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CategoryRF & Microwaves => Switches
Description GaAs SPDT Switch, 5 - 2000 MHZ
CompanyM/A-COM, Inc.
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Low Insertion Loss, 1.0 dB Typical Fast Switching Speed, 20 ns Typical Ultra Low DC Power Consumption 0.12mA Typical Integral TTL Driver MIL-STD-883 Screening Available

Dimensions ( ) are in mm. Unless otherwise = 0.010 (.xx = 0.02 (.x = 0.5) WEIGHT (APPROX.): 0.14 OUNCES 4 GRAMS

Impedance Switching Characteristics t RISE, tFALL t ON, tOFF (50% CTL to 90/10% RF) Transients (In-Band) Input Power for 1 dB Compression 500-2000 MHz 50 MHz Intermodulation Intercept Point (for two-tone input power to +13 dBm) Intercept Points 500-2000 MHz 50 MHz Bias Power +46 +40 dBm Typ dBm Typ 50 Ohms Nominal (TTL) mV +27 dBm Typ +21 dBm Typ

* All specifications apply when operated with bias voltages of +5 VDC and 50 ohm impedance at all RF ports.

Control Input "1" = Logic High TTL 1 2 Condition of Switch RF Common To Each RF Port RF2 ON OFF ON


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SMP1320-001 : Low Resistance Low Capacitance. Designed for High Performance Wireless Switch Applications 0.9 Resistance, 0.3 pF Capacitance Available Lead (Pb)-Free @ 250C per JEDEC J-STD-020 Available in Tape and Reel Packaging The SMP1320 series of plastic packaged, surface mountable PIN diodes are designed for high volume switch applications from 10 MHz to beyond 2 GHz. The low current performance.

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UC1527B : Regulating Pulse Width Modulators. The UC1525B/1527B series of pulse width modulator integrated circuits are designed to offer improved performance and lowered external parts count when 5.1V Buried Zener Reference used in designing all types of switching power supplies. The on-chip +5.1V Trimmed to 0.75% buried zener reference is trimmed to 0.75% and the input common-mode range to 500kHz.

AD5934 : 250 kSPS 12-Bit Impedance Converter Network Analyzer The AD5934 is a high precision impedance converter system solution which combines an on board frequency generator with a 12-bit, 250 kSPS ADC. The frequency generator allows an external complex impedance to be excited with a known frequency. The response signal from the impedance is sampled by the on board.

HMC-C045 : LOW NOISE AMPLIFIER The HMC-C045 is a GaAs MMIC PHEMT Low Noise Amplifi er in a miniature, hermetic module which operates between 1.8 and 4.2 GHz. This high dynamic range low noise amplifi er module provides 26 dB of gain, sub-1 dB noise fi gure and up to +26 dBm of output IP3 while operating from a single positive supply between +8V and +15V. The amplifi.

CPL-WB-01C2 : EMI Filtering & Signal Conditioning Wide band directional coupler with ISO port.

ADL5356 : 1200 MHz To 2500 MHz, Dual-Balanced Mixer, LO Buffer, IF Amplifier, And RF Balun The ADL5356 uses a highly linear, doubly balanced, passive mixer core along with integrated RF and local oscillator (LO) balancing circuitry to allow single-ended operation. The ADL5356 incorporates the RF baluns, allowing for optimal performance over a 1200 MHz to 2500.

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