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Details, datasheet, quote on part number: DS1921K
CategoryASSP (Application-Specific Standard Products) => iButtons
DescriptionThermochron Ibutton Starter Kit
CompanyMaxim Integrated Products
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§ Starter Kit to evaluate the DS1921 Thermochron iButton temperature recording device. Free Windows software downloaded from the Web Hardware included: DS1921 Thermochron iButton DS9097U-009 PC serial adapter with DS1402D-DR8 Blue Dot to configure and download Thermochron


The DS1921K Thermochron iButton Starter Kit provides basic hardware and software for a quick evaluation of Dallas Semiconductor's Thermochron iButton, using an IBM-compatible computer. The kit includes a Thermochron iButton and the hardware to communicate with it. The demonstration software is easily downloadable from Dallas Semiconductor's web site at http://www.ibutton.com/software/thermochron/index.html. If access to the Internet is unavailable, then request a copy of the software on 3 floppies when ordering the kit. For developing applications for the Thermochron or other iButtons, a Software Developer's Kit (DS0621­SDK) is available. The Developer's Kit includes complete documentation of the iButtonTMEX API and example programs in several source code languages. The iButton-TMEX example programs include a Thermochron iButton download and configuration source code example. The SDK can be downloaded from http://www.ibutton.com/software/tmex/index.html


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