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Description SP6T Series-shunt Reflective Pin Diode Switch With Integrated Bias Network
CompanyM/A-COM, Inc.
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SP6T PIN Diode Switch with Integrated Bias Network

Ultra Broad Bandwidth: 2 GHz to 18 GHz 1.9 dB Insertion Loss, 35 dB Isolation at 18 GHz Reliable. Fully Monolithic, Glass Encapsulated Construction


The is a Reflective SP6T Series-Shunt broad band switch with integrated bias networks made with M/A-COM's HMICTM (Heterolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit) process, US Patent 5,268,310. This process allows the incorporation of silicon pedestals that form series and shunt diodes or vias by imbedding them in low loss, low dispersion glass. By using small spacing between elements, this combination of silicon and glass gives HMIC devices low loss and high isolation performance through 18 GHz.


These high performance switches are suitable for the use in multi-band ECM, Radar, and instrumentation control circuits where high isolation to insertion loss ratios are required. With a standard V/-5 V, TTL controlled PIN diode driver, 80 ns switching speeds are achieved.

Parameter Operating Temperature Storage Temperature RF C.W. Incident Power (+/-20 mA) Bias Current (Forward) Applied Voltage (Reverse) Value + 30 dBm 15 V

1. Exceeding any of these values may result in permanent damage
Electrical Specifications = 25 C, 10 mA Bias Current (On-Wafer Measurements)

1. Typical switching speed is measured from 90% of the detected RF voltage driven by a TTL compatible driver. Driver output parallel RC network uses a capacitor between 560 pF and a resistor between - 220 Ohms to achieve 80 ns rise and fall times.

Note: Typical Switching Speed measured from % of detected RF signal driven by a TTL compatible driver. 2 M/A-COM Inc. and its affiliates reserve the right to make changes to the product(s) or information contained herein without notice. Visit for additional data sheets and product information.

SP6T PIN Diode Switch with Integrated Bias Network Microwave Performance

3 M/A-COM Inc. and its affiliates reserve the right to make changes to the product(s) or information contained herein without notice. Visit for additional data sheets and product information.


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