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CategoryDiscrete => Transistors => Bipolar => RF
DescriptionSingle/quad Driver For GAAS Fet Switche And Attenuator
CompanyM/A-COM, Inc.
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! High Speed CMOS Technology ! Single Channel (SWD-109) ! Quad Channel (SWD-119) ! Positive Voltage Control ! Low Power Dissipation ! Low Cost Plastic SOIC Package


The is a single channel driver used to translate TTL control inputs into gate control voltages for GaAs FET microwave switches and attenuators. High speed analog CMOS technology is utilized to achieve low power dissipation at moderate to high speeds, encompassing most microwave switching applications. The output HIGH level is optionally to +2.0V (relative to GND) to optimize the intermodulation products of the control devices at low frequencies. The is a quad channel driver with performance similar to the single channel version.

Symbol VCC VEE VOPT Parameter Positive DC Supply Voltage Negative DC Supply Voltage Optional DC Output Supply Voltage Output to Negative Supply Voltage Range Positive to Negative Supply Voltage Range DC Input Voltage DC Input Current DC Output Voltage DC Output Current Storage Temperature Min -9.0 -0.5 Max 0.5 2.0 Unit V

All voltages are referenced to GND. All inputs and outputs incorporate latch-up protection structures.

Single/Quad Drivers for GaAs FET Switches and Attenuators Guaranteed Operating Ranges

Parameter 1 Positive DC Supply Voltage Negative DC Supply Voltage Optional DC Output Supply Voltage Negative Supply Voltage Range Positive to negative Supply Range Operating Ambient temperature DC Output Current - High DC Output Current - Low Maximum Input Rise or Fall Time

1. All voltages are relative to GND. 2. VOPT is grounded for most applications. To improve the intermodulation performance and the 1 dB compression point of GaAs control devices at low frequencies, VOPT can be increased to between 1.0 and 2.0V. The nonlinear characteristics of the GaAs control devices will approximate performance at 500 MHz. It should be noted that the control current is on the GaAs MMICs will increase when positive controls are applied.

Symbol VIH VIL VIH VOL IIN ICC Parameter Input High Voltage Input Low Voltage Output High Voltage Output Low Voltage Input Leakage Current Quiescent Supply Current Test Conditions Guaranteed High Input Voltage Guaranteed Low Input Voltage IOH -1 mA IOL 1 mA VIN = VCC or GND VCC = Max VOPT = Min or Max VCC= Max VEE = Max VEE = Max VEE = Min VEE = Min VIN = VCC or GND VIN = VCC -2.1V Units ľA Min. 2.0 VOPT -0.1 -1.0 Typ. 0 Max. 0.8 VEE 1.0 100

Specifications subject to change without notice. ! North America: Tel. 366-2266 ! Asia/Pacific: Tel.+81-44-844-8296, Fax +81-44-844-8298 ! Europe: Tel. 300 020

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Input C1 Logic "0" Logic "1" A VEE VOPT Outputs B VOPT VEE
Pin No. Function Output A GND Vcc C1, Logic Pin No. Function Vee Vopt GND Output B
Input Capacitance Power Dissipation Capacitance Power Dissipation Capacitance

3. VCC = 4.5V, VEE = -4.5V, VOPT = 25 pF, Trise, Tfall = 6ns. These conditions represent the worst case for slow delays. 4. Total Power Dissipation is calculated by the following formula: PD = VCC 2fC PDC + (VOPT-VEE) 2fCPDE

Specifications subject to change without notice. ! North America: Tel. 366-2266 ! Asia/Pacific: Tel.+81-44-844-8296, Fax +81-44-844-8298 ! Europe: Tel. 300 020


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