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CategoryRF & Microwaves => Amplifiers
Description 10 to 800 MHZ TO-8 Cascadable Amplifier
CompanyM/A-COM, Inc.
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Characteristics Frequency Small Signal Gain (min.) Gain Flatness (max.) Reverse Isolation Noise Figure (max.) Power Output 1 dB comp. (min.) IP3 IP2 Second Order Harmonic IP VSWR Input / Output (max.) DC Current @ 15 Volts (max.) Typical

is a standard A67 installed in a miniature SMA connector housing and guaranteed over to 50CC temperature range. Measured a 50-ohm system at +15 Vdc Nominal. Subject to change without notice.

Storage Temperature Max. Case Temperature Max. DC Voltage Max. Continuous RF Input Power Max. Short Term RF Input Power (1 minute max.) Max. Peak Power (3 sec max.) "S" Series Burn-in Temperature (Case)

Thermal Resistance jc Transistor Power Dissipation Pd Junction Temperature Rise Above Case Tjc
Package Figure Model BG A67 Surface Mount AA SMA67 SMA Connectorized CE CA67

Specifications subject to change without notice. North America: 1-800-366-2266 Visit for complete contact and product information.


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1A0005-10 : = Directional Couplers ;; Size LXWXH = 2.5 X 1.25 X 0.737" ;; Packaging = Aluminum Cased ;; Frequency MHZ = 1500-2000 ;; Power Handling Watts = 150.

AA106-86 : Digital Attenuator. GAAS ic 5 Bit Digital Attenuator 0.5. Attenuation 0.5 dB Steps 15.5 dB with High Accuracy Single Positive Control +5 V) for Each Bit Low DC Power Consumption Miniature Low Cost MSOP-10 Plastic Package The a 5 bit, single positive control GaAs IC FET digital attenuator in a low cost MSOP-10 package.This attenuator has an LSB 0.5 dB and a total attenuation of 15.5 dB. The attenuator requires.

AS006L1-00 : GAAS Mmic SPST Fet Switch Chip. s Multiple Use Options s Excellent Intermodulation Products/Temperature Stability s 100% On-Wafer DC Testing s 100% Visual Inspection MT 2010 This group of GaAs MMIC SPST FETs are designed for applications to 6 GHz where high isolation, low loss and low distortion performance is critical, especially radio and cellular telephone switching requirements.

ESMD-C2 :  E-Series SMT Mixer 20 - 1500 MHZ. Impedance RF input for 1dB Compression DC Polarity 50 Ohms Nominal + 1 dBm Positive Parameter RF Power Peak IF Current Storage Temperature Operating Temperature Pin Temperature (10 Seconds) Absolute Maximum 100C 260C .

HMC156 : Frequency Doubler 0.7- 2.3 GHZ Input. GaAs MMIC PASSIVE FREQUENCY DOUBLER, - 2.4 GHz INPUT Conversion Loss: 15 dB Fo, 3Fo, 4Fo Isolation: 38 dB Input Drive Level: to 20 dBm Typical Applications The HMC156 is suitable for: Wireless Local Loop LMDS, VSAT, and to Pt Radios UNII & HiperLAN Test Equipment The is a miniature frequency doubler in a MMIC die. Suppression of undesired fundamental.

JDV2S10T : VR (v) = 10 ;; Ir (nA) = 3 ;; CT(1) (pF) = 7.3 to 8.4 ;; CT(2) (pF) = 2.75 to 3.4 ;; CT(1)/CT(2) = 2.5 TYP ;; .rs(Typ.) Ohms = 0.35 ;; Package = Tesc ;; Application = UHF Vco.

KFX5914T : = 900MHz Cordless Phone ;; Package = TO-39.

L88016 : Power. Pout W = 30 ;; Freq MHZ = 500 ;; Gain DB = 14 ;; Theta JC = 1.8 ;; GM Mho = 0.8 ;; Idsat a = 5.5 ;; Ciss PF = 30 ;; CRSS PF = 1 ;; Coss PF = 15 ;; Die = 1+1 ;; Style = Push - Pull ;; PKG = aq ;; = P ;; = a ;; = S.

MDC-162 :  Termination-Insensitive Mixer, 1 - 7 GHZ. n Intermodulation Ratio Insensitive to IF Port Mismatches n Conversion Loss: 6 dB Typical Midband n Impedance: 50 Ohms Nominal n Maximum Input Power: 350 mW Max @ 25C, Derated n The unique design of the termination insensitive mixer (TIM) enables it to apply high reverse voltage to diodes during their "off" phase, in the LO cycle. This allows for higher.

MGF7170AC : GaAs. UHF Band GAAS Power Amplifier. The is a monolithic microwave integrated circuit for use in CDMA base handheld phone. Vd=3.0V -High output power : Po=28dBm typ. @f=1.715~1.78GHz -Low distortion : ACP=-46dBc max. @Po=28dBm -High efficiency : Id=520mA typ. @Po=28dBm -Small size 1.1 mm Single voltage operation (NVG include) Surface mount package 2 Stage Amplifier External matching circuit.

P35-4229 : DC-20GHz Reflective SPDT. The is a high performance Gallium Arsenide monolithic single pole double throw broadband RF switch. It is suitable for use in broadband communications, instrumentation and electronic warfare applications. Control is effected by the application of complimentary 0V and -5V levels to the control lines in accordance with the truth table below. The die is fabricated.

S10A2500W1 : = RF Power Directional Couplers ;; Size LXWXH = 0.56 X 0.35 X 0.085" ;; Packaging = Surface Mount ;; Frequency MHZ = 2000-3000 ;; Power Handling Watts = 100.

SGA-2163 : DC-5000 MHZ Silicon Germanium HBT Cascadable Gain Block. Sirenza Microdevices is a high performance SiGe HBT MMIC Amplifier. A Darlington configuration featuring 1 micron emitters provides high F T and excellent thermal perfomance. The heterojunction increases breakdown voltage and minimizes leakage current between junctions. Cancellation of emitter junction non-linearities results in higher suppression of intermodulation.

SGL-0163 : 800-1000 MHZ Low Noise Amplifier, 50 Ohm, Silicon Germanium. Sirenza Microdevices is a high performance SiGe HBT MMIC low noise amplifier featuring 1 micron emitters with to 50 GHz. It is designed for operation at voltages as low as 2.5V. The SGL-0163 has been characterized = 3V for low power and 4V for medium power applications. This device has an internal temperature compensation circuit and can be operated.

HMC-C024 : Wideband Driver Amplifier Module, 10 MHz - 20 GHz. Gain: 15 dB Saturated Output Power: +24 dBm Spurious-Free Operation Regulated Supply and Bias Sequencing Typical Applications The HMC-C024 Wideband Driver is ideal for: OC192 LN/MZ Modulator Driver Telecom Infrastructure Microwave Radio & VSAT Military & Space Test Instrumentation Hermetically Sealed Module Field Replaceable SMA connectors to +85C.

HMC620LC4 : GaAs MMIC I/Q MIXER 3 - 7 GHz The HMC620LC4 is a compact I/Q MMIC mixer in a leadless Pb free RoHS compliant SMT package, whic can be used as either an Image Reject Mixer (IRM) or a Single Sideband Upconverter. The mixer utilizes two standard Hittite double balanced mixer cells and a 90 d e g re e hy br i d fa br i c ate d i n a GaAs MESFET pr o c e s s . A low frequency.

RFHA1006 : 225MHz To 1215MHz, 9W GaN Wideband Power Amplifier The RFHA1006 is a wideband Power Amplifier designed for CW and pulsed applications such as wireless infrastructure, RADAR, two way radios and general purpose amplification. Using an advanced high power density Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductor process, these high-performance amplifiers achieve high.

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