Details, datasheet, quote on part number: SW-223PIN
CategoryPower Management => AC-DC Controllers/Converters => High & Low Side Switch
DescriptionGAAS SPST Switch Dc-4 GHZ
CompanyM/A-COM, Inc.
DatasheetDownload SW-223PIN datasheet
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SW-224  GaAs SPDT Switch, DC - 2 GHZ
SW-225  GaAs SPDT Switch, DC - 2 GHZ
SW-226  GaAs SPDT Switch, DC - 4 GHZ
SW-227  GaAs SPDT Switch, DC - 4 GHZ
SW-228  GaAs SPDT Switch, DC - 4 GHZ
SW-229  Connectorized SPDT GAAS Switch, DC - 2 GHZ
SW-231  Matched GAAS SPST Switch, 5 - 4000 MHZ
SW-233  Matched GAAS SPDT Switch, 5 - 2000 MHZ
SW-233PIN Matched GAAS SPDT Switch 5-2000mhz
SW-236  Matched GAAS SPDT Switch, 5 - 2000 MHZ
SW-236PIN Matched GAAS SPDT Switch 5-2000mhz
SW-239  GaAs SPDT Switch
SW-239PIN GAAS SPDT Switch Dc-2.5 GHZ
SW-239RTR  GaAs SPDT Switch
SW-241  Matched GAAS SP3T Switch, 5 - 2000 MHZ
SW-254  Matched GAAS SP4T Switch, 5 - 2000 MHZ
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1B22 : Programmable, ISOlated Voltage-to-current Converter. Internal Isolated Loop Supply Drives 1000 Load Pin Programmable Inputs: +10 V Pin Programmable Outputs: 20 mA High CMV Isolation: 1500 V RMS Normal-Mode Output Protection: 240 V RMS High Accuracy Low Offset Tempco: 300 nA/ C Low Gain Tempco: 50 ppm/ C Low Nonlinearity: 0.02% High CMR: 90 dB min Small Package: 2.10" 0.35" Meets IEEE STD 472: CMV Transient.

39-1734102 : Voltage Clamp/Shunt. 4-wire DC Current Shunts. POINTS TO KEEP IN MIND WHEN YOU USE A DC AMMETER SHUNT These shunts are designed for use with or 100 millivolt measuring instruments, calibrated in terms of the ampere ratings of the shunt. The accuracy of these shunts is better than 1/4% of the rated value and the temperature coefficient It is important that the resistance be constant under different.

6A259 : . The A6A259KA and A6A259KLB combine a 3-to-8 line CMOS decoder and accompanying data latches, control circuitry, and DMOS outputs in a multi-functional power driver capable of storing single-line data in the addressable latches or use as a decoder or demuliplexer. Driver applications include relays, solenoids, and other medium-current or high-voltage.

AAT3134 : High Efficiency 1X/1.5X Fractional Charge Pump For White Led Applications.the AAT3134 is a Low Noise, Constant Frequencycharge Pump DC/DC Converter That Uses a Dualmode Load Switch (1X) And Fractional (1.5X) Conversionto Maximize Efficiency For White Led Applications.the Device CAN be Used to Produce Currentlevels up to 20mA in Each of Its Six Outputs.

AIC1579 : High-efficiency Step-down DC/DC Converter. The is a high-power, high-efficiency voltage-mode DC/DC controller for motherboard VI/O power supply applications. Designed to drive an N-channel MOSFET in a standard buck topology, the AIC1579 a high voltage CMOS output driver, short-circuit protection, and 8-pin package. An external 4-bit Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) can be used along with the AIC1579.

ATA6821 : Single-channel High-speed Gate Driver With Push-pull Output.

ICP-S0.5 : IC Protection. Circuit Protection Elements. !Circuit protection elements Rohm's circuit protectors have a very reliable current cut-off capability that protects ICs and their circuits from accidental short circuit loads. Whether operated or DC circuits, these circuit protectors have a very low internal resistance in normal operation, but safely and rapidly break the circuit when the current cutoff.

NKA0303S : ISOlated Sub-miniature 1W Dual Output DC/DC Converters.

PJ1085 : Low Dropout Positive Voltage Regulators. He PJ1085 Series of high performance positive voltage Regulators are designed for use in applications requiring low dropout performance at full rated current, Additionally, the PJ1085 Series provides excellent regulation over variations due to changes in line, load and temperature. Outstanding include low dropout performance at rated current, fast transient.

PT6728A : Plug-in Power Solutions->Non-Isolated->Single Posi. ti PT6728, 1.5Vout 14 Amp 12V-Input Adjustable Isr, cu Case.

PT6882A : Plug-in Power Solutions->Non-Isolated->Single Posi. ti PT6882, 2.5Vout 5A 18-36V Input Adjustable Isr, cu Case.

TPS79133DBVR : ti TPS79133, Ultra Low Noise, High Psrr, Fast RF, Low-Enable, 100mA Low Dropout Regulator.

ZXCL260E5 : Ultra Small Micropower Sc70 Low Dropout Regulators. The ZXCL series are very small low dropout regulators designed for use in low power and severely space limited applications. The devices operate with a low dropout voltage, typically of only at 50mA load. Supply current is minimised with a ground pin current of only 50A at full 150mA load. Logic control allows the devices to be shut down, consuming.

NCP1562 : The NCP1562x is a family of voltage mode controllers designed for dc-dc converters requiring high efficiency and low parts count. These controllers incorporate two in phase outputs with an overlap delay to prevent simultaneous conduction and facilitates soft switching. The main output is designed for driving a forward converter primary MOSFET. The secondary.

MCP1603 : Step-down DC/DC Controller The MCP1603 is a high efficiency fully integrated 500 mA 2.0 MHz synchronous buck regulator ideally suited for Li-Ion/NiMH Battery powered application powered.

MAX5963 : Dual, 7.5V To 76V, Hot-Swap And Diode ORing Controller The MAX5963 dual hot-swap and diode ORing controller provides complete protection for dual-supply high availability systems. The device operates from 7.5V to 76V and provides hot-swap and low voltage-drop diode ORing functionality for two 7.5V to 76V outputs. The MAX5963 allows for the safe insertion.

ISL62881C : Single-Phase PWM Regulator For IMVP-6.5 Mobile CPUs And GPUs The ISL62881C provides a complete solution for microprocessor and graphic processor core power supply with its integrated gate drive. Based on Intersils Robust Ripple regulator (R3) technology, the PWM modulator compared to traditional modulators, has faster transient settling time, variable.

MIC2165 : Adaptive On-Time DC-DC Controller Featuring Hyper Light LoadTM Hyper Speed ControlTM Family The Micrel MIC2165 is a synchronous adaptive on-time buck controller targeting high performance, cost sensitive applications such as set-top boxes, gateways, routers, computing peripherals, and telecom/networking equipment. The MIC2165 operates over a supply.

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