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CategoryRF & Microwaves => Switches
DescriptionGAAS SPDT Terminated Switch DC - 2.5 GHZ
CompanyM/A-COM, Inc.
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Very Low Power Consumption: 75 µW Low Insertion Loss: 0.5 dB High Isolation: to 2 GHz to 2 GHz (SW-339) Very High Intercept Point: 46 dBm IP3 Nanosecond Switching Speed Temperature Range: to +85°C Low Cost SOIC8 Plastic Package Tape and Reel Packaging Available1


M/A-COM's SW-337, SW-338 and SW-339 are GaAs MMIC SPDT terminated switches in a low cost SOIC 8-lead surface mount plastic package. They are ideally suited for use where very low power consumption is required. Typical applications include transmit/receive switching, switch matrices, and filter banks in systems such as: radio and cellular equipment, PCM, GPS, fiber optic modules, and other battery powered radio equipment. The difference between the switches is in the pin configuration. The SW-337, SW-338 and SW-339 are fabricated with monolithic GaAs MMICs using a mature 1-micron process. The process features full chip passivation for increased performance and reliability.

8-Lead SOP outline dimensions Narrow body.150 (All dimensions per JEDEC No. MS-012-AA, Issue C) Dimensions ( ) are in mm. Unless otherwise = ±0.010 (.xx = ±0.02 (.x = ±0.5)

Part Number SW-337 PIN TR SW-337 RTR SW-338 PIN TR SW-338 RTR SW-339 PIN TR SW-339 RTR Package SOIC 8 Lead Forward Tape & Reel Reverse Tape & Reel SOIC 8 Lead Forward Tape & Reel Reverse Tape & Reel SOIC 8 Lead Forward Tape & Reel Reverse Tape & Reel

­ 0.1 GHz ­ 0.5 GHz ­ 1.0 GHz ­ 2.0 GHz Isolation ­ 0.1 GHz ­ 0.5 GHz ­ 1.0 GHz ­ 2.0 GHz VSWR ­ 2.0 GHz Off ­ 2.0 GHz Trise, Tfall to 90% RF, 10% RF Ton, Toff 50% Control to 90% RF, 50% Control 10% RF Transients In Band One dB Input Power 0.05 GHz Compression Point Input Power ­ 2.0 GHz 2nd Order Measured Relative 0.05 GHz Intercept to Input Power ­ 2.0 GHz (for two-tone input power to +5 dBm) 3rd Order Measured Relative 0.05 GHz Intercept to Input Power ­ 2.0 GHz (for two-tone input power to +5 dBm) 1. Refer to "Tape and Reel Packaging" Section, or contact factory.

2. All measurements with 0, -5 control voltages at 1 GHz a 50 system, unless otherwise specified.
GaAs SPDT Terminated Switch Absolute Maximum Ratings

Parameter Max. Input Power 0.05 GHz ­ 2.0 GHz Control Voltage Operating Temperature Storage Temperature +27 dBm +34 dBm to +150°C

1. Operation of this device above any one of these parameters may cause permanent damage.


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SW-337PIN GAAS SPDT Terminated Switch DC - 2.5 GHZ
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SW-339PIN GAAS SPDT Terminated Switch DC - 2.5 GHZ
SW-369 0.02-2 Ghz, GAAS Matched SP4T Switch
SW-393 0.5-2 Ghz, GAAS SPST High ISOlation Terminated Switch
SW-395 DC-2 Ghz, 3 V GAAS SPDT Switch
SW-415 DC-2 Ghz, Matched GAAS SP4T Switch
SW-419 DC-2 Ghz, GAAS SP4T Terminated Switch
SW-419PIN GAAS Sp4t Terminated Switch DC - 2 GHZ
SW-419RTR DC-2 Ghz, GAAS SP4T Terminated Switch
SW-425 DC-3 Ghz, 3 Watt Cellular T/r And Antenna Changeover Switch
SW-437 DC-3 Ghz, GAAS SPDT Switch
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BX7380 : Frequency (MHz) = 10 - 200 ;; Gain (Typ/Min) (dB) = 27.5 / 26 ;; Noise Figure (Typ/Max) (dB) = 2.2 / 3 ;; P1dB Comp Point (Typ/Min) (dBm) = +17 / +15 ;; 3rd Order Intercept (Typ) (dBm) = +31 ;; 2nd Order Intercept (Typ) (dBm) = +35 ;; DC Power (Typ) (V/mA) = +15 / +28 ;; Package = Package = Package = 4 Pin TO-8 Package = Surface Mount Package = Flatpack.

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MF1082V-2 : For PCS Mobile Telephone, TX. This SAW filter for the transmitting RF circuit of PCS mobile communication equipment operating at 1850 MHz ~ 1910 MHz. 1. SMD package insures small size, lightweight. 2. Adjustment free. 3. Low insertion loss and high stop band attenuation. 4. Wide and sharp passband characteristics. 5. High stability and reliability. 6. Designed for reflow solderings.

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SMA511 :  10 to 500 MHZ TO-8 Cascadable Amplifier. TO 500 MHz CASCADABLE AMPLIFIER HIGH POWER OUTPUT: +21 dBm (TYP.) HIGH THIRD ORDER IP3: +33 dBm (TYP.) HIGH EFFICIENCY: 52 mA (TYP.) @ +15 Vdc AVAILABLE IN BOTH TO-8 and SMTO-8 PACKAGES Characteristics Frequency Small Signal Gain (min.) Gain Flatness (max.) Reverse Isolation Noise Figure (max.) Power Output 1 dB comp. (min.) IP3 IP2 Second Order Harmonic.

SW-489 :  GaAs SP3T 2.5V High Power Switch DC - 2.5 GHZ. Low Voltage Operation 2.5V Low Harmonics > 65 dBc at +34 dBm & 1 GHz Low Insertion Loss at 1 GHz High Isolation at 2 GHz Miniature FQFP 12-lead 3x3mm Package 0.5 micron GaAs pHEMT Process M/A-COM's is a GaAs PHEMT MMIC single pole three throw (SP3T) high power switch in a low cost miniature FQFP 12-lead 3x3mm thin profile package. The SW-489 is ideally.

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AG503-89 : InGaP HBT Gain Block InGaP HBT Gain Block. ­ 4000 MHz +15.5 dBm at 900 MHz +29 dBm at 900 MHz 21.5 dB Gain at 900 MHz Single Voltage Supply Lead-free / RoHS-compliant / Green SOT-89package Internally matched to 50 The is a general-purpose buffer amplifier that offers high dynamic range in a low-cost surface-mount package. At 900 MHz, the AG503-89 typically provides dB of gain, +29 dBm OIP3,.

MAX2670 : GPS/GNSS Front-End Amplifier The MAX2670 GPS/GNSS front-end amplifier IC is designed for automotive and marine GPS/GNSS satellite navigation antenna modules or for any application that needs to compensate for cable losses from the antenna to receiver. Two unconditionally stable low-noise amplifier stages provide the high gain and integrated I/O matching.

SKY13398-000 : Colorado The SKY13398-000 is a GaAs pHEMT Single-Pole, Triple-Throw (SP3T) antenna switch that operates in the 0.1 to 6.0 GHz frequency range. Switching between the antenna (RFC signal) and the RF1, RF2, and RF3 ports is accomplished with three control voltages (VC1, VC2, and VC3). This switch is a reflective short when in the isolation state..

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