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CategoryRF & Microwaves => Switches
Description Matched GAAS SP3T Switch, 5 - 2000 MHZ
CompanyM/A-COM, Inc.
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Features, Applications

Low Insertion Loss, 1.0 dB Typical Fast Switching Speed, 20 ns Typical Ultra Low DC Power Consumption, 0.22mA Typical Integral TTL Driver

Impedance Switching Characteristics tRISE, tFALL tON, tOFF (50% CTL to 90/10% RF) Transients (In-Band) Input Power for 1 dB Compression 500-2000 MHz 50 MHz Intermodulation Intercept Pt. (for two-tone input power to +13 dBm) Intercept Points 500-2000 MHz 50 MHz Bias Power +5 VDC 0.22 mA typ mA Max Environmental MIL-STD-883 screening available. * All specifications apply when operated with bias voltages of +5 VDC and 50 ohm impedance at all RF ports. +46 +40 dBm Typ dBm Typ 50 Ohms Nominal (TTL) mV +27 dBm Typ +21 dBm Typ Unless Otherwise 0.010 (.xx 0.25).xx 0.02 (.x 0.5) WEIGHT (APPROX.): 0.26 OUNCES 73 GRAMS

Control Input "1" = Logic High (TTL) CTL2 CTL3 Condition of Switch RF Common to Each RF Port RF3 ON OFF ON OFF ON



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AS004L1-11 : GAAS ic SPST Switch Low Loss DC 4 GHZ. s Low DC Power Consumption s Low Loss, Reflective s 8 Lead Hermetic Surface Mount Package s Capable of Meeting MIL-STD Requirements6 The is a GaAs IC FET SPST low loss switch. This device has low insertion loss in the DC4 GHz frequency range. It also has low DC power consumption and is used as modulators and switches for high reliability and commercial.

AS163-73 : GAAS ic 75 Non-reflective Spdt. 75 Impedance Positive Control Voltage Non-Reflective Low DC Power Consumption Small Low Cost SOT-6 Plastic Package The an IC FET non-reflective SPDT switch in a low cost SOT-6 plastic package. The AS163-73 low insertion loss and positive voltage operation with very low DC power consumption. This general purpose switch can be used in a variety of CATV.

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DS56-0006 :  E-Glass 6-Way SMT Power Splitter/combiner 1700 - 2000 MHZ. Small Size, Low Profile Superior Repeatability (Lot-to-lot Variation) Industry Standard SOIC-16 SMT Plastic Package Typical Isolation 25dB Typical Insertion Loss 1.0dB Low Cost M/A-COM's is an IC-based monolithic power splitter/combiner in a low cost SOIC-16 plastic package. This 6way power divider is ideally suited for applications where PCB real estate.

EKIN2-70D : Modulators/Demodulators. Excellent Phase and Amplitude Balance LO Power +10 dBm Typical Surface Mount M/A-COM's is a passive, high performance surface mount Demodulator. It is ideally suited for IF demodulation in Cellular Base Stations. Typical system applications include GSM, DCS1800, W-CDMA and PCS. Parameter Frequency Range RF 70 I/Q - 5 Units MHz dB Degrees RF dB dBm Typical.

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SW-394 : 0.5-2 Ghz, GAAS SPST High ISOlation Terminated Switch. GaAs SPDT High Isolation Terminated Switch, - 2.0 GHz ! Terminated RF Output ! High Isolation: to 2 GHz ! Positive Control ! Nanosecond Switching Speed ! CMOS Compatible Logic ! Low Cost SOIC 8 Plastic Package M/A-COM's is a GaAs monolithic SPDT terminated switch in a low cost SOIC 8-lead plastic package. The SW-394 is ideally suited for use where low power.

SW65-0214 : DC-3 Ghz, GAAS SP3T Absorptive Switch With Asic Driver. GaAs SP3T Absorptive Switch with ASIC Driver, - 3.0 GHz Typical Isolation: dB (2,000 MHz) Typical Insertion Loss: dB (2,000 MHz) Integral ASIC TTL/CMOS Driver Plastic, 50 mil Pitch, SOW-24 Lead, Wide Body Low DC Power Consumption 50 Ohm Nominal Impedance Tape and Reel Packaging Available Test Boards Available M/A-COM's is a GaAs MMIC absorptive SP3T.

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