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CategoryRF & Microwaves => Switches
Description GaAs Matched SP6T Switch, DC - 2 GHZ
CompanyM/A-COM, Inc.
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Features, Applications

Frequency Range Insertion Loss VSWR (RF Common) VSWR (RF1-RF6 On) VSWR (RF1-RF6 Terminated) Isolation

Impedance Switching Characteristics Trise, Tfall to 90% RF) Ton, Toff (50% CTL to 90%/10% RF) Transients (In-Band) Input Power for 1 dB Compression 2.0 GHz 0.05 GHz 50 Ohms Nominal 3.0 ns Typ 180 ns Typ 150 mV Typ 23 dBm Typ 21 dBm Typ

Bottom of Case is AC Ground Dimensions ( ) are in mm. Unless Otherwise 0.010 (.xx 0.02 (.x 0.5)

Intermodulation Intercept Point (for two-tone input power to +5 dBm) Intercept Points 2.0 GHz +60 +45 dBm Typ 0.05 GHz +53 +35 dBm Typ Bias Power Control Voltages Vin Low (0) Vin (1) -5 VDC 2 mA Max +5 VDC 1 mA Max 1 A Max 1 A Max

1. All specifications apply with 50 ohm impedance connected to all RF ports, with -5 and +5 VDC bias voltages. 2. Contact the factory for standard or custom screening requirements.

Parameter Max. Input Power 0.05 GHz 2.0 GHz2 Bias Voltage +5V Supply -5V Supply Control Voltage Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Absolute Maximum1

1. Operation of this device above any one of these parameters may cause permanent damage. 2. When the RF input power is applied to the terminated port, the absolute maximum is +32 dBm.



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