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Description1.5 GB (8-Meg X 48-Bit X 4 Banks)<<<>>>Features<<<>>><<<>>>1.5 Gigabit ( 8-Meg X 48-Bit X 4-Banks) <<<>>>RAD-PAK Radiation-hardened Against Natural Space Radiation <<<>>>Total Dose Hardness:<<<>>>>100 Krad (Si), Depending Upon Space Mission <<<>>>Excellent Single Event Effects:<<<>>>selth > 85 MeV/mg/cm2 @ 25 C <<<>>>JEDEC Standard 3.3V Power Supply <<<>>>Clock Frequency: 100 MHZ Operation <<<>>>Operating Tremperature: -55 to +125 C <<<>>>Auto Refresh <<<>>>Single Pulsed Ras <<<>>>2 Burst Sequence Variations<<<>>>sequential (BL =1/2/4/8)<<<>>>Interleave (BL = 1/2/4/8) <<<>>>Programmable Cas Latency: 2/3 <<<>>>Power Down And Clock Suspend Modes <<<>>>LVTTL Compatible Inputs And Outputs <<<>>>Package: 132 Lead Quad Stack Pack Flat Package <<<>>>Description<<<>>><<<>>>Maxwell Technologies Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (SDRAM) is Ideally Suited For Space Applications Requiring High Performance Computing And High Density Memory Storage. As Microprocessors Increase in Speed And Demand For Higher Density Memory Escalates, Sdram Has Proven to be The Ultimate Solution BY Providing Bit-counts up to 1.5 Gigabits And Speeds up to 100 Megahertz. Sdrams Represent a Significant <<<>>>advantage in Memory Technology Over Traditional DRAMs Including The Ability to Burst Data Synchronously at High Rates With Automatic Column-address Generation, The Ability to Interleave Between Banks Masking Precharge Time.
CompanyMaxwell Technologies
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Packages132 Lead Quad Stack Pack Flat Package


Features, Applications

1.5 Giggabit X 4-Banks) RAD-PAK radiation-hardened against natural space radiation Total Dose Hardness: >100 krad (Si), depending upon space mission Excellent Single Event Effects: SELTH @ 25C JEDEC Standard 3.3V Power Supply Clock Frequency: 100 MHz Operation Operating tremperature: to +125 C Auto Refresh Single pulsed RAS 2 Burst Sequence variations Sequential (BL =1/2/4/8) Interleave (BL = 1/2/4/8) Programmable CAS latency: 2/3 Power Down and Clock Suspend Modes LVTTL Compatible Inputs and Outputs Package: 132 Lead Quad Stack Pack Flat Package

Maxwell Technologies' Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (SDRAM) is ideally suited for space applications requiring high performance computing and high density memory storage. As microprocessors increase in speed and demand for higher density memory escalates, SDRAM has proven to be the ultimate solution by providing bit-counts to 1.5 Gigabits and speeds to 100 Megahertz. SDRAMs represent a significant advantage in memory technology over traditional DRAMs including the ability to burst data synchronously at high rates with automatic column-address generation, the ability to interleave between banks masking precharge time Maxwell Technologies' patented RAD-PAK packaging technology incorporates radiation shielding in the microcircuit package. It eliminates the need for box shielding for a lifetime in orbit or space mission. In a typical GEO orbit, RAD-PAK provides greater than 100 krads(Si) radiation dose tolerance. This product is available with screening up to Class K.

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The 97SD3248 Consists X 4-Banks, die. CKE CS 1-6 and DQM 1-6 correspond to one of the die: CKE1, CS1 and DQM1 control CKE2, CS2 and DQM2 control CKE3, CS3 and DQM3 control CKE4, CS4 and DQM4 control CKE5, CS5 and DQM5 control CKE6, CS6 and DQM6 control - D47

PARAMETER Voltage on any pin relative to VSS Supply voltage relative to VSS Short circuit output current Operating Temperature Storage Temperature SYMBOL VIN VOUT VCC IOUT TOPR TSTG MAX -0.5 to VCC to +150 UNIT mA C

PARAMETER Supply Voltage SYMBOL M AX VCC, 3.0 3.6 VSS, VSSQ3 0 Input High Voltage VIH1,4 2.0 VCC + 0.3 Input Low Voltage 0.8 1. All voltage referred to VSS 2. The supply voltage with all VCC and VCCQ pins must be on the same level 3. The supply voltage with all V SS and V SSQ pins must be on the same level 4. 5. VIH (max) = VCC+2.0V for pulse width <3ns at VCC VIL (min) = VSS-2.0V for pulse width <3ns at VSS UNIT

PARAMETER ICC2N ICC2NS DESCRIPTION Operating Current Power Down Standby Current VARIATION1 10%
Active Standby Current 10% of value specified in Table 4

(VCC + 0.3V, VCCQ TO 125C, UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED) PARAMETER Operating Current1,2,3 SYMBOL ICC1 TEST CONDITIONS Burst length CAS Latency 2 =1 CAS Latency = 3 tRC = min CKE = VIL tCK 12 ns CKE = VIL tCK = 0 SUBGROUPS 2, 3 MIN MAX mA UNITS mA

Standby Current in Power Down4 Standby Current in Power Down ( input signal stable)5


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ACT-E2M32A-090F18C : Act-f2m32a High Speed 64 Megabit Sector Erase Flash Multichip Module. ACTF2M32A High Speed 64 Megabit Sector Erase FLASH Multichip Module s Ready/Busy output (RY/BY) Hardware method for s 4 Low Voltage/Power AMD x 8 FLASH Die in One MCM Package s Overall Configuration s +5V Power Supply / +5V Programing Operation s Access Times 90, 120 and ns s Erase/Program Cycles 100,000 Minimum s Sector.

CY7C43642 : 1K/4K/16K X36 x2 Bidirectional Synchronous Fifo. High-speed, low-power, bidirectional, First-In, First-Out (FIFO) memories (CY7C43682) 0.35-micron CMOS for optimum speed/power High speed 133-MHz operation (7.5-ns read/write cycle times) Low power ICC= 100 mA ISB= 10 mA Fully asynchronous and simultaneous read and write operation permitted Mailbox bypass register for each FIFO Parallel Programmable.

HM62L36256BP-28 : Fast SRAM. Regarding the change of names mentioned in the document, such as Hitachi Electric and Hitachi XX, to Renesas Technology Corp. The semiconductor operations of Mitsubishi Electric and Hitachi were transferred to Renesas Technology Corporation on April 1st 2003. These operations include microcomputer, logic, analog and discrete devices, and memory chips.

HY5DU283222AQ : . This document is a general product and is subject to change without notice. 1. 4Mx32 DDR SDRAM Brief Information 4 1.1 1.2 Feature 1.3 Ordering Information 2. Pin & PKG Information 5 2.1 Pin Configuration 2.2 Pin 2.3 PKG Physical Dimension 3. Functional Block Diagram 8 4. Command Truth Table 9 4.1 Simplified Command Truth Table 4.2 Write Mask Truth.

HYM72V64756BLT8 : ->Unbuffered DIMM. 64Mx72bits PC100 Sdram Unbuffered Dimm Based on 32Mx8 Sdram With Lvttl, 4 Banks & 8K Refresh.

IDT709099L : Multiport->1M. High-speed 128k X 8 Synchronous Pipelined Dual-port Static RAM.

K4S641632H : = K4S641632H 1M X 16Bit X 4 Banks Synchronous DRAM ;; Organization = 4Mx16 ;; Bank/ Interface = 4B/LVTTL ;; Refresh = 4K/64ms ;; Speed = 60,70,75 ;; Package = 54TSOP2 ;; Power = C,l ;; Production Status = Customer Sample ;; Comments = -.

KM23C32205B : 32M bit. = KM23C32205B 32M-Bit(2Mx16,1Mx32) CMOS Mask ROM ;; Organization = 2Mx16,1Mx32 ;; Voltage(V) = 5.0 ;; Speed(ns) = 100/30ns(Max.)@CL=100pF ;; Package = 70SSOP ;; Current (mA/uA) = 150/50 ;; Production Status = Mass Production ;; Comments = EOL(Mar.'03).

KMM377S1620CT2 : Registered DIMM. = KMM377S1620CT2 16Mx72 Sdram Dimm With PLL & Register Based on 16Mx4, 4Banks, 4K Ref., 3.3V Synchronous DRAMs With SPD ;; Density(MB) = 128 ;; Organization = 16Mx72 ;; Bank/ Interface = 4B/LVTTL ;; Refresh = 4K/64ms ;; Speed = 1H,1L ;; #of Pin = 168 ;; Power = C ;; Component Composition = (16Mx4)x18+EEPROM ;; Production Status = Eol ;; Comments.

MB84VA2001-10 : 8m ( X 8 ) Flash Memory & 2m ( X 8 ) Static RAM. Power supply voltage 3.6 V High performance 100 ns maximum access time Operating Temperature to +85C FLASH MEMORY Minimum 100,000 write/erase cycles Sector erase architecture One 16 K byte, two 8 K bytes, one 32 K byte, and fifteen 64 K bytes. Any combination of sectors can be concurrently erased. Also supports full chip erase. Boot Code Sector Architecture.

THLY6416G1FG-75 : Form = SODIMM-144pin ;; Type = Unbuffered ;; Density (MB) = 128MB ;; Config. = 16Mx64 ;; Comp. = 8Mx16 ;; = PC100, PC133 ;; Date = 2000-07-14.

THMD25E11B70 : Form = DIMM-184pin ;; Type = Unbuffered ;; Density (MB) = 256MB ;; Config. = 32Mx72 ;; Comp. = 32Mx8 ;; = PC1600, PC2100 ;; Date = 2001-08-18.

THNCF032M : CompactFlash. Capacity = 32MByte ;; Package = Compactflash Type-i ;; Performance Write/read = 1.5MB/6.5MB Per Sec..

X24320 : 400KHz 2-Wire Serial E2PROM With Block Lock. Save Critical Data with Programmable Block Lock Protection --Block lock 1/2, or all of E2PROM array) --Software write protection --Programmable hardware write protect In Circuit Programmable ROM Mode 400KHz 2-Wire Serial Interface --Schmitt trigger input noise suppression --Output slope control for ground bounce noise elimination Longer Battery Life.

M69KM096AA : 64 Mbit (4 Mb x16), 83MHz Clock Rate, 1.8V Supply, Multiplexed I/O, Bare Die, Burst PSRAM The M69KM096AA is a 64 Mbit (67,108,864 bit) PSRAM, organized as 4,194,304 Words by 16 bits. It uses a high-speed CMOS DRAM technology implemented using a one transistorper- cell topology that achieves bigger array sizes. It provides a high-density solution for lowpower.

CY7C1163V18 : 18-Mbit QDR(TM)-II+ SRAM 4-Word Burst Architecture (2.5 Cycle Read Latency) The CY7C1161V18, CY7C1176V18, CY7C1163V18, and CY7C1165V18 are 1.8V Synchronous Pipelined SRAMs equipped with QDR(TM)-II+ architecture. QDR-II+ architecture consists of two separate ports to access the memory array.

CY14MB256J2-SXIT : 32K X 8 NON-VOLATILE SRAM, PDSO8. s: Memory Category: NVRAM, NVSRAM, SRAM Chip ; Density: 262 kbits ; Number of Words: 32 k ; Bits per Word: 8 bits ; Package Type: SOIC, 0.150 INCH, ROHS COMPLIANT, MS-012, SOIC-8 ; Pins: 8 ; Supply Voltage: 3V ; Operating Temperature: -40 to 85 C (-40 to 185 F).

IDT723611L15PF9 : 64 X 36 OTHER FIFO, 10 ns, PQFP120. s: Memory Category: FIFO ; Density: 2 kbits ; Number of Words: 64 k ; Bits per Word: 36 bits ; Package Type: TQFP, TQFP-120 ; Pins: 120 ; Logic Family: CMOS ; Supply Voltage: 5V ; Access Time: 10 ns ; Cycle Time: 15 ns ; Operating Temperature: 0 to 70 C (32 to 158 F).

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