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CategoryDiscrete => Bridges => Bridge Rectifiers
DescriptionPackage Type : Wom, if : 1.5A, VRM : 50V
CompanyMicro Commercial Components
DatasheetDownload W005G datasheet
Cross ref.Similar parts: W005F, RS151, W005, W005L, W005MGP
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Features, Applications

High Current Capability Ideal for printed circuit boards High Temperature Soldering: 260 oC for 10 seconds Reliable low cost construction technique results in inexpensive products

Operating Temperature: +150 C Storage Temperature: +150 C For capacitive load. Derate current by 20% Maximum Recurrent Peak Reverse Voltage 800V 1000V Maximum DC Blocking Voltage 800V 1000V

Average Forward Current Peak Forward Surge Current Maximum Instantaneous Forward Voltage Maximum DC Reverse Current At Rated DC Blocking Voltage IF(AV) IFSM = 50C



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FBR1000 : 50 V, 10 A, Fast Recovery Bridge Rectifier. High case dielectric strength High surge current capability High reliability Low reverse current Low forward voltage drop Fast switching for high efficiency Ideal for printed circuit board * Case : Reliable low cost construction utilizing molded plastic technique * Epoxy : UL94V-O rate flame retardant * Lead : Axial lead solderable per MIL - STD 202 , Method.

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MA2ZV03 : Marking = 7Z ;; VR(V) = 6 ;; IF(mA) = ;; Package = SMini2-G1. Good linearity and large capacitance-ratio - VR relation Small series resistance rD S-Mini type package, allowing downsizing of equipment and automatic insertion through the taping package Parameter Reverse voltage (DC) Junction temperature Storage temperature Symbol VR Tj Tstg Rating to +150 Unit V C Parameter Reverse current (DC) Diode capacitance.

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STGB3NB60SD : N-channel 3A - 600V D2PAK Powermesh Igbt. HIGH INPUT IMPEDANCE (VOLTAGE DRIVEN) VERY LOW ON-VOLTAGE DROP (Vcesat) HIGH CURRENT CAPABILITY OFF LOSSES INCLUDE TAIL CURRENT INTEGRATED FREEWHEELING DIODE SURFACE-MOUNTING D2PAK (TO-263) POWER PACKAGE IN TAPE & REEL (SUFFIX "T4") Using the latest high voltage technology based on a patented strip layout, STMicroelectronics has designed an advanced.

050024R7CBMC : CAPACITOR, CERAMIC, MULTILAYER, 200 V, BP, 0.0000047 uF, SURFACE MOUNT, 0603. s: Configuration / Form Factor: Chip Capacitor ; Technology: Multilayer ; Dielectric: Ceramic Composition ; RoHS Compliant: Yes ; Capacitance Range: 4.70E-6 microF ; Capacitance Tolerance: 2 (+/- %) ; WVDC: 200 volts ; Temperature Coefficient: 30 ppm/°C ; Mounting Style:.

C46638-000 : RESISTOR, TEMPERATURE DEPENDENT, PTC RESETTABLE FUSE, THROUGH HOLE MOUNT. s: Category / Application: General Use ; Mounting / Packaging: ThroughHole, Radial Leads, RADIAL LEADED, ROHS COMPLIANT ; Power Rating: 2.5 watts (0.0034 HP) ; Operating AC Voltage: 30 volts ; Standards and Certifications: RoHS.

EMVE100ADA222MKG5S : CAPACITOR, ALUMINUM ELECTROLYTIC, NON SOLID, POLARIZED, 10 V, 2200 uF, SURFACE MOUNT. s: Configuration / Form Factor: Chip Capacitor ; RoHS Compliant: Yes ; : Polarized ; Capacitance Range: 2200 microF ; Capacitance Tolerance: 20 (+/- %) ; WVDC: 10 volts ; Leakage Current: 660 microamps ; Mounting Style: Surface Mount Technology ; Operating Temperature:.

PCHC104R7-100M-RC : GENERAL PURPOSE INDUCTOR. s: Application: General Purpose. Magnetically shielded construction High saturation current to 45A Low DC Resistance Expanded operating temp range Suitable for pick and place Electrical Inductance to 22H, additional values available. Tolerance: 20% over entire range Available in tighter tolerances. Test Frequency: 100KHz, 0.5V Operating Temp: ~ +125C StorageTemp: ~ +125C Irms: Current.

SMW536RJT : RESISTOR, WIRE WOUND, 5 W, 5 %, 200 ppm, 36 ohm, SURFACE MOUNT. s: Category / Application: General Use ; Technology / Construction: Wirewound ; Mounting / Packaging: Surface Mount Technology (SMT / SMD), CHIP, ROHS COMPLIANT ; Resistance Range: 36 ohms ; Tolerance: 5 +/- % ; Temperature Coefficient: 200 ±ppm/°C ; Power Rating: 5 watts (0.0067 HP) ; Operating.

THNR1115-1R7 : 1 ELEMENT, 1.7 uH, GENERAL PURPOSE INDUCTOR. s: Devices in Package: 1 ; Lead Style: Radial, WIRE ; Molded / Shielded: Shielded ; Application: General Purpose, Power Choke ; Inductance Range: 1.7 microH.

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