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Description 10 to 1200 MHZ TO-8 Cascadable Amplifier
CompanyM/A-COM, Inc.
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Characteristics Frequency Small Signal Gain (min.) Gain Flatness (max.) Reverse Isolation Noise Figure (max.) Power Output 1 dB comp. (min.) IP3 IP2 Second Order Harmonic IP VSWR Input / Output (max.) DC Current @ 15 Volts (max.) Typical

Measured a 50-ohm system at +15 Vdc Nominal. Subject to change without notice.

Storage Temperature Max. Case Temperature Max. DC Voltage Max. Continuous RF Input Power Max. Short Term RF Input Power (1 minute max.) Max. Peak Power (3 sec max.) "S" Series Burn-in Temperature (Case)

Thermal Resistance jc Transistor Power Dissipation Pd Junction Temperature Rise Above Case Tjc
Package Figure Model BG A66 Surface Mount AA SMA66 SMA Connectorized CE CA66

Specifications subject to change without notice. North America: 1-800-366-2266 Visit for complete contact and product information.


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856129 : = Filter - Broadband Access ;; Frequency (MHz) = 44 ;; Bandwidth (MHz) = 6 ;; Insertion Loss (dB) = 22.0 Max ;; Modes of Operation = se ;; Package (mm) = 24.6 X 9.0.

ANAD-159W-A-6-SM : WLL Subscriber Antenna. Low profile Single piece circuit board construction Multiple gain and beamwidth options available Color and finish options available Available in 3 frequency bands M/A-COM's WLL subscriber antenna belongs to our family of Planar Array antennas. With our patented technology and automated production process, we can quickly and cost effectively derive.

CGY31 : GAAS Mmic ( Two-stage Monolithic Microwave ic Mmic Amplifier All-gold Metallization Chip Fully Passivated ).

HWF1686RA : 5.4 W L-band GAAS Power Fet. Email: All s are subject to change without notice. .

JH-115 :  Surface Mount Quadrature Hybrid, 40 - 80 MHZ. Fully Hermetic Package 3 Maximum Phase Deviation from 90 Low Loss: 0.5 dB Max. Impedance: 50 Ohms Nominal Input Power: Watts Max. Derated to 1 Watt @ 100C Typical Phase Linearity: 3 from Straight Line MIL-STD-202 Screening Available Ideally suited for Quadrature Combining or performing Summation/Differential Combining. Parameter Insertion Loss Isolation.

JHS-142 :  Surface Mount Quadrature Hybrid, 200 - 400 MHZ. Fully Hermetic Octave Bandwidth Low VSWR: 1.1:1 Typical Impedance: 50 Ohms Nominal Input Power: 5 Watts Max @ +25C, Derated to 1 Watt +85C n Typical Phase Linearity: 3 from straight line n MIL-STD-202 Screening Available 3 dB Hybrids are ideal for dividing a signal into two signals of equal amplitude and a constant or 180 phase differential and for Quadrature.

KF446A : = 400MHz Band(50ohm) ;; Package = F-11.

LZY-1 : Amplifier. wide bandwidth, 0.5-1000 MHz instrument model, with built-in power supply,110/220V operation high power output, (at 3.5 dB compression) 2. NF above 400 MHz. At low frequency, NF Increases 16 dB Typ. Prices and s subject to change without notice. For Quality Control Procedures see Table of Contents, Section 0, see "Mini-Circuits Guarantees Quality" article.

MAAPGM0034 :  8.0-12GHz 0.5 Watt Amplifier. 8.0-12.0 GHz Operation 0.5 Watt Saturated Output Power Level Variable Drain Voltage (4-10V) Operation Self-Aligned MSAG MESFET Process High Performance Ceramic Bolt Down Package Point-to-Point Radio Weather Radar Airborne Radar The is a packaged, 0.5 W power amplifier with on-chip bias networks in a bolt down ceramic package, allowing easy assembly.

MDC-164 :  Termination-Insensitive Mixer, 0.5 - 9 GHZ. n Intermodulation Ratio Insensitive to IF Port Mismatches n Conversion Loss: 6.5 dB Typical Midband n Maximum Input Power: 350 mW Max @ 25C, Derated n The unique design of the termination insensitive mixer (TIM) enables it to apply high reverse voltage to diodes during their "off" phase, in the LO cycle. This allows for higher power level performance.

MSC82005 : General Purpose Microwave Transistors. General Purpose Amplifier Applications RF & Microwave Transistors.

RFP-40N50TP : = Terminations ;; Size LXWXH = 0.25" X 0.515" X 0.148" ;; Packaging = Flanged ;; Frequency MHZ = 0-4000 ;; Power Handling Watts = 40.

SBL-122 : C to Millimeter Band Mixer, Detector, Modulator Applications.

TMXR405 : IF SAW Filter. FC (MHz) = 110.0 ;; Min B (dB) = -5.0 ;; Min B (MHz) = 1.28 ;; Max B (dB) = -33.0 ;; Max B (MHz) = 3.4 ;; Typical il (dB) = 10.8 ;; Package (mm2) = 9.1x4.8 ;; Configuration Input/output = Null ;; Application = Cdma RX ;; = Subscriber ;; = Cdma ;; =.

TRF2050PW : Cellular / PCS. ti TRF2050, Low Voltage 1.1 GHZ Fractional-n/integer-n Synthesizer.

VG111 : . 2200 MHz bandwidth 29 dB Attenuation Range +40 dBm Output IP3 +21 dBm P1dB Constant & P1dB over attenuation range Single voltage supply mm 28-pin QFN package MTTF > 100 years The is a PCS / UMTS-band high dynamic range variable gain amplifier (VGA) packaged 6x6 mm surface-mount package. The +21 dBm output compression point and +40 dBm output intercept.

RF3220 : The RF3220 is a high-efficiency GaAs Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor (HBT) amplifier packaged in a low-cost surface-mount package. This amplifier is ideal for use in applications requiring high-linearity and low noise figure over the 500 MHz to 3 GHz frequency range. The RF3220 operates from a single 5 V power supply, and is assembled in an economical.

HMC634 : GaAs PHEMT MMIC DRIVER AMPLIFIER, 5 - 20 GHz The HMC634 is a GaAs MMIC PHEMT Driver Amplii er die which operates between 5 and 20 GHz. The amplii er provides up to 22 dB of gain, +31 dBm Output IP3, and up to +23 dBm of output power at 1 dB gain compression, while requiring 180 mA from a +5V supply. The HMC634 is an ideal driver amplii er for microwave.

STAP57100 : Transistors, Radio Frequency RF power transistor the LdmoST family. Excellent thermal stability Common source configuration push-pull POUT 100 W with 14 dB gain @ 860 MHz ST advanced PowerSO-10RF - STAP package Load mismatch 10:1 all phases In compliance with the 2002/95/EC european directive The is a common source N-channel enhancement-mode lateral field-effect RF power transistor designed for broadband commercial.

RFPP2590 : 45 MHZTo 1200 MHz GaAs Push-Pull Hybrid The RFPP2590 is a Hybrid Push Pull amplifier module. The part employs GaAs die and operates from 45 MHz to 1200 MHz. It provides excellent linearity and superior return loss performance with low noise and optimal reliability..

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