Details, datasheet, quote on part number: SW-222PIN
CategoryPower Management => AC-DC Controllers/Converters => High & Low Side Switch
DescriptionGAAS SPST Switch Dc-4 GHZ
CompanyM/A-COM, Inc.
DatasheetDownload SW-222PIN datasheet
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SW-224  GaAs SPDT Switch, DC - 2 GHZ
SW-225  GaAs SPDT Switch, DC - 2 GHZ
SW-226  GaAs SPDT Switch, DC - 4 GHZ
SW-227  GaAs SPDT Switch, DC - 4 GHZ
SW-228  GaAs SPDT Switch, DC - 4 GHZ
SW-229  Connectorized SPDT GAAS Switch, DC - 2 GHZ
SW-231  Matched GAAS SPST Switch, 5 - 4000 MHZ
SW-233  Matched GAAS SPDT Switch, 5 - 2000 MHZ
SW-233PIN Matched GAAS SPDT Switch 5-2000mhz
SW-236  Matched GAAS SPDT Switch, 5 - 2000 MHZ
SW-236PIN Matched GAAS SPDT Switch 5-2000mhz
SW-239  GaAs SPDT Switch
SW-239PIN GAAS SPDT Switch Dc-2.5 GHZ
SW-239RTR  GaAs SPDT Switch
SW-241  Matched GAAS SP3T Switch, 5 - 2000 MHZ
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LT1086 : LT1086, 1.5A Low Dropout Positive Regulators Adjustable And Fixed 2.85V, 3.3V, 3.6V, 5V, 12V.

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PBD35171N : Stepper Motor Drive Circuit. PBD is a bipolar, monolithic, integrated circuit, intended to drive a stepper motor in a unipolar, bilevel way. One PBD 3517/1 and a minimum of external components form a complete control and drive unit for LS-TTL- or microprocessor-controlled stepper motor system for currents to 500mA. The driver is suited for applications requiring least-posssible.

PT4663 : . Dual Outputs (Independantly Regulated) Power-up/Down Sequencing Input Voltage Range: 75V 1500 VDC Isolation Temp Range: to 100C High Efficiency: 88% Fixed Frequency Operation Over-Current Protection (Both Outputs) Dual Logic On/Off Control Over-Temperature Shutdown Over-Voltage Protection (Coordinated Shutdown) Under-Voltage Lockout Input Differential.

REC5-XX05DRW : Regulated DC/DC. Power = 5 ;; ISOlation = 1 ;; Input Voltages (VDC) = 9-18, 18-36, 36-72, 9-36, 18-72 ;; Output Voltages = 5, 9, 12, 15 ;; No. Of Outputs = S & D ;; Case = DIP24.

RN5VL27A : Voltage Detector.

SMFL : . Fully qualified to Class to +125C operation to 40 VDC input Fully Isolated Magnetic feedback Fixed frequency, 600 kHz typical Topology Single Ended Forward Inhibit input side and output side Sync function Output trim on single output models Indefinite short circuit protection Remote sense on single output models to 87% efficiency Parallelable to 180 watts.

TC55RP3302EZB : Ic-ldo Voltage Regulator+3.3v.

TCM850 : The TCM850/1/2/3 Combines an Inverting Charge Pump And a Low Noise Linear Regulator in a Single Small Outline Package.

TPS60131 : Regulated 5-v, 300 ma High Efficiency Charge Pump DC/DC Converters. TPS60132, TPS60133 REGULATED 300 mA HIGH EFFICIENCY CHARGE PUMP DC/DC CONVERTERS to 90% Efficiency From to 5.4-V Input Voltage Range Because of Special Switching Topology to 300-mA Output Current (TPS60130 and TPS60131) No Inductors Required, Low EMI Regulated 5-V 4% Output Only Four External Components Required 60-A Quiescent Supply Current 0.05-A.

TPS70802 : Dual-output Low-dropout Voltage Regulators With Integrated SVS For Split Voltage Systems.

TWR30W : . xDSL Line Card 30 Watt, DC/DC Converters Independently regulated 3.3V and or 15V outputs @ 4.25A and 500mA 30 Watts output power 87% efficiency; 75mV ripple/noise Input ranges: x 2" plastic package UL 1950 and EN60950 safety approvals Fully isolated, 1500Vdc guaranteed Basic Insulation transformer construction Input under and overvoltage shutdown.

UC2578 : Buck Pulse Width Modulator Stepdown Voltage Regulator. Buck Pulse Width Modulator Stepdown Voltage Regulator Provides Simple Single Inductor Buck PWM Step-Down Voltage Regulation Drives External High Side NMOS Switch to 72V Input Voltage Operating Range Contains 100kHz Internal Oscillator, 2V Reference and UVLO Soft Start on Power Up Overcurrent Shutdown Followed by Soft Start The is a PWM controller with.

UC2730N : Thermal Monitor. ti UC2730, Thermal Monitor. On-Chip Temperature Transducer Temperature Comparator Gives Threshold Temperature Alarm Power Reference Permits Airflow Diagnostics Precision 2.5V Power Reference Permits Airflow Diagnostics Transducer Output is Easily Scaled for Increased Sensitivity Low 2.5mA Quiescent Current The UC1730 family of integrated circuit devices are designed to be used.

W2530 : 25 to 30 Watt 2" X 2" Single And Multi Output DC-DC Converters. 1400 PROVIDENCE HIGHWAY BUILDING 2 NORWOOD, MASSACHUSETTS 02062-5015 WWW.INTRONICS.COM Servers, Switches and Data Storage Wireless Communications Distributed Power Architecture Semiconductor Test Equipment Applications Networking Gear Data Communications Telecommunications Industrial / Medical The W2530 Familiy of high efficiency DC/DC converters offer.

ZLDO330 : Low Dropout Regulator. The ZLDO Series low dropout linear regulators operate with an exceptionally low dropout voltage, typically only 30mV with a load current of 100mA. The regulator series output voltages in the range to 18 volts, this device provides an output voltage of 3.3 volts. The ZLDO330 consumes a typical quiescent current of only 560A and is rated to supply load.

SG6932 : Green-mode PFC/Flyback-PWM Controller The highly integrated SG6932 is designed for power supplies with boost PFC and forward PWM. It requires very few external components to achieve green-mode operation and versatile protections / compensation. It is available in 16-pin DIP and SOP packages. The patented interleave-switching feature synchronizes the PFC and PWM stages.

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