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Description 5 to 500 MHZ TO-8 Cascadable Amplifier
CompanyM/A-COM, Inc.
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Characteristics Frequency Small Signal Gain (min.) Gain Flatness (max.) Reverse Isolation Noise Figure (max.) Power Output 1 dB comp. (min.) IP3 IP2 Second Order Harmonic IP VSWR Input / Output (max.) DC Current @ 15 Volts (max.) Typical

Measured a 50-ohm system at +15 Vdc Nominal. Subject to change without notice.

Storage Temperature Max. Case Temperature Max. DC Voltage Max. Continuous RF Input Power Max. Short Term RF Input Power (1 minute max.) Max. Peak Power (3 µsec max.) "S" Series Burn-in Temperature (Case)

Thermal Resistance jc Transistor Power Dissipation Pd Junction Temperature Rise Above Case Tjc
Package Figure Model BG A76-1 Surface Mount AA SMA76-1 SMA Connectorized CE CA76-1

Specifications subject to change without notice. North America: 1-800-366-2266 Visit for complete contact and product information.


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1SV302 : VR (v) = 30 ;; Ir (nA) = 10 ;; CT(1) (pF) = 42 to 51 ;; CT(2) (pF) = 2.1 to 3.1 ;; CT(1)/CT(2) = 18 ;; .rs(Typ.) Ohms = 1.05 ;; Package = Usc ;; Application = UHF Tuning(bs 2nd C/V)(CATV).

A33 :  10 to 2000 MHZ TO-8 Cascadable Amplifier. TO 2000 MHz TO-8 CASCADABLE AMPLIFIER AVAILABLE IN SURFACE MOUNT LOW NOISE FIGURE 4.5 dB (TYP.) +3 dBm OUTPUT LEVEL (TYP.) WIDE POWER SUPPLY RANGE TO +15 VOLTS Characteristics Frequency Small Signal Gain (min.) Gain Flatness (max.) Reverse Isolation Noise Figure (max.) Power Output 1 dB comp. (min.) IP3 IP2 Second Order Harmonic IP VSWR Input / Output.

BR7217 : Frequency (MHz) = 10 - 500 ;; Gain (Typ/Min) (dB) = 25.5 / 24 ;; Noise Figure (Typ/Max) (dB) = 2.5 / 3 ;; P1dB Comp Point (Typ/Min) (dBm) = +20 / +18 ;; 3rd Order Intercept (Typ) (dBm) = +33 ;; 2nd Order Intercept (Typ) (dBm) = +44 ;; DC Power (Typ) (V/mA) = +15 / +65 ;; Package = Package = Package = 4 Pin TO-8B Package = Surface Mount Package = Connectorized.

CHA2296-99F : BSA. Operational Frequency = 9-19GHz ;; Noise Figure = - ;; Gain = 16dB ;; Gain Flatness = 1,5dB ;; Gain Control Range = - ;; P-1dB = - ;; Case = Die.

FLC097WF : FET. C,x,ku-band Power GAAS Fets. High Output Power: = 28.8dBm (Typ.) High Gain: = 8.5dB(Typ.) High PAE: add = 35%(Typ.) Proven Reliability Hermetic Metal/Ceramic Package The is a power GaAs FET that is designed for general purpose applications in the C-Band frequency range as it provides superior power, gain, and efficiency. Fujitsu's stringent Quality Assurance Program assures the highest.

MHW7242A : MHW7242A 750 Mhz, 24.7 DB Gain, 110-Channel Catv Amplifier Module. Specified for 77­ and 110­Channel Loading Excellent Distortion Performance Silicon Bipolar Transistor Technology Unconditionally Stable Under All Load Conditions Applications CATV Systems Operating in the to 750 MHz Frequency Range Input Stage Amplifier in Optical Nodes, Line Extenders and Trunk Distribution Amplifiers for CATV Systems Driver Amplifier.

MRF19090 : Power. MRF19090, MRF19090S, MRF19090SR3 1990 Mhz, 90 W, 26 V Lateral N-channel RF Power MOSFETs.

RD02MUS1 : VHF, UHF and 900MHz. is a MOS FET type transistor specifically designed for VHF/UHF RF po -wer amplifiers applications. OUTLINE DRAWING APPLICATION For output stage of high power amplifiers In VHF/UHF band mobile radio sets. ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (Tc=25°C UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED) SYMBOL VDSS VGSS Pin Pch Tj Tstg Rth-c PARAMETER Drain to source voltage Gate to source voltage.

RF3120 : LNAs. 3V 1800MHz Linear Amplifier Module. Typical Applications 3V CDMA Korean-PCS Handsets Spread-Spectrum Systems The is a high-power, high-efficiency linear amplifier IC targeting 3V handheld systems. The device is manufactured on an advanced Gallium Arsenide Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor (HBT) process, and has been designed for use as the final RF amplifier in dual-mode 3V CDMA hand-held.

TDA9816M : Multistandard Multimedia If-pll And FM Radio Demodulator. Preliminary File under Integrated Circuits, IC02 1997 Nov 19 5 V supply voltage Gain controlled wideband Video IF (VIF) amplifier (AC-coupled) True synchronous demodulation with active carrier regeneration (very linear demodulation, good intermodulation figures, reduced harmonics, excellent pulse response) Robustness for over-modulation better than.

TGA1073B-SCC : = ka Band Hpa ;; Freq(GHz) = 27 - 32 ;; Power(dBm) = 28.5 ;; Gain(dB) = 25 ;; Nf/pae = ;; +V = 6-8 ;; IQ(mA) = 420 ;; Status = Standard.

TGA1319B-EPU : = ka Band Lna ;; Freq(GHz) = 21-27 ;; Power(dBm) = 8 ;; Gain(dB) = 19 ;; Nf/pae = 1.75 ;; +V = 3 ;; IQ(mA) = 45 ;; Status = Standard.

TGA2503 : 13 - 17 GHZ 2 Watt, 32db Power Amplifier. 33 dBm Midband Pout 32 dB Nominal Gain 10 dB Typical Return Loss Built-in Directional Power Detector with Reference 0.5µm pHEMT, 3MI Technology Bias Conditions: 7V, 680mA Chip dimensions: x 4 mils) Note: Devices designated as EPU are typically early in their characterization process prior to finalizing all electrical and process s. s are subject to change.

HMC-C010 : Module, 6 - 16 GHz, 8dB Ins. Loss, 800-450 Degree Phase Range The HMC-C010 is an Analog Phase Shifter which is controlled via an analog control voltage from 0 to +5V. The HMC-C010 provides a continuously variable phase shift of 0 to 800 degrees at 6 GHz, and 0 to 450 degrees at 16 GHz, with consistent insertion loss versus phase shift. The phase shift.

HMC449LC3B : 13500 - 16500 MHz, Active X2, +10dBm Pout, -132 dBc/Hz Phase Noise frequency multiplier utilizing GaAs PHEMT technology in a leadless RoHS SMT package. When driven by a 0 dBm signal the multiplier provides +9 dBm typical output power from 27 to 31 GHz. The Fo and 3Fo isolations are >25 dBc and >30 dBc respectively at 30 GHz. The HMC449LC3B is ideal.

TQM713019 : 802.16 Driver / Power Amplifier The TQM713019 is a 3V, 2 stage GaAs HBT Power Amplifier Module designed for use in mobile phones. Its extremely small 4x4mm package makes it ideal for today’s compact data enabled phones. Its RF performance meets the requirements for products designed to IS-95/98 standards..

RF-HDT-WJMC-M0 : Tag-it HF-I Plus Transponder Chip (Wafer bumped). Product . Functional . Memory Organization Command Set. Inlay Formats and Part Numbers. Regulatory, Safety, and Warranty Notices 30 Warranty and Liability 30 Hazards From Electrostatic Discharge (ESD). 30 Danger of Cutting Injuries. 31 Thermal Effects. 31 Handling 31 .

TGS2302 : TriQuint's newest single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) gallium arsenide switch is built for operation in the 4-20 GHz range, ideally suited for electronic warfare (EW) receivers, radar and general wideband communications systems. This part provides a nominal 0.9 dB insertion loss, 12 dB return loss and 35 dB isolation. Its lower cost and compact design.

DB-55008L-450 : RF Power RF power amplifier using 1 x PD55008L-E N-channel enhancement-mode lateral MOSFETs.

SKY77604 : Multi-Mode / Multi-Band Power Amplifier Module For Next Generation GGE And HSPA Handsets Skyworks SKY77604 is a hybrid multi-mode, multi-band Power Amplifier Module (PAM) that supports 2.5G and 3G handsets, and operates efficiently in GSM, EGPRS, EDGE WCDMA modes. The PAM consists of a GSM800/EGSM900 PA block, a DCS1800/PCS1900 PA block, separate WCDMA.

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