential Line Receiver. AM26LV32 LOW-VOLTAGE HIGH-SPEED QUADRUPLE DIFFERENTIAL LINE RECEIVER Switching Rates to 32 MHz Operates from a Single 3.3-V Supply Ultra-Low Power Dissipation. 27 mW Typ Open-Circuit, Short-Circuit, and Terminated Fail-Safe to 5.5-V Common-Mode Range With 200 mV Sensitivity Accepts 5-V Logic Inputs With a 3.3-V VCC Input Hysteresis. 50 mV Typ 235 mW With.

ASM0906CB : Very Low-cost Voice Synthesizer With 4-bit Microprocessor. Sales E-mail: Mr. Jason Technology E-mail: Mr. George Address: 3 F-10, No. 32, Sec. 1, Chenggung Rd., Taipei, Taiwan 115, R.O.C. TEL: 886-2-2782-9266 FAX: 886-2-2782-9255 WEBSITE : http: // ASM0906CB VERY LOW-COST VOICE SYNTHESIZER WITH 4-BIT MICROPROCESSOR 1.0 General The ASM0906CB.

F5CM : Balanced Saw Filter For Digital Mobile Telephone. The F5CM series of SAW filters have balanced in/unbalanced out or unbalanced in/balanced out of I/O ports. Therefore these filters are suitable for the design using balanced type of IC. By using these filters, any transforming devises, such as balun is not required. The F5CM series filters apply to the frequency range 700 MHz to 1000 MHz. High performance.

HCTS139D : Radiation Hardened Dual 2-to-4 Line Decoder/demultiplexer. 16 LEAD CERAMIC DUAL-IN-LINE METAL SEAL PACKAGE (SBDIP) MIL-STD-1835 CDIP2-T16 TOP VIEW 3 Micron Radiation Hardened SOS CMOS Total Dose 200K RAD (Si) SEP Effective LET No Upsets: >100 MEV-cm2/mg Single Event Upset (SEU) Immunity x 10-9 Errors/ Bit-Day (Typ) Dose Rate Survivability: x 1012 RAD (Si)/s Dose Rate Upset >1010 RAD (Si)/s 20ns Pulse.

IDT77105 : ATM Physical Interface. PHY (tc-pmd) For 25.6 MBPS Atm Networks. The is a member of IDT's family of products developed to support Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) data communications and networking. The IDT77105 provides the Transmission Convergence (TC) and (PMD) layers a 25.6 Mbps ATM PHY suitable for ATM networks using Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Category 3 (or better) wiring. The UTOPIA interface provides standardized.

KS32C41100 : = KS32C41100 High Performance 32-bit MCU For Portable Applications ;; Function = 8/16bit Timer,UART,SPI,IIC,Cache(4KB),10bit ADC ;; = - ;; Package = 128QFP ;; Production Status = Mass Production.

KT3170 : Low Power DTMF Receiver. 18-DIP-300A The is a complete Dual Tone Multiple Frequency (DTMF) receiver that is fabricated by low power CMOS and the Switched-Capacitor Filter technology. This LSI consists of band split filters, which seperates counting section which verifies the frequency and duration of the received tones before passing the corresponding code to the output bus.

LM1290N : Autosync Horizontal Deflection Processor. The is a high-performance, low-cost deflection solution for autosync monitors. The LM1290 provides full autosync capability, DC controls and complete freedom from manufacturing trims. Its continuous capture range is from 22 kHz to 110 kHz (1:5). Mode change frequency ramping, for protection of the horizontal deflection output transistor, is programmable.

MAX3822 : +3.3V, 2.5Gbps Quad Limiting Amplifier. The MAX3822 quad limiting amplifier is ideal for multichannel systems with data rates to 2.5Gbps. The MAX3822 operates from a single +3.3V supply, over temperatures ranging from +85C. A channelselect (CS) pin is provided to program single-, dual-, or quad-channel operation. The disabled channels are shut down to reduce power consumption. The output.

MSM6596A-XXX : 2-mbit Serial Voice ROM. This version: Feb. 1999 MSM6596A-xxx Previous version: May. 1997 The MSM6596A is the shorter-TAT processing version of the MSM6596. The is a serial voice ROM with 2-bank configuration. The MSM6596A has a built-in internal address-generating circuit. A single, external clock input allows continuous, serial read operations. The internal addresses are automatically.

MT88L70AE : DTMF Receivers. = 3 Volt Integrated DTMF Receiver ;; Package Type = Pdip ;; No. Of Pins = 18.

NE568A : NE568A;SA568A; 150MHz Phase-locked Loop. The is a monolithic phase-locked loop (PLL) which operates from 1Hz to frequencies in excess of 150MHz and an extended supply voltage range and a lower temperature coefficient of the VCO center frequency in comparison with its predecessor, the NE 568. The NE568A is function and pin-compatible with the NE568, requiring only minor changes in peripheral.

PAC560GQT : P/active High Performance Gtl/ecl Local Termination Network.

S2076 : Quad Fibre Channel Transceiver. QUAD FIBRE CHANNEL TRANSCEIVER QUAD FIBRE CHANNEL TRANSCEIVER GENERAL Functionally compliant with ANSI X3T11 Fibre Channel physical and transmission protocol standards. 1062 MHz (Fibre Channel) operating rate - 1/2 Rate Operation Quad Transmitter incorporating phase-locked loop (PLL) clock synthesis from low speed reference Quad Receiver PLL provides.

SCC2692AC1A44 : SCC2692; Dual Asynchronous Receiver/transmitter (DUART);; Package: SOT187-2 (PLCC44).

SLE66C44PE : Security & Chip Card Ics. 8/16-Bit Security Controller with enhanced instruction set for large memories 0.22 m CMOS Technology 68-Kbytes ROM, 2304 Bytes RAM, 4-Kbytes EEPROM Dual Key Triple DES This document contains preliminary information on a new product under development. Details are subject to change without notice. Revision History: Page Current Version 02.04 Previous.

XSS210 : High-speed Analog N-channel DmosFETs. The Calogic a 30V analog switch driver without a built-in protection diode from gate to substrate for use with SD212 and SD214 DMOS analog switches. ORDERING INFORMATION Part SD214DE XSD214 Package Hermetic TO-72 Package Sorted Chips in Carriers Hermetic TO-72 Package Sorted Chips in Carriers Hermetic TO-72 Package Sorted Chips in Carriers Temperature.

YTD421B : Isdn Bri S/t Interface Driver/receiver Lsi.

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