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CategoryRF & Microwaves => Switches
Description Matched GAAS SPDT Switch, 5 - 2000 MHZ
CompanyM/A-COM, Inc.
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SW-233PIN Matched GAAS SPDT Switch 5-2000mhz
SW-236  Matched GAAS SPDT Switch, 5 - 2000 MHZ
SW-236PIN Matched GAAS SPDT Switch 5-2000mhz
SW-239  GaAs SPDT Switch
SW-239PIN GAAS SPDT Switch Dc-2.5 GHZ
SW-239RTR  GaAs SPDT Switch
SW-241  Matched GAAS SP3T Switch, 5 - 2000 MHZ
SW-254  Matched GAAS SP4T Switch, 5 - 2000 MHZ
SW-255  GaAs SP4T Switch, 5 - 2000 MHZ
SW-259  GaAs SPST Switch
SW-261  Matched GAAS SP4T Switch, 5 - 2000 MHZ
SW-262  GaAs SP4T Switch, 5 - 2000 MHZ
SW-276 DC-3 Ghz, High Power GAAS SPDT Switch
SW-277  High Power GAAS SPDT Switch
SW-283  GaAs Transfer Switch, DC - 3 GHZ
SW-284  GaAs Matched SP6T Switch, DC - 2 GHZ
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AA104-73 : Digital Attenuator. GAAS ic 1 Bit Digital Attenuator 32 DB. 1 Bit Attenuation dB DC­1 GHz, dB 1­2 GHz, 2­2.5 dB Combine with or AA101-80 for dB 6 Bit Solution Tune with One Capacitor and/or Resistor to Desired Operating Frequency and Attenuation Ideal for Both IF and RF Applications Including Cable, GSM, PCS, EDGE, 3G and ISM The a 1 bit, GaAs IC FET digital attenuator in a low cost SOT-6 package. This attenuator.

AS214-92 : Phemt GAAS ic SPDT Switch 0.1 3 GHZ. T/R Switch in WLANs, Bluetooth and Medium Power Telecommunication Applications Low Insertion Loss @ 2.4 GHz) Isolation @ 2.4 GHz Low DC Power Consumption PHEMT Process Operates 1.8 V Control Voltage The is a medium power IC FET SPDT switch in a low cost miniature SC-70 6 lead plastic package. The AS214-92 low insertion loss and positive voltage operation.

BR9604 : Frequency (MHz) = 30 - 500 ;; Gain (Typ/Min) (dB) = 23 / 21 ;; Noise Figure (Typ/Max) (dB) = 5 / 6 ;; P1dB Comp Point (Typ/Min) (dBm) = +21 / +19 ;; 3rd Order Intercept (Typ) (dBm) = +33 ;; 2nd Order Intercept (Typ) (dBm) = +40 ;; DC Power (Typ) (V/mA) = +15 / +125 ;; Package = Package = Package = 4 Pin TO-8B Package = Surface Mount Package = Connectorized.

BX5101 : Frequency (MHz) = 5 - 500 ;; Gain (Typ/Min) (dB) = 13 / 12 ;; Noise Figure (Typ/Max) (dB) = 2.75 / 4 ;; P1dB Comp Point (Typ/Min) (dBm) = +7.5 / +6 ;; 3rd Order Intercept (Typ) (dBm) = +21 ;; 2nd Order Intercept (Typ) (dBm) = +31 ;; DC Power (Typ) (V/mA) = +15 / +17 ;; Package = Package = Package = 4 Pin TO-8 Package = Surface Mount Package = Flatpack.

C430S : Phase Control SCR 680 Amperes Avg 500-1300 Volts.

CR04AM400-12 : Lead-mount, Phase Control SCR 0.4 Amperes/400-600 Volts. Powerex, Inc., 200 Hillis Street, Youngwood, Pennsylvania (412) 925-7272 : The Powerex CR04AM Lead Mounted, Phase Control SCRs are glass-passivated thyristors for use in low power control and rectification. These devices are molded silicone plastic types. : Glass Passivation Short Turn-on Time ­ Suitable to Pulse Use Applications: Phase Control Triggering.

CX65001 : 160-700 MHZ Linear Power Amplifier Driver. Skyworks' CX65001 Microwave Monolithic Integrated Circuit (MMIC) power amplifier driver offers a desirable combination of that provide superb performance and ease of use in a low-cost Surface-Mounted Technology (SMT) package. The Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor (HBT) power amplifier driver was developed and optimized for extreme.

ELDC-8 :  E-Series SMT 75 Ohm 8 DB Coupler 5 - 1000 MHZ. Coupling 8dB Typical Surface Mount Low Profile Tape and Reel Packaging available M/A-COM's is a high performance 75 Ohm Coupler, a SM-55 low cost, surface mount package. The ELDC-8 is designed for use in high volume CATV applications. Typical applications include Set-top Boxes, Network Interface Units, Broadband Amplifiers and Headend equipment. *Notes:.

F1074 : Power. Pout W = 100 ;; Freq MHZ = 400 ;; Gain DB = 12 ;; Theta JC = 0.5 ;; GM Mho = 3.2 ;; Idsat a = 22 ;; Ciss PF = 132 ;; CRSS PF = 16 ;; Coss PF = 80 ;; Die = 4+4 ;; Style = Gemini ;; PKG = ar.

MDC-164 :  Termination-Insensitive Mixer, 0.5 - 9 GHZ. n Intermodulation Ratio Insensitive to IF Port Mismatches n Conversion Loss: 6.5 dB Typical Midband n Maximum Input Power: 350 mW Max @ 25°C, Derated n The unique design of the termination insensitive mixer (TIM) enables it to apply high reverse voltage to diodes during their "off" phase, in the LO cycle. This allows for higher power level performance.

MGF7124A : 1.9 GHZ Band Amplifier Mmic. is a monolithic microwave integrated circuit for use in 1.9GHz band power amplifiers. High output power PO=26dBm,/4DQPSK Small size 5.8×12.2×1.8mm Light weight Surface mount package Low supply voltage operation VD=4.8V Enable to control gain VGdual=0/-4V APPLICATION VD1 VD2 GND : RF INPUT : 1st DRAIN BIAS : 2nd DRAIN BIAS : GND VG1 VG2 VGdual : 1st GATE.

P35-4110 : 1-6GHz 7.5dB Gain Block. The is a high performance monolithic broadband amplifier designed for use in a wide range of applications including telecommunications, instrumentation and electronic warfare. The amplifier gives typically 7.5dB gain over the frequency range to 6GHz. The internal bias networks are designed to minimise the external component count, and are arranged to make.

PE4241 : Switch SPDT MOSFET RF Switch. The PE4241 MOSFET RF Switch is designed to cover a broad range of applications from DC through 3.0 GHz. This reflective switch integrates on-board CMOS control logic with a low voltage CMOS-compatible control interface, and can be controlled using either single-pin or complementary control inputs. Using a nominal +3-volt power supply voltage, a typical.

RF2460 : PCS Cdma Low Noise Amplifier/mixer 1500 MHZ to 2200 MHZ Downconverter.

RMTR13390 : MMIC. Circuit = 13-39 GHZ Tripler Mmic ;; Frequency = 13-39 GHZ ;; Conversion Loss = 5 DBM.

ATA5278 : Stand-alone Antenna Driver.

TGA4830-EPU : Wideband Low Noise Amplifier The TriQuint TGA4830-EPU is a medium power wideband low noise amplifier which operates from DC to 45 GHz. Typical small signal gain is 13dB with >20dB AGC range. Typical input and output return loss is 15dB. The TGA4830-EPU provides 11.5 dBm of typical output power at 1 dB gain compression and a 3.2dB noise figure. RF ports.

PD55015-E : General ■ Excellent thermal stability ■ Common source configuration ■ POUT = 15W with 14dB gain @ 500MHz / 12.5V ■ New RF plastic package The PD55015 is a common source N-Channel, enhancement-mode lateral Field-Effect RF power transistor. It is designed for high gain, broad band commercial and industrial applications. It operates.

RI-STU-251B-01 : The Texas Instruments’ low-frequency (LF) reader provides all the functionality required to communicate with Texas Instruments 134.2 kHz LF transponders which are available in a variety of form factors. The RI-STU-251B Reader/Writer is capable driving a variety of antennas with inductance ranges from 26.0 µH to 27.9 µH including TI standard antennas.

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