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TitleRF/microwave Diodes
Description Silicon Hyperabrupt Microwave Tuning Varactor Diode
CompanyM/A-COM, Inc.
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Features, Applications

High Q Usable Capacitance Change of 7:1 Low Reverse Leakage for Good Post Tuning Drift Characteristics Reproducible C-V Curves


The MA4ST550 family of high Q Silicon Hyperabrupt Tuning Varactors is available in a series of low parasitic capacitance microwave packages or in chip form. The MA4ST550 series of diodes is available with junction capacitances of approximately at -4 volts. These diodes have capacitance change ratios as high as 7:1.


The MA4ST550 series is appropriate for use in VCOs with frequencies within the range of approximately 1-14 GHz where a large capacitance change is required. These diodes are suited for VCOs in missile seekers, telecommunication systems and electronic warfare systems with critical post tuning drift specifications.

All tuning varactors in ceramic packages are capable of meeting the performance tests dictated by the methods and procedures of the latest revisions MIL-S-19500, MILSTD-202 and MIL-STD-750 which specify mechanical, electrical, thermal and other environmental tests common to semiconductor products.

Parameter Reverse Voltage Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Coefficient Absolute Maximum Same as Breakdown Voltage +200C 400 ppm/C at -4 Volts

High Q Hyperabrupt Tuning Varactors Electrical Specifications at 25C

Breakdown Voltage = 22 Volts Minimum @ 10 Microamps Reverse Current = 50 nAmps Maximum @ 20 Volts and 25C

Notes: 1. The standard case style is 30. Other packages and chips shown at the bottom of this page are available. When ordering, specify the desired case style by adding the case designation as a suffix to the model number, i.e. X 15 mil chip diode. See appendix for complete dimensions. 2. Capacitance is measured at 1 MHz.

3. The total capacitance values shown are for devices housed in case style 30. Other case styles will result in different values due to different case parsasitics. Case parasitics (CP and LS) are given for available case styles along with the outline drawings in the appendix.

High Q Hyperabrupt Tuning Varactors Typical Performance Curves


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