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CategoryPower Management => AC-DC Controllers/Converters => High & Low Side Switch
DescriptionMatched GAAS SPDT Switch DC - 2 GHZ
CompanyM/A-COM, Inc.
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Features, Applications
Miniature Ceramic Package Fast Switching Speed, 7 ns Typical Ultra Low DC Power Consumption

Impedance Switching Characteristics T rise, Tfall 90%) T on, Toff (50% CTL to 90%/10% RF) Transients (In-Band) Input Power for 1 dB Compression ­ 2.0 GHz 0.05 GHz 50 Ohms Nominal 7 ns Typ 10 ns Typ 25 mV Typ +30 dBm Typ +25 dBm Typ

Intermodulation Intercept Pt. (for two-tone input power to +13 dBm) Intercept Points 2 IP GHz 0.05 GHz dBm Typ dBm Typ

1. All specifications apply with 50 ohm impedance connected to all RF ports with 0 and -5 Vdc control voltages. 2. Contact the factory for standard or custom screening requirements.


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SW-333 DC-2 Ghz, Matched GAAS SPDT RF Switch
SW-333PIN Matched GAAS SPDT Switch DC - 2 GHZ
SW-335 800-2000 Mhz, SPDT Switch With Integral CMOS Driver
SW-337 GAAS SPDT Terminated Switch DC - 2.5 GHZ
SW-338 DC-2.5 Ghz, GAAS SPDT Terminated Switch
SW-339PIN GAAS SPDT Terminated Switch DC - 2.5 GHZ
SW-369 0.02-2 Ghz, GAAS Matched SP4T Switch
SW-393 0.5-2 Ghz, GAAS SPST High ISOlation Terminated Switch
SW-395 DC-2 Ghz, 3 V GAAS SPDT Switch
SW-415 DC-2 Ghz, Matched GAAS SP4T Switch
SW-419 DC-2 Ghz, GAAS SP4T Terminated Switch
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