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CategoryRF & Microwaves => Amplifiers
Description 5 to 250 MHZ TO-8 Cascadable Amplifier
CompanyM/A-COM, Inc.
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Characteristics Frequency Small Signal Gain (min.) Gain Flatness (max.) Reverse Isolation Noise Figure (max.) Power Output 1 dB comp. (min.) IP3 IP2 Second Order Harmonic IP VSWR Input / Output (max.) DC Current @ 15 Volts (max.) Typical

is a standard A75-2 installed in a miniature SMA connector housing and guaranteed over to 50°C temperature range. Measured a 50-ohm system at +15 Vdc Nominal. Subject to change without notice.

Storage Temperature Max. Case Temperature Max. DC Voltage Max. Continuous RF Input Power Max. Short Term RF Input Power (1 minute max.) Max. Peak Power (3 µsec max.) "S" Series Burn-in Temperature (Case)

Thermal Resistance jc Transistor Power Dissipation Pd Junction Temperature Rise Above Case Tjc
Package Figure Model BG A75-2 Surface Mount AA SMA75-2 SMA Connectorized CE CA75-2

Specifications subject to change without notice. North America: 1-800-366-2266 Visit for complete contact and product information.


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FMM5702X : MMICs->GaAs MMICs. Millimeterwave Lnas. Low Noise Figure: = 1.6dB (Typ.) @ f=30 GHz High Associated Gain: Gas = 13dB (Typ.) @ f=30 GHz Wide Frequency Band: 27-32 GHz Impedance Matched Zin/Zout = 50 The is a LNA MMIC designed for applications in the 27-32 GHz frequency range. This product is well suited for satellite communications and radio link applications where low noise and high gain.

HFSeries : Helical Filters. Helical filters in HF series comprise band-pass filters designed to be applied to automobile telephones, cordless telephones and various communication equipments. Two or three 5mm square, 7mm square or 10mm square coils, as the base, can be combined to acquire a variety of optional band-pass filter characteristics. S Models HF-H20-A HF-H30-A Construction.

LF-402 : Z RATIO: 50 Ohm Unbal/12.5 Ohm Unbal.

LMA422 : Low Noise Phemt Mmic. LOW NOISE PHEMT MMIC 26 GHz to 30 GHz Frequency Band 3.0 dB Noise Figure 22 dB Gain 5 dBm Output Power at Saturation +3 V Single Bias Supply AND APPLICATIONS The Filtronic Solid State is a low noise PHEMT amplifier that operates from to 30GHz. This 3-stage reactively matched amplifier provides 22 dB nominal gain with 3dB typical noise figure and saturated.

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NLT25-80-BA : = Netlight NLT25-80-BA 1550 NM Laser Transceiver For Extended Long Reach ;; Applications = Sonet OC-48 LR-2; SDH L-16.2 ;; Bandwidth = to 2.488 Gb/s.

RFP-60-50TPC : = Terminations ;; Size LXWXH = 0.250 X 0.515 X 0.15" ;; Packaging = Flanged ;; Frequency MHZ = 0-6000 ;; Power Handling Watts = 60.

HMC-C027 : Typical Applications The HMC-C027 Wideband LNA is ideal for: • Telecom Infrastructure • Microwave Radio & VSAT • Military & Space • Test Instrumentation • Fiber Optics] Functional Diagram The HMC-C027 is a GaAs MMIC PHEMT Low Noise Amplifi er in a miniature, hermetic module which operates between 29 and 36 GHz. This high dynamic range amplifi er module.

HMC554LC3B : The HMC554LC3B is a general purpose double balanced mixer in a leadless RoHS compliant SMT package that can be used as an upconverter or downconverter between 11 and 20 GHz. This mixer is fabricated in a GaAs MESFET process, and requires no external components or matching circuitry. The HMC554LC3B provides excellent LO to RF and LO to IF isolation due to optimized.

ATA5577 : Read/Write LF RFID IDIC® 100 to 150 kHz. High Performance IDIC® (Extended Read/Write Distance) Contactless Power Supply Contactless Read/Write Data Transmission Radio Frequency fRF from 100 kHz to 150 kHz Basic Mode or Extended Mode Compatible with T5557, ATA5567 Configurable for ISO/IEC 11784/785 Animal and Waste Standards Compatibility Total 363 Bits EEPROM Memory: 11 Blocks (32 Bits + 1 Lock.

MSWSH-020-30 : Medium / High Power Switches Unlike standard MMIC switches that can’t handle high power, Aeroflex / Metelics’ new no-driver switch family provides medium to high power levels from 20 to 40 W max. with low harmonic distortion. If higher RF power is required, we can support up to 100W maximum Need specified information? Contact our application engineers.

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