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CategoryTiming Circuits => Radio Controlled Clock
TitleRadio Controlled Clock
DescriptionStand-alone am Receiver ic For Wwvb, Jjy, MSF And DCF Time Code Formats (AGC Control Procedure Not Required)
CompanyMicro Analog Systems Oy
DatasheetDownload MAS9078BUA1-T datasheet


Features, Applications


The MAS9078 AM-Receiver chip is a highly sensitive, simple to use AM receiver specially intended to receive time signals in the frequency range from 40 kHz to 100 kHz. Only a few external components are required for time signal receiver. The circuit has preamplifier, wide range automatic gain control, demodulator and output comparator built in. The output signal can be processed directly by an additional digital circuitry to extract the data from the received signal. The control for AGC (automatic gain control) can be used to switch AGC on or off if necessary. Unlike MAS1016A and MAS1016B, MAS9078 does not require AGC control procedure in WWVB and JJY systems.

High Sensitivity Very Low Power Consumption Wide Supply Voltage Range Power Down Control for AGC On High Selectivity by Crystal Filter Fast Startup Feature


Highly Sensitive AM Receiver, 0.4 µVRMS typ. Wide Supply Voltage Range from 3.6 V Very Low Power Consumption Power Down Control Fast Startup Only a Few External Components Necessary Control for AGC On Wide Frequency Range from 40 kHz to 100 kHz High Selectivity by Quartz Crystal Filter Die and TSSOP-16 Package


Time Signal Receiver WWVB (USA), JJY (Japan), DCF77 (Germany) and MSF (UK) Receiver for ASK Modulated Data Signals

DIE size x 1.78 mm; PAD size 100 µm Note: Because the substrate of the die is internally connected to VDD, the die has to be connected to VDD or left floating. Please make sure that VDD is the first pad to be bonded. Pick-and-place and all component assembly are recommended to be performed in ESD protected area. Note: Coordinates are pad center points where origin has been located in the center of VDD pad Note: The on-chip product code 9078Bx identifies internal compensation capacitance option. x has values or 5 refering to capacitance option described in the Table 2 on page 4. Pin Description Power Supply Voltage Quarz Filter Output Quarz Filter Input AGC Capacitor Receiver Output Demodulator Capacitor AGC On Control Power Down Input Receiver Input Power Supply Ground Name VDD QO QI AGC OUT DEC AON PDN RFI VSS X-coordinate 16 µm Y-coordinate 1407 µm Note

Notes: 1) OUT = VSS when carrier amplitude at maximum; OUT = VDD when carrier amplitude is reduced (modulated) - the output is a current source/sink with |IOUT| - at power down the output is pulled to VSS (pull down switch) 2) AON = VSS means AGC off (hold current gain level); AON = VDD means AGC on (working) - Internal pull-up with current 1 µA which is switched off at power down 3) PDN = VSS means receiver on; PDN = VDD means receiver off - Fast start-up is triggered when the receiver is after power down (PDN=VDD) controlled to power up (PDN=VSS) i.e. at the falling edge of PDN signal.

Parameter Supply Voltage Input Voltage Power Dissipation Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Symbol VDD-VSS VIN PMAX TOP TST Conditions Min -20 -40 Max 70 120 Unit V mW

Parameter Operating Voltage Current Consumption Stand-By Current Input Frequency Range Minimum Input Voltage Maximum Input Voltage Input Levels |lIN|<0.5 µA Output Current VOL<0.2 VDD;VOH >0.8 VDD Output Pulse


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