Details, datasheet, quote on part number: SW-106PIN
CategoryRF & Microwaves => Switches
DescriptionDC-3 Ghz, High Power GAAS SPDT Switch
CompanyM/A-COM, Inc.
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Features, Applications

+39 dBm Typ. 1 dB Compression Point, -8V Control +65 dBm Typ. 3rd Order Intercept, -8V Control Insertion Loss 0.4 dB Typical Low Power Consumption Fast Switching Speed

Impedance Switching Characteristics Trise, Tfall 90% ) Ton, Toff (50% CTL to 90%/10% RF) Transients (In-Band) Input Power for Compression 0.9 GHz (-5VControl) 0.9 GHz (-8V Control) dB +32.5 dBm +35.5 dBm 50 Ohms Nominal 30 ns Typ 35 ns Typ 12 mV Typ dB +35.5 dBm +39.5 dBm Typ

Third Order Intercept Point (with two +10 dBm Input Tones) 0.9 GHz (-5V Control) +61 dBm Typ 0.9 GHz (-8V Control) +65 dBm Typ Control Voltages Vin Low Vin High 20 A Max 50 A Typ 800 A Max

1. All specifications apply when operated with bias voltages of 0V for Vin Low and to -10V for Vin High, and 50 ohm impedance at all RFports, unless otherwise specified. 2. High power (greater than 1W) handling specifications apply to cold switching only. For input powers under 1W hot switching can be used. 3. Contact the factory for standard or custom screening requirements.

Part Number SW-106 PIN SW-276 PIN Package Surface Mount Ceramic

For both switches: Unless Otherwise Noted: Bottom of Case is AC Ground Dimension ( ) are in 0.010 (.xx 0.02 (.x 0.5)

High Power GaAs SPDT Switch Absolute Maximum Ratings

Parameter Max. Input Power 0.05 GHz - 2.0 GHz 5V Control 8V Control 10V Control Power Dissipation Control Voltage Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Maximum Junction Temperature Thermal Resistance 2: jc

1. Operation of this device above any one of these parameters ma y cause permanent damage. 2. T case = 25C, where Tcase is the temperature at the bottom of the case. 3. Special consideration must be given to the mounting of the switch to minimize the thermal resistance. The bottom of the case should be thermally attached to the mounting surface to maintain the junction temperature under the absolute maximum rating.

Control A B High Low High Condition of Switch RF Common to Each RF Por RF2 On Off On


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