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CategoryPower Management
DescriptionGAAS SPDT Terminated Switch DC - 2.5 GHZ
CompanyM/A-COM, Inc.
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Very Low Power Consumption: 75 µW Low Insertion Loss: 0.5 dB High Isolation: to 2 GHz to 2 GHz (SW-339) Very High Intercept Point: 46 dBm IP3 Nanosecond Switching Speed Temperature Range: to +85°C Low Cost SOIC8 Plastic Package Tape and Reel Packaging Available1


M/A-COM's SW-337, SW-338 and SW-339 are GaAs MMIC SPDT terminated switches in a low cost SOIC 8-lead surface mount plastic package. They are ideally suited for use where very low power consumption is required. Typical applications include transmit/receive switching, switch matrices, and filter banks in systems such as: radio and cellular equipment, PCM, GPS, fiber optic modules, and other battery powered radio equipment. The difference between the switches is in the pin configuration. The SW-337, SW-338 and SW-339 are fabricated with monolithic GaAs MMICs using a mature 1-micron process. The process features full chip passivation for increased performance and reliability.

8-Lead SOP outline dimensions Narrow body.150 (All dimensions per JEDEC No. MS-012-AA, Issue C) Dimensions ( ) are in mm. Unless otherwise = ±0.010 (.xx = ±0.02 (.x = ±0.5)

Part Number SW-337 PIN TR SW-337 RTR SW-338 PIN TR SW-338 RTR SW-339 PIN TR SW-339 RTR Package SOIC 8 Lead Forward Tape & Reel Reverse Tape & Reel SOIC 8 Lead Forward Tape & Reel Reverse Tape & Reel SOIC 8 Lead Forward Tape & Reel Reverse Tape & Reel

­ 0.1 GHz ­ 0.5 GHz ­ 1.0 GHz ­ 2.0 GHz Isolation ­ 0.1 GHz ­ 0.5 GHz ­ 1.0 GHz ­ 2.0 GHz VSWR ­ 2.0 GHz Off ­ 2.0 GHz Trise, Tfall to 90% RF, 10% RF Ton, Toff 50% Control to 90% RF, 50% Control 10% RF Transients In Band One dB Input Power 0.05 GHz Compression Point Input Power ­ 2.0 GHz 2nd Order Measured Relative 0.05 GHz Intercept to Input Power ­ 2.0 GHz (for two-tone input power to +5 dBm) 3rd Order Measured Relative 0.05 GHz Intercept to Input Power ­ 2.0 GHz (for two-tone input power to +5 dBm) 1. Refer to "Tape and Reel Packaging" Section, or contact factory.

2. All measurements with 0, -5 control voltages at 1 GHz a 50 system, unless otherwise specified.
GaAs SPDT Terminated Switch Absolute Maximum Ratings

Parameter Max. Input Power 0.05 GHz ­ 2.0 GHz Control Voltage Operating Temperature Storage Temperature +27 dBm +34 dBm to +150°C

1. Operation of this device above any one of these parameters may cause permanent damage.


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SW-337TR GAAS SPDT Terminated Switch DC - 2.5 GHZ
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SW-339PIN GAAS SPDT Terminated Switch DC - 2.5 GHZ
SW-369 0.02-2 Ghz, GAAS Matched SP4T Switch
SW-393 0.5-2 Ghz, GAAS SPST High ISOlation Terminated Switch
SW-395 DC-2 Ghz, 3 V GAAS SPDT Switch
SW-415 DC-2 Ghz, Matched GAAS SP4T Switch
SW-419 DC-2 Ghz, GAAS SP4T Terminated Switch
SW-419PIN GAAS Sp4t Terminated Switch DC - 2 GHZ
SW-419RTR DC-2 Ghz, GAAS SP4T Terminated Switch
SW-425 DC-3 Ghz, 3 Watt Cellular T/r And Antenna Changeover Switch
SW-437 DC-3 Ghz, GAAS SPDT Switch
SW-437PIN GAAS SPDT Switch DC - 3.0 GHZ
SW-437RTR DC-3 Ghz, GAAS SPDT Switch
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